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10 Apr

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Gaining understanding, advice, and new perspectives through top B2B marketing industry frontrunners is an incredible way to help level your marketing skills and initiatives to new heights. And pod-casts, which are exploding in accessibility and popularity , can be a wonderful medium for getting access to those gifted and seasoned industry leaders.

From the emerging B2B marketing and advertising trends to heartfelt stories associated with life’ s great successes plus bitter failures, there is so much we are able to learn by listening to people who have persevered and thrived. And lucky to suit your needs, we’ ve compiled 20 of the greatest podcasts for B2B marketers here.

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We’ ve touched on podcasts a period or two here, with Mature Content Marketing Manager Josh Nite bringing you a first edition associated with digital marketing and advertising podcasts to consider in 2016. Many of those podcasts have carried on to evolve, making it hard as well as them again here. But there are several new kids on the block, too.

And with adoption as a marketing and advertising medium and a learning and amusement tool rising, we hope you’ lmost all find something that strikes your elegant.

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Great stories occur to those who can tell them. — This particular American Life podcast host Ira Glass @iraglass Click To Twitter update

Now let’ s fast-forward to our list of twenty diverse podcasts that will provide an exciting array of ideas and trends in order to expand and improve your B2B marketing and advertising efforts, presented in random purchase.

#1 – Advertising Over Coffee

Marketing Over Coffee

Summary: Marketing Over Coffee explores the intersection of advertising technology, with news, tips, plus author interviews.

  • Hosts: Chris Penn plus John Wall
  • Recent Topics upon Tap: Influencers, Social media marketing Listening Tools, Heirarchical Ontology
  • Recent Guests: Brendan Kane, Samuel Monnie, Jocelyn Brown
  • Episode Length: twenty five – 30 minutes

#2 – Six Pixels associated with Separation

Six -pixels of Separation

Summary: Six Pixels of Separation offers insights on brand names, consumers, technology and our connected with each other world.

  • Hosts: Mitch Joel
  • Recent Topics on Tap: Business, innovation, and the marketing and advertising landscape.
  • Current Guests: Joseph Jaffe, Bernadette Jiwa, Ekaterina Walter
  • Episode Length: One hour

#3 – Marketing Smarts

Marketing Smarts

Summary: Marketing Smarts talks to industry leaders and writers such as Chris Brogan, Ann Handley and Gary Vaynerchuk, as well as c-suite executives from organizations including IBM, National Geographic, Dell, and the Baltimore Ravens.

Hosting companies: Kerry O’ Shea Gorgone

  • Recent Topics upon Tap: Livestreaming, Personalisation, and a Scientific Approach to Metrics, Dimension, and Marketing ROI
  • Recent Guests: Laura Gassner Otting, Minter Call, Brian Fanzo
  • Episode Length: twenty five – 35 minutes

#4 – Social Media Marketing Podcasting

Social Media Marketing

Summary: Social Media Marketing offers success stories and expert interviews through leading social media marketing professionals.

  • Hosts: Michael Stelzner
  • Recent Topics upon Tap: Facebook natural marketing, How to Avoid Distraction as a Marketing expert
  • Recent Visitors: Mari Smith, John Solis, Nathan Latka
  • Episode Length: 45 minutes

#5 – Scott Stratten’ s Unpodcast

Scott Stratten's Unpodcast

Overview: Scott Stratten’ s Unpodcast offers real-life examples, tips and assistance from experts on human resources, advertising branding, networking, public relations, and customer support.

#6 – Adweek’ s CMO Moves

Adweek's CMO Moves

Summary: Adweek’ s CMO Techniques podcast offers uplifting career advice and the personal successes behind an array of top marketing commanders.

  • Hosting companies: Nadine Dietz
  • Subjects on Tap: Learn how to Win as a Team, The Hunt for the Signature Move
  • Recent Guests: Emily Culp, Seth Freeman, Meredith Verdone
  • Episode Duration: 30 minutes

#7 – LinkedIn Experience Marketers

LinkedIn Experience Marketers

Summary: LinkedIn Live with Marketers is really a video-based series that can also be loved listening to only the audio, as the LinkedIn (client) hosts tackle challenges best of mind for marketers.

  • Hosts: Jann Schwarz and others
  • Recent Topics on Tap: The Staying Power of Breakthrough discovery Ideas, Brand Awareness vs . Guide Gen: Battle or Balance?
  • Recent Guests: Wendy Clark, Rob Grettle, Peter Weinberg
  • Episode Length: 1 hour

#8 – Lexicon Valley

Lexicon Valley

Summary: Lexicon Valley digs seriously into language, from pet peeves, syntax, and etymology to neurolinguistics and the death of languages.

  • Hosts: John McWhorter
  • Recent Subjects on Tap: Is certainly Social Media Changing English?, One Language to Rule Them All
  • Recent Guests: Deborah Tannen, Lane Greene
  • Episode Length: 40 minutes

#9 – Should This particular Exist?

Should This particular Exist?

Summary: Should This Exist? is hosted by Flickr plus Hunch co-founder Caterina Fake, plus explores the impact technology in most its forms has had on mankind. “ We’ re seeing incredible new technologies that are emerging each day that we need to have a conversation regarding, ” Fake recently informed Fast Company .

  • Hosts: Caterina Fake
  • Topics on Touch: Affectiva: Software that will detects how you feel, Halo: A head-set that makes you learn faster
  • Recent Guests: Neuroscientist Daniel Chao, business owner and scientist Rana El-Kaliouby
  • Episode Length: 35 minutes

#10 – The Art of Procedure with Aimee Mann and Ted Leo

The Artwork of Process

Summary: The ability of Process sees hosting companies Aimee and Ted talk to buddies across the creative spectrum to explore the way they work, and the process of turning suggestions into art.

  • Hosts: Aimee Mann plus Ted Leo
  • Recent Topics upon Tap: The increase of streaming services, How to deal with a blank page
  • Recent Guests: Wyatt Cenac, Rebecca Sugar, Dan Wilson
  • Episode Size: 50 minutes

#11 – More often than not

Without Fail

Summary: Without Fail is hosted by former This American Life contributor and NPR reporter Alex Blumberg, and takes an every week look at someone who’ s used a big risk and either unsuccessful or found success.

  • Hosts: Alex Blumberg
  • Topics on Faucet: Bringing Brands To Life, The Man Behind the Well-known Apple Stores: Ron Johnson
  • Recent Guests: Andrew Mason of Groupon, Sophia Amoruso of Nasty Lady and Girlboss
  • Episode Length: fifty minutes

#12 -The Marketing Book Podcast

Marketing Book Podcast

Summary: The Marketing Guide Podcast fills every Friday with a new episode interviewing bestselling marketing authors.

  • Hosts: Douglas Burdett
  • Recent Topics on Touch: Marketing Flexology, Having a laugh @ Advertising, Questions that Market
  • Recent Visitors: Guy Kawasaki, The writer Acunzo, Mark Schaefer
  • Episode Length: 50 minutes

#13 – The BeanCast

The BeanCast

Summary: The BeanCast is a weekly exploration and roundtable discussion of advertising trends which could have an impact your brand.

  • Host: Bob Knorpp
  • Recent Topics upon Tap: Marketing Integrity, Branded Podcasting, Frictionless Brands
  • Recent Guests: Jay Baer, Colin Glaum, Lisa Laporte
  • Episode Length: 1 hour plus

#14 – Social Pros Podcast

Social Pros Podcast

Summary: Social Pros Podcasting , named the best podcast on the Content Marketing Awards, provides within looks at real people doing actual social media work.

  • Hosts: Jay Baer plus Adam Brown
  • Recent Topics upon Tap: Why Your own People Are the Secret to B2B Social media marketing Wins, How to Use Authenticity to Become a good Iconic Business,
  • Recent Guests: Seth Godin, Rohit Bhargava, Need Wayne
  • Episode Duration: 50 – fifty five minutes

#15 – The Marketing Companion Podcasting

The Marketing Friend Podcast

Summary: The particular Marketing Companion Podcast serves up insights and ideas to improve your marketing skills. It’ s charged as “ always fun, often interesting, and always on-target along with insights and ideas that will yield your marketing intellect to an ’ 11. ‘”

  • Hosts: Mark Schaefer plus Brooke Sellas
  • Recent Topics upon Tap: Social media burn-out, Mind-bending social media trends
  • Recent Guests: Kerry Gorgone, Mitch Joel
  • Episode Length: 25 – 40 a few minutes

#16 – Copyblogger FM

Copyblogger FM

Summary: Copyblogger FM gets to the guts of the latest marketing tips, techniques, stories and strategies that provide velocity for your business. Featuring a rotating selection of analysts, this podcast addresses a variety of tactical areas such as e-mail marketing, content marketing, conversion optimization, and much more.

  • Hosting companies: Sonia Simone
  • Current Topics on Tap: Getting Your Big, Scary Projects Completed, The 3 Plus 1 Foundational Aspects of Effective Persuasion
  • Recent Guests: Silpada Naslund, Pamela Wilson, Nathan Craig
  • Episode Duration: 25 minutes

#17 – Invisibilia


Summary: Invisibilia ties narrative storytelling and science for making you see your own life differently, along with lessons applicable to marketers.

  • Hosts: LuLu Miller , Alix Spiegel , plus Hanna Rosin
  • Recent Topics upon Tap: The Handheld remote control Brain, Who Do You Let Within?
  • Recent Visitors: Cord Jefferson, Greatest extent Hawkins, Renato Rosaldo
  • Episode Length: 35 – 55 minutes

#18 – The particular Strategy Hour

The Strategy Hour

Summary: The Strategy Hour offers actionable strategies and marketing and advertising tips for growing your business, plus in-depth interviews that go straight to the particular “ meat and potatoes. ”

  • Hosting companies: Abagail Pumphrey and Emylee Williams
  • Recent Subjects on Tap: How you can Listen to Your Audience, Why Developing Community is Crucial for Your Brand plus Happiness
  • Latest Guests: Kathleen Cutler, Sarah Peck, Nikki Porcher
  • Episode Length: 35 – 40 mins

#19 – Behind the Brilliance

Behind the Brilliance

Summary: Behind the Brilliance features “ smart plus funny” conversations and takes an every week journey with leading innovators, creatives, and entrepreneurs.

  • Host: Lisa Nicole Bell
  • Topics on Faucet: The link between self-awareness and success, The importance of starting little to make big changes
  • Recent Guests: Laura Vanderkam, Jonathan Jackson, John Jarvis
  • Show Length: One hour in addition

#20 – Women in Tech

Women in Tech

Summary: Women in Tech explores marketing and technology showcasing inspiring women who are Engineers, Creators, Investors, UX and UI Developers, and Journalists.

  • Host: Espree Devora
  • Topics on Tap: Women Empowering Technologies, Creating technology-driven businesses
  • Recent Guests: Kristine Kornilova, Linda Sinka, Marite Aleksandra Silava
  • Show Length: 11 – 40 plus minutes

Lifelong Learning From B2B Marketing-Focused Podcasts

Incorporating pod-casts in the world of B2B marketing can be difficult, yet the advantages they offer make a solid case for considering them in your campaigns. And it can be done.

For example , our client 3M carried out one of the largest science studies actually focused on global attitudes about technology. The resulting State of Technology Index research report led to the particular launch of 3M’ s very first podcast, the Science Winners Podcast .

Managed by 3M’ s Chief Technology Advocate Jayshree Seth, the first time of year featured 21 science experts plus influencers on topics ranging from an intro to science in everyday life in order to careers in the field.

3M Science Champions Podcast Image

Results: The Science Champions podcast surpassed all expectations for downloads plus engagement, resulting in the launch associated with Season 2 in March 2019. The podcasting has also created relationships with technology influencers and helped to display internal influencers.

An additional example, Dell Technologies wanted to acquire industry influencers to create useful articles for customers and increase the influence of the internal experts, which led to the particular creation of the Dell Luminaries podcasting, hosted by influencers Mark Schaefer and Doug Karr.

The podcast highlights technology visionaries from inside Dell and out, plus helps put a human contact on technology innovation.

Dell Luminaries podcast image. inch width=

Results: The Dell Luminaries task built a single platform that provides voices from multiple companies underneath the Dell brand together.

Our CEO Lee Odden recently published a Digital Marketing Institute article , which featured 3M and Dell’ s podcasting success along with 8 other B2B companies that have got strong results from influencer marketing.

It’ s Only Just Started — What Are Your Favorites?

This list only scratches the top of excellent marketing-related podcasts available. For those who have a favorite not listed here, please leave a comment using a podcast that inspires your B2B marketing efforts.

Considering a podcasting for your B2B brand? Get the exactly what, why, and how lowdown on B2B podcasting from our own Joshua Nite.

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