Wish to Prove Content Marketing ROI? You require an Actionable Marketing Dashboard

5 Mar

Why You Need an Actionable Content material Marketing Dashboard

Content marketers are believers. We all believe our content brings genuine value to our prospects, clients, plus partners. We believe our content material is essential for driving demand. And believe that content marketing is essential designed for bolstering our company’ s main point here.

Nevertheless , we’ re also realistic; as it’ s often said: Seeing can be believing . Therefore , we need to be able to show evidence of content marketing ROI to get our own key stakeholders to believe, too.

And to try this, we need a source of truth that will artfully and easily shows exactly how we’ re performing against the benchmarks, goals, and key efficiency indicators (KPIs), as well as where we’ ve identified opportunities to improve outcomes. We need an actionable articles marketing dashboard .

Simply put, when set up right, an workable dashboard allows us to answer two basic questions: 1) Is what we’ lso are doing working? 2) Why is this (or isn’ t) working?

How does this particular help you identify, show, and confirm ROI across the organization? Let’ t dive in.

How Actionable Content Marketing and advertising Dashboards Can Inform, Inspire, & Show ROI

What are the benefits of an doable content marketing dashboard? All the fun benefits that come from knowing how your articles is performing at a granular degree aside, there are a ton of advantages that come from a holistic content marketing and advertising dashboard— especially when it comes to getting stakeholder engagement and buy-in.

An actionable advertising dashboard isn’ t just a lengthy, dry analytics report. It’ s i9000 visually engaging and easy to process.

An actionable #marketing dash isn’ t just a long, dried out analytics report. It’ s aesthetically engaging and easy to digest. : @Tiffani_Allen Click To Tweet

Highlight the results for Leadership

The executives hold the purse-strings. And they want to ensure the budget you’ ve been given is being put to great use.

With an actionable dashboard, you can steer clear of the awkward “ What have you finished me lately? ” conversation together with your leadership team by easily displaying them how your content marketing attempts tie back to overall business goals.

With all the right data and insight easily available in your dashboard, you can showcase overall performance from visit to sale, so when they will ask: “ Is this content obtaining us an ROI? ” Your own answer can be: “ You bet. Actually overall our content marketing initiatives drove 200% ROI in 2018 and we’ re trending in order to exceed that benchmark in 2019 based on our goals. ”

Of course , typically, you don’ t eliminate marketing funding for something that will pay for itself and more.

Inspire Your Peers Within & Outside the Marketing Department

When your marketing and advertising team members are able to see the fruits of the labor, they’ ll be more powered to continue what’ s working plus looking for innovation opportunities to take it to another level.

In addition , if you’ ve already been working with an internal subject matter expert like your human resources director or product sales manager to create content, showcasing just how their contributions are making an impact can make them more open to ongoing collaboration— which can help all parties achieve their goals.

As a little tip, think about making a leaderboard in your dashboard therefore contributors can easily track how the articles they’ ve contributed to is certainly performing. Adding a little competition depending on objectives is a fun way to level-up performance. (Betting on this performance is certainly optional. )

When your #marketing team members are able to see the fruits of the labor, they’ ll be more powered to continue what’ s working plus looking for innovation opportunities to take it to another level. @Tiffani_Allen Click To Twitter update

Fixed New Hires Up for Scalable Marketing and advertising Success

Another key benefit is that doable marketing dashboards can help you scale your articles marketing efforts. For example , if you find yourself showing so much ROI that you need to expand your own team to keep up with demand, it is simple to transfer knowledge to your new employs about what kind of content works plus doesn’ t work, and how they could know the difference.

This kind of results-focused training plus new hire orientation helps keep your own full team aligned around exactly what really matters— creating and marketing and advertising quality content that exceeds your own benchmarks and blows your targets out of the water.

Strengthen Relationships With Customers & Influential Collaborators

Whether you’ lso are working with industry influencers in order to co-create content or you regularly indulge clients to provide testimonials and situation studies, you have the opportunity to use your marketing and advertising dashboard to show them not only just how valuable they are to your marketing initiatives, but the mutual value being sustained.

For instance , let’ s say a client assisted create a testimonial or case study that will saw a 300% increase in presence over benchmark for that content kind. Your message to them can be that will together you’ ve driven an amazing amount of brand awareness for each of your organizations.

Your Actionable Next Step? Make Your Content Marketing Dashboard

The performance of the content marketing means much more compared to traditional success metrics— it can suggest visibility for your business, strength for the bottom line, and alignment for your inner teams.

If you’ re ready for a lot more visibility and creating a stronger company case for your efforts, the first step would be to create a dashboard of your own, tailored for your marketing and business objectives.

Again, when correctly set up, an actionable dashboard ought to allow you to answer two simple queries: 1) Is what we’ re performing working? 2) Why is it (or isn’ t) working?

Wondering the right way to create this magical dashboard? Take a look at our guide to marketing dashboard essentials to get started on your path toward data-driven success.

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