Using Snapchat: A Pro Guide for Entrepreneurs

24 May

With 187 million active everyday users and an average use moments of 30 minutes per user, you can wager that Snapchat is a good platform for the business to be active.

Millennials, in particular, the younger ones, love Snapchat. A recent survey found that 78% of high school students use the application daily .

What’ s more, Facebook is prone to lose around 2 million energetic users under age group 25 in 2018, while Snapchat will pick up around 2 mil users under age 25.

There’ s no question it’ s a growing platform, yet it’ s not really the first for most business owners as 25+ year-olds are conditioned to Facebook, Instagram or even LinkedIn— especially when it comes to promoting a company.

But , times are usually changing. Millennials’ share of investing power increases daily, and it’ s important for brands to understand using Snapchat.

Getting Acquainted with Snapchat

This section presumes that you’ re a beginner to Snapchat (skip down to the business enterprise section if you’ re acquainted with the app). Here, we’ lso are going to show you how to get started.

How to Create a Snapchat Account

First things first, you’ ll need an account. To get started along with Snapchat, download the app.

Then, create a merchant account.

Snapchat register screen

Using Snapchat

This short video explains how to begin using Snapchat.

Get to Know Snapchat’ s House Screen

Snapchat’ h home screen is really just a digital camera screen with a few other options. See the image and descriptions below to find out more.

Snapchat house screen

  1. The configurations tab. From here, you can add friends, include your own Bitmoji , and more.
  2. Flash setting. Tap the particular flash button to turn flash upon or off.
  3. Symbol 3 is the selfie or normal photo toggle button. Tap this to toggle between your selfie digital camera or take a regular photo.
  4. Your inbox. Tap right here to view snaps and stories from the friends.
  5. Icon five is the capture button. This key takes a picture or video. Touch to take a pic, press plus hold to record video.
  6. Icon 6 takes you for your Discover page.

Snapchat Vocabulary

Since you have an understanding of how the app functions, it’ s also important to find out some Snapchat lingo. Here are some key phrases you should get familiar with when you use Snapchat:


Easy is an image or video a person create within the app and deliver to a friend. The term snap furthermore refers to the images/videos that you receive within the app.

Snap can also be commonly used to mean a conversation message sent within the app.

One of the biggest differentiators between Snapchat and other social media applications is that photos disappear a few seconds after being seen.

To send a snap, open up the camera/home screen. Tap the particular capture button to take a picture, or even hold the capture button to report a video.

Next, create any edits you like, and then you’ re ready to send. See the picture and descriptions below to learn more regarding Snapchat editing.

Snapchat camera button guide

  1. Image 1 allows you to add text overlay to an image.
  2. Symbol 2 allows you to draw on an picture.
  3. The 3rd icon enables you to add images and icons for your snap picture or video.
  4. The scissors allow you to minimize any part of the image.
  5. The paperclip icon allows you to give an URL link to the image.
  6. The timer icon lets you change how many seconds your friends can see the image for (this is for pictures– not videos, as videos enjoy for the length of the recording).
  7. The arrow is the send key. You can choose to send to particular friends, a group, or share the particular snap in your story.
  8. Icon 8 is a direct url to sharing your snap as part of your tale.
  9. Icon 9 is really a download icon– in case you want to conserve the image to your phone’ s digital camera roll.
  10. If you don’ t like the snap, just click the particular X to delete and have a new one.

The best way to learn how to use these functions and get the most out of them would be to get your hands dirty, just consider them out.

Snapchat Story

A Snapchat story is a collection of photos/videos. When you choose to add a snap to your story, it’ s shared with either all of your Snapchat followers or a certain few that you simply select.

Here’ s i9000 how to make a story:


Buddies are people you’ ve additional on Snapchat. Friends can see your stories and any photos you send to them. You can also watch their stories and see any photos they’ ve sent to you.

Here’ s how to include friends on Snapchat:


Filters are decorative overlays that you could add to your pictures.


A Geofilter is a filter available in a certain area. For example , a vacation destination like The disney produtcions World, might have a special filter (see below).

Snapchat Geofilter example


Snapchat lenses are augmented actuality (AR) filters that use animation, audio, or a combo of both. Lens can be 2D or 3D (more on these later in the business section).

To use a Snapchat zoom lens:

Press and hang on the face inside the frame that you want to include a lens to. You’ lmost all see an icon swirling in the center of the screen (see screenshot below) once Snapchat has detected the face area or faces.

Swipe through the filter options (found  near the capture button) and take a photograph or video using the capture switch.

Snapchat Zoom lens example


Remembrances allow Snapchat users to online backup their snaps and stories for their camera roll. This comes in convenient since snaps disappear once they’ re viewed!


Snapchat has a text/chat feature. Like we mentioned, when folks say, “ I sent a snap, ”   they could indicate an image or video or they may be referring to a Snapchat chat information.

Snap Map

This feature allows you to reveal your location with your friends, and also notice where your friends are. You can switch the feature off anytime (ghost mode) if you don’ t really want people to know your whereabouts.

Friends Page

The Friends page is where Snapchat collects all your friends that have lately shared stories and snaps. You will see the Friends page by moving right from the home screen. Friends can be found at the top of the page.

Discover Page

The particular discover page is a collection of your pals, publications you follow and other manufacturers and influencers. Swipe left in the home screen to view your Find out page.

Snapchat Discover page

It won’ capital t take you long to learn using Snapchat, especially if you’ re a devoted user of other social media systems. Once you get the hang of it, it’ s time to learn about how you can make use of Snapchat to grow your business and transform your brand awareness.

Just how can Businesses Use Snapchat?

Snapchat offers a variety of business providers including Ads, Geofilters, Lenses, and much more. There are also a ton of demographics and viewers you can reach within the platform. Listed below are the primary ways to use Snapchat for business .

Snapchat Ads

Snap Ads are 10-second videos that drive users to some call-to-action, like an embedded link. Take a look at this list associated with Snapchat’ s allowed CTAs.

Snapchat Ad CTAs

Your own photos and videos need to abide by certain specifications in order to be approved for use on Snapchat. Here are some of Snapchat’ s advertisement specs:

  • The particular recommended dimensions are 1080 by 1920.
  • Your element ratio is between 9: sixteen or 16: 9.
  • The actual max file size is 1GB.
  • The accepted video clip formats include. MP4 and. PORT.
  • Your video size must be a minimum 15 seconds, but there is absolutely no max.

Since we’ ve learned, there is a great deal you can do with Snapchat. But additionally, there are certain things you should avoid when making a Snapchat ad. Here’ ersus a list of Snapchat’ s restrictions, used directly from their spec document.

Snapchat Ad Restrictions

Having the Most of the Snapchat Ads Manager

When you’ ve obtained your creative ready, whether movie, gif, image, etc ., you’ lso are going to want to get super specific regarding who you target. Just like you might with any other ad platform.

There are hundreds of audience varieties on Snapchat . You can concentrate on reaching retailers, vegans, banks, and so forth

Snapchat Ads audiences

Or, you could focus on a particular market, like young people in Austin, TX.

Snapchat Ads demographics

Exactly like other social media platforms, you can save your own audiences. You can also create audience fits by uploading a customer list.

Or, you can use the lookalike feature to build an audience the majority of similar to your best customers.


If you’ re familiar with Facebook Ads , then you know how valuable a Pixel tool could be in you retargeting your target audience.

A Pixel is really a tool embedded in your website that will collects information about the users that check out your site. So , with Snapchat’ t Pixel embedded on the backend of the site, you’ re able to gather information about the people that visit your site.

Then, use that will collected info to retarget those individuals with a Snapchat Ad while they’ re in the app. Retargeting considerably reduces cost-per-acquisition.

Actually Hubble, a contact-lens subscription firm, was able to decrease their cost for each acquisition (CPA) simply by 82% by using a retargeting campaign along with Snapchat Pixel embedded in their site.

Hubble Snapchat Advertisement example


It is a great tool for brick and mortar companies or for those companies looking to promote to users in a specific area.

With the use of Geo-positioning technology and beacons, Snapchat shows your own ad or specific lens for an audience at a location that you’ ve selected.

When you’ re a Snapchatter– then you definitely know that cities, beaches, and a lot of holiday destinations have their own Snapchat Geofilters.

Snapchat Geofilters example

Back in 2017, Snapchat made it extremely affordable for businesses to create their very own Geofilters, with pricing starting from $5. 99 and templates which are easily customized.

Numerous companies have used Geofilters successfully. For instance , Netflix launched a Geofilter advertisement to promote the release of the new Gilmore Girls show. They printed lots of coffee cups with “ Lukes” logo (a shop in the show) and added Geofilters for the stores where the cups would be distributed.

Netflix Snapchat ad


Lens are some of Snapchat’ s most widely used ads as they’ re those with the AR (augmented reality) functions. Lenses use facial recognition technologies to put an user into the image demonstrated, for example , allowing users to become Batman (an ad for the Batman Versus Superman movie).

Great example of Snapchat lenses in action can be when Bacardi recently ran the lens ad that put customers into a Major Lazer music video clip:

Customers love lenses, and they’ lso are a great way to increase brand awareness since around 70 million people make use of lenses every day.

Snapchat created Lens Recording studio , a tool where businesses can make their own Snapchat AR experiences just for users. Snapchat lenses see the average increase of 9% in product sales.

With Lens Recording studio, business owners can use templates to create their very own 2D or 3D filters, or even create something custom with the assist of  Snapchat’ s AR development companions .

Context Credit cards

In November 2017, Snapchat released a new feature, Framework Cards . These are a great way to include a bit of extra info about your company for your ad and they’ re also a terrific way to entice users to click on a hyperlink.

Lionsgate used the filtration system shown below for their movie, Wonder . They utilized Context Cards (seen at the bottom from the filter) to display movie times close by, enticing users to click more than for a ticket.

Wonder movie Snapchat Ad Lens

Deep Links

Heavy links are links embedded within an app that take users in to another app once the link is usually clicked.

For example , let’ s say you’ ve simply created a new iPhone game. Your organization could create a Snapchat Ad having an embedded deep link that guides Snapchatters to the App Store to down load your game.

Etermax, an organization that makes games like Trivia Split, used Snapchat deep links regarding app-install ads and acquired customers who are 25%  more likely to play the game after a week when compared with other platforms.

Their own CPA was also 20% lower than additional platforms like Facebook or Search engines.

Snapchat Discover Advertisements

Discover ads are usually Snapchat’ s most expensive advertising choice. As of February 2018, Discover Advertisements run around $50, 000 each day. This ad type places your articles at the top of user Discover pages and therefore are usually reserved for big manufacturers.

According to Snapchat, Cosmo (apparently a leading Discover ad buyer) gets over one million sights per day via this ad kind.


Snapchat Publisher is where you develop and edit your Snapchat advertisements.   The process of getting started is fairly simple. Simply visit the site and register.

Sign on with Snapchat for Business

Once you’ re logged in, you can click on the top left manage ads switch, and select create an ad.

Create an advertisement in Snapchat

Next, you can choose between quick and easy or sophisticated ad creation.

Easy or superior Snapchat ads

Quick and easy is probably the smartest choice if you’ ve not obtained experience with Snapchat’ s Ad Supervisor.

Once you’ ve selected Quick & Easy , you can start to patch together a great ad with minimal encounter.

Quick and straightforward Snapchat Ads

Organic Growth upon Snapchat

If you don’ t want to spend money on marketing your company via ads, you can always start with developing your business organically on Snapchat.

Organic growth means a person build up your follower base plus rely on that following to add income to your business.

Follow this advice to build a Snapchat tribe for the business and gain followers naturally.

Tell Good Tales

A good story will go a long way. Since the dawn of time, people have gathered ’ round fire to listen to a good story. Blogs develop huge followings with stories plus free information. And nowadays, nowadays, people are turning to video for tales.

A good business Snapchat probably doesn’ t feature pictures and videos from your offices all day long. While that’ s ok to carry out sometimes, eventually it’ d possibly get old.

Retain it exciting and refreshing. Share various photos that your teammates take. Or even better yet, share your customer/client photos. Maybe you’ ll create information videos, sharing the latest and finest happenings in your industry.

You could even create a contest about sharing videos like the ALS Glaciers Bucket Challenge that will blew up on Facebook.   Taco bell is another example of a brand that nailed storytelling on Snapchat with the very first Snapchat film.

Taco Bell Snapchat Film

In case your content is good, if there’ ersus a story there, something exciting plus fresh, people will follow.

Partner With Others

Have you been connected with any Snapchat influencers? Or possibly another business with a big viewers? There are ways you can co-market your business by making use of others who market to your same focus on demographic .

For instance , you could partner up with another organization to do an educational Snapchat tale, where you both add relevant photos to the story.

End up being Consistent

If there’ s a golden rule meant for building a subsequent on social media — it’ s consistency. Your snaps ought to occur on a consistent basis, i actually. e. once per day. Your photos should also be consistent with your brand name and image. For example , if you usually use relaxed language, don’ big t suddenly get stuffy and jargon-heavy.

Be Responsive

If you’ ve obtained some fans that like to send chat messages telling you how amazing your snaps are, thank all of them. If people reach out to you, try out your best to be available if you want to create loyal fans out of ordinary fans. Give folks a shout out there in your snaps or share some thing they’ ve snapped.

In Conclusion

Snapchat includes a pretty impressive repertoire of obtainable advertising options – some suited to small businesses, and some best for Fortune 500s.

Whether you’ lso are looking to grow your business via compensated ads or gain some fans organically, Snapchat is definitely a platform to become active on as it’ s developing rapidly.

Have you utilized Snapchat to build your business? What was your own experience like?

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