twenty five Influential Women in Digital Advertising Who Rocked and Inspired within 2018

28 Nov

25 Women Digital Marketing

The digital marketing sector is like no other, and one of the excellent joys of publishing a top advertising blog is the opportunity to shine a mild on top talent. People who are doing excellent work, inspiring others to do excellent work and making a difference within marketing.

Working in this particular industry over the past 20 years has provided many opportunities for me to connect with, learn from and become inspired by incredibly talented marketing experts. Many of them women.

And thus, for the ninth year in a line, TopRank Marketing is publishing it’ s annual influential women within digital marketing list.

In past times, we’ ve had previous honorees nominate others, picked those that had been most influential using software, as well as asked C-Level male marketing professionals to nominate their female colleagues. This year, I’ m taking a various approach. I’ m going back towards the origins of the very first list in 2010, showcasing women in electronic marketing that I know and have already been inspired by.

The following is this year’ s list of twenty five (out of many more) women within digital marketing who have inspired myself in 2018 to be a better marketing expert and in some cases, a better person.

Mina Seetharaman
Mitt Seetharaman
–   EVP, Global Managing Director, Content material and Marketing Solutions at The Economist
Getting to know Mitt as fellow advisory council members for Digital Advertising Institute, I’ ve learned that she actually is a fountain of knowledge on numerous topics including all things digital marketing and advertising. I marvel at Mina’ h willingness to entertain meeting with me personally to share marketing and health tips as well. As a leader in her organization and industry, she is a passionate presenter, advocate and lifelong learner that will inspires me to continuously enhance.

Ann Handley
Ann Handley
– Chief Content Officer from MarketingProfs
Whilst I’ ve known Ann for several years, she’ s continued to be a great buddy and supporter (and co-presenter ). But what’ s motivated me is how she is constantly on the optimize herself and her talking skills as a professional keynote loudspeaker. Watching her present at several events in more than one nation has helped me elevate my talking game as well. Plus she’ t smart and funny as terrible! You should subscribe to her newsletter for weekly inspiration.

Ty Heath
Tyrona (Ty) Heath
–   Global Lead, Marketplace Development at LinkedIn Marketing Options
I am lucky to serve with Ty with an industry advisory council, where I’ ve seen her in action being a passionate advocate, marketing thought head and communicator. Having a chance to reveal ideas and brainstorm with Ity had my brain popping such as popcorn, which I suppose is another method of saying I was both energized plus inspired. 🙂

Kirsten Allegri Williams
Kirsten Allegri Williams
– CMO at SAP SuccessFactors (and Opera Singer)
At a busy conference like SAP’ s SAPPHIRE event it is easy to become distracted. That’ s why I used to be impressed by how present Kirsten has been on our first meeting. Of course , she’ s incredibly smart as well. Ever since then we’ ve had a few for you to communicate, but what has influenced me most about her could be the content she shares on her interpersonal channels. It is consistently positive, enjoyable and optimistic – all things that will inspire me to do the same.

Alison Herzog
Alison Herzog
– Marketing Director, Global Social Company and Digital Strategy at Dell
Conversations along with Alison are inspiring to me since she is incredibly smart, thoughtful plus generous. My team had a chance to work with her when she has been at FamilySearch. Since then, we’ ve had many opportunities to connect as well as the response is always the same: what a wonderful, wonderful, person!

Amisha Gandhi
Amisha Gandhi
– VP Changer Marketing at SAP Ariba
As the pioneer at the rear of SAPs influencer marketing program, Amisha is a spark that has ignited many of the most referenced case studies in the B2B influencer marketing room . She is very passionate about the girl work and life, and is continually working to improve. Her ability to accord with other people has made her an effective negotiator and wrangler of sources to get work done and carried out well. It has been a pleasure for me personally and my team to work with the girl both at SAP and now with SAP Ariba.

Dorie Clark
Dorie Clark simon
– Author, Keynote Speaker, Adjunct Professor Duke College, Investor
Our first exposure to Dorie was the girl writing for Harvard Business Evaluation, as well as through mutual connections over the social web and her energetic public speaking. When I finally had an opportunity to connect in person at a professional speakers’ group that we’ re each a part of, I found her to be legitimate, thoughtful, smart and generous along with her advice. All qualities which i am inspired to exhibit more of personally.

Konstanze Alex
Konstanze Alex, PhD
–   Director B2B Influencer Relations at Dell
Konnie is a correct professional who has high standards, loves you deeply about relationships and is really loyal to those on her team. Fortunately, some of my team members are also section of Konnie’ s team, working to assistance some of Dell’ s work with technology industry influencers. Konnie’ s commitment is an inspiration for us all.

Margaret Molloy
Margaret Molloy
– Global Chief Marketing Officer, CMO, Siegel+Gale
Maggie is elegant, sophisticated and yet nevertheless approachable. When I saw her do a keynote interview recently, the first words We shared with the conference organizer had been “ now that was pure class”. She is one of the most thoughtful and amazing communicators I’ ve seen on the marketing stage and that has motivated me to level up my marketing communications game.

Carla Johnson
Carla Johnson
–   Keynote Loudspeaker, Author and Programmer Director, Electronic Marketing at HARBOUR. SPACE
Carla is one of these rare people in marketing that may “ walk the talk” along with marketing strategy and equally “ speak the talk” as a professional advertising keynote speaker. That ability to perform both is very inspiring to me. She actually is as smart as she is helpful, and also a true professional. It has been a true pleasure to know her and see the girl grow over the years.

Beverly Jackson
Beverly Knutson
–   VP Social Portfolio Strategy at MGM Resorts International
Several years ago I had an opportunity to fill-in on the keynote for Beverly and had been then able to see her perform her magic on stage. It was very clear that all I filled in had been her left shoe compared to the power, charisma and confidence she delivered to the marketing stage. But what exactly is most inspiring is her amazing work ethic. I’ m not sure the girl sleeps or if there is anyone that functions harder than BevJack.

Ursula Ringham
Ursula Ringham
– Mind of Global Influencer Marketing in SAP
Dealing with Ursula on influencer marketing tasks and being connected on social networks makes it easy to see she is as interested in her work as she is about in the outdoors. She is incredibly driven plus motivated to create impact and that is uplifting to me. For even more good stuff regarding Ursula, look at the interview .

Rani Mani
Rani Mani
– Head associated with Social Influencer Enablement at Adobe
The only female on this list I have not fulfilled personally (yet) is Rani. I actually interviewed her recently and when performing my background research found the girl amazing and inspirational personal tale . From her journey along with cerebral palsy to her work with Mom Theresa to inspiring her group at Adobe, she believes “ there is nothing you can’ t do”. Rani is someone we can all study from.

Kate O'Neill
Kate O’ Neill
– Professional Speaker, Creator at KO Insights
I first met Kate back in my SEO days. Lately, we’ ve reconnected and I observe that she’ s a renaissance girl on fire. She  is a strategy specialist to Fortune 500 companies, assisting to  navigate digital transformation within a human-centric way. She’ s furthermore an author and active keynote loudspeaker. Her latest book, Technology Humanist   is all about how  to make technology better just for business and for humans. More than everything is Kate’ s positive power. In her presence you cannot assist but be inspired to deal with your day with optimism.

Olga Andrienko
Olga Andrienko
– Mind of Global Marketing at SEMrush
My latest re-entry into the search marketing conference entire world has exposed me again for some of the most talented marketers in the world. We are a longtime fan of SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION software SEMrush and have see Olga’ s inspiring work with content, mass media, and influencers, winning numerous market awards and maximizing exposure on events. She is kind, super clever and her marketing leadership offers really put SEMrush on the martech software map and that should encourage every marketer.

Amanda Todorovich
Amanda Todorovich –   Senior Director, Content & Creative Services at Cleveland Center
At the top finish of our articles marketing maturity model , all of us talk about “ Monetization”, content advertising that is so good, it becomes it’ t own revenue generator besides potential clients and sales. What Amanda has established at Cleveland Clinic represents that will level of articles marketing excellence precisely. Of course , besides being an award winning marketing expert, she’ s also generous along with advice, empathetic to others plus genuinely a good person.

Sarah Wells
Dorothy Wells
– Olympian at Athletics Canada
As you may have guessed, Dorothy is not a marketer. Not specifically. She’ s an Olympic sportsman who runs the 400 meter hurdles for Canada. Sarah can also be an evangelist for her Believe Effort , which is a program that difficulties young people to make choices over surrender, relentlessly pursue their goals and find out from past obstacles. Sarah overrode incredible obstacles herself as an Olympic athlete and she has developed impressive marketing and advertising chops as she promotes the particular initiative, and impacts and motivates thousands of kids every year.

Rashmy Chatterjee
Rashmy Chatterjee
– Worldwide Sales Leader, IBM Security
Where do I begin with Rashmy? I recently learned she was your first woman in the Indian Navy blue, speaks at least 5 languages and it has worked in leadership positions being an engineer, a marketer and now within sales. I first saw Rashmy present during Advertising Week whenever she was CMO of IBM North America. Most recently, I saw her throughout a keynote interview at MarketingProfs B2B Forum and was reminded associated with her depth of knowledge combined with intelligence, character and laser focus on outcomes. She says: “ All advertising is sales. At the end of the day, marketing should show results in the sales journal or nothing else matters. ”

Ardath Albee
Ardath Albee
– CEO at Marketing Interactions
Ardath is the princess or queen of B2B marketing in my guide. I have learned so much from the girl over the years. Not only does she always stay on the front lines of B2B marketing consulting, but she furthermore shares those insights generously via her consulting, speaking, blogging plus her books. When I attend B2B conferences, Ardath is a speaker exactly who I always find a way to see present, regardless of how many other top speakers are in the same time frame slot.

Stephanie Stahl
Stephanie Stahl
– General Manager with Content Marketing Institute, UBM
Taking over the content advertising conference machine that Joe Pulizzi created is no easy task. Yet Stephanie has done it with course! Most people will never speak at, not to mention run an industry conference. There is an amazing amount of work that goes on behind the scenes and front. Stephanie has managed to perform both with Content Marketing Planet and I am happy to continue our relationship with CMI going into 2019!

katie martell
Katie Martell
– Speaker plus Emcee, Marketing Consultant at On demand Marketing
Certain, Katie has roasted me within her introduction before giving the keynote, but that’ s Katie. She is irreverent, smart and enjoyable – a perfect emcee. She’ h also an entrepreneur, advocate, connector of individuals and a super smart marketer. Katie runs  Boston Content, the region’ s largest community of content material professionals and has been hailed as  a “ marketing expert in order to follow” by CIO Magazine. Katie brings energy into every space and conversation she’ s part of, and challenges you to be and learn better.

andrea vahl
Andrea Vahl
– Author, Consultant, Strategist, Loudspeaker at Andrea Vahl, Inc.
This book author plus marketing consultant is also a skilled stand-up comedian! It’ s uplifting to me when people can become successful both in their main career and their own side hustle. I’ ve recognized Andrea for many years and she is regularly thoughtful, funny, smart and authentic. Even as “ Grandma Mary “.

purna virji
Purna Virji
–   Sr. Manager, Worldwide Engagement at Microsoft
I’ ve had the particular pleasure of seeing Purna speak in multiple countries, mostly in search marketing conferences, but rarely regarding “ traditional” search marketing. Purna offers deep knowledge of AI, mobile, tone of voice and customer experience and I study from her every time. Her pursuit of plus sharing of knowledge is inspiring.

amanda brinkman
Amanda Brinkman
–   Chief Brand and Marketing communications Officer at Deluxe
Based in Minnesota, Amanda offers led an incredible multi-year transformation of the 100 year old check printing corporation into the digital marketing age. The girl work creating the Small Business Trend to tell the tales of America’ s small businesses offers generated phenomenal results. I am influenced as much by her brand plus marketing savvy as I am simply by her focus on purpose driven advertising.

Lucy Moran
Luciana Moran
–     SVP, Electronic, Content & Creative at Gloomy & Bradstreet
While my agency has worked along with Lucy on an influencer marketing task in the past, it is my recent encounter working with her on a conference solar panel that gave me cause to be influenced. First, Lucy went above and beyond responding to interview questions, promoting the job interview article and our panel at the conference. Second, throughout the panel she stuck to what the girl knew and didn’ t play the role of more or less than that – the lesson for many in the marketing limelight, including me!

Another group of women that encourage me are the incredible marketers at TopRank Marketing ! I am fortunate to work with these advertising professionals who not only go to softball bat for their clients but for each other. In the recent leadership meeting, I lastly noticed that I was the only man within the room. They include:

  • Susan Misukanis – President and co-Founder
  • Alexis Corridor – VP Customer Accounts
  • Amie Krone – Functions Director
  • Ashley Zeckman – Older Director of Digital Strategy
  • Caitlin Burgess – Senior Manager associated with Content Marketing
  • Tiffani Allen – Senior Account Manager
  • Elizabeth Williams – Account Manager
  • Jane Bartel   – Account Manager
  • Claire O’ Neil   – Account Manager
  • Debbie Friez – Influencer Marketing Strategist
  • Allysia Kveberg – Senior Analytics Strategist
  • Anne Leuman – Articles Strategist

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Who motivates you to be a better marketer? Please share in the comments.  

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