Ways to Select the Right Type of Video for Your B2B Marketing Goals

6 Jun

Types of B2B Video & When to Use Them

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Video Advertising is So Hot Meme

According Content Marketing Institute’ s 2018 B2B Articles Marketing Report , 72% of B2B marketers make use of pre-produced video content, 17% make use of video live-streams, and 4% produce documentaries or short films. Mixed, this makes video one of the most popular types of content among B2B online marketers.

Plus it’ s not without outcomes, either. Video marketing boasts a few impressive stats, including:

  • Marketers whom use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. – Aberdeen Group
  • Video hard disks a 157% increase in organic visitors from SERPs. – Brightcove
  • Embedding videos in landing web pages can increase conversion rates by 80 percent. – Eyeview Digital
  • Interpersonal video generates 1, 200% a lot more shares than text and pictures combined – Brightcove
  • fifty-one. 9% of marketing professionals title video as the type of content with the very best ROI – HubSpot

It seems like a no-brainer, right? Yet like with most things in marketing, it’ s knowing where to start and what to make that’ s the hard part.

As with any advertising tactic, you want to choose the right content kind and style to engage and foster your audience. Plus, the content a person create needs to align with plus support your marketing goals— movie is no different.

To help you figure out how to begin with video marketing and how to integrate it into your integrated marketing blend, we’ re breaking down the many varieties of videos for marketing and when for their services.

one Teasers

The name implies it all— these types of videos are short, sweet, plus meant to give audiences just a glance of what’ s to come. A lot more specifically, teasers are short video clips that promote other content, providers, products, or events and create excitement or interest in them. In no longer than 10-30 seconds, what this means is you have to do your best with the time provided to you through high-energy language, fast-paced content, and plenty of information; movement graphics are an especially great teaser format.

Teasers are great for generating excitement and are also very short in length, making them an excellent fit for social media promotion, exactly where you’ ll be looking to generate hype for an asset (i. e. e-books, podcasts, infographics, blog posts, webinars). The greatest thing to remember about teasers is they need to have a call to action that stimulates another piece of content. The goal of the teaser is to spur action within an audience, whether that’ s enrolling for a webinar, downloading an e-book, or listening to a podcast show.

Duration: ten to 30 seconds

Where to Use It: Paid plus Organic Social Media

Best Assets: eBooks, Podcasts, Infographics, Blog Posts

Example: LinkedIn Marketing Solutions*, Secret Spices eBook

2 . Trailers & Previews

Trailers and previews are another kind of short video content. However , exactly where trailers differ from teasers is that the trailer actually features a sample from the content its promoting. For example , the teaser might use new pictures and graphics to get people thrilled, but a trailer will really feature a preview of what’ s i9000 to come. Just take a look at movie trailers— most of them show you scenes directly from the particular film.

If you’ ve already made the content, you’ ve already performed most of the work for a trailer or even preview. Just take content included in your video clips, infographics, eBooks, and other assets plus edit them into a trailer file format that gets people interested. Whilst trailers perform well on social, they’ re also a great addition to landing web pages as landing page videos have been discovered to increase conversions simply by 80% or more . Depending on where you’ re going to have this content live, decide if so when a CTA is appropriate.

Length: 30 seconds in order to 2 minutes

Where to Use It: Paid and Natural Social Media, Landing Pages

Best Assets: eBooks, Pod-casts, Long-Form Video, Infographics

Example: Eloqua, Journey in order to Modern Marketing

3. Explainers

We’ ve already covered videos which are used to promote other pieces of content— teasers and trailers. But how about when you have a standalone topic you wish to cover in a video? Maybe you wish to create a tutorial on how to use your software program or educate your audience approach launch an employee wellness program. This kind of marketing video is called an explainer. Explainers are original pieces of articles that educate and inform the particular audience on a subject.

The best explainer video clips focus on appealing to an audience’ t curiosity by answering common queries or solving popular pain factors. In providing useful and persuasive information, the video helps add to your own brand’ s authority. As a movie that can stand on its own two ft while offering helpful advice, explainer videos can produce a great complement to a power web page or blog post. They also perform well upon social channels as it’ s i9000 a quick and easy way for you market to absorb a lot of information. And because all of the worth is within the video itself, explainers generally don’ t have a call to action. However, depending on where you plan to have this content material live, make a decision on if a CTA makes sense.

Length: 30 seconds to 3 mins

Where you can Use It: Paid and Organic Social Media, Strength Pages, Blog Posts

Example: Slack*, “ So Yes, We Tried Slack”

four. Video Essays & Companion Movies

Are you able to cover a topic in-depth in under 3 minutes? When you need to dive much deeper than an explainer video enables, video essays are the perfect kind of video to turn to. Video works are original, long-form movie content that explores a subject in-depth. A good video essay might be a good 8 minute discussion that addresses your thoughts on new changes in the marketplace or new trends like cryptocurrency.

For their length, video essays are the ideal place to showcase your brand’ ersus thought leadership and expertise by means of education and entertainment. In addressing all sides of an issue or even topic, you have more opportunity to show your knowledge, improving trust and reliability among your audience. Jam-packed along with valuable information, video essays best addition to power pages, blog posts, plus social media channels.

But what if you’ ve already covered the topic in-depth for the power page, blog post, or e-book? Should you still make a video article? The answer is yes as 59% of executives say they will rather watch a video than look over text. Given this information, your movie essay could perform better than your own existing content in terms of generating prospective customers or strengthening engagement. In this scenario, take your existing eBook, blog, or even power page and turn it in to a video essay, giving your target audience an alternate channel to consume your content.

Length: 1 moment to 10 minutes

Where to Use It: Paid and Natural Social Media, Power Pages, Blog Posts

Example: HubSpot, Very best Difference Between Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)?

Your own Directorial Debut

Video is rapidly getting the preferred way to consume content for several audiences with 82% of most web traffic expected to be video simply by 2021 . In case you’ re not making video clips as a part of your content online marketing strategy , you could be losing out on an enormous opportunity to improve your organic visitors, landing page conversions, social engagements, and much more.

And also to make sure your videos are helping you achieve your marketing goals, it’ s i9000 important that you select the right types of marketing video clips and content they will support. Utilizing the guide above, you’ ll have the ability to pair your video and articles together in a way that fuels results.

Video could be time consuming to strategize, produce, plus distribute. To help you become a more efficient plus effective video marketer, check out our own additional tips, examples, and instructions:

*Disclosure: LinkedIn Marketing Solutions plus Slack are TopRank Marketing customers.

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