TopRank Marketing’ s Top 6 B2B Social Media Marketing Predictions & Trends to view in 2019

19 Dec

Social Media Marketing Trends & Predictions for 2019

That magical time of year comes once again, B2B marketers. As the finish of the year draws near, we’ re reflecting on what has come to complete and looking ahead to what is yet ahead. We’ re setting goals. We’ re shaking up strategies. Plus we’ re hoping the next calendar year will bring more focus, insight, plus success.

Undoubtedly, social media marketing is top-of-mind once we reflect and plan. From the introduction of cool new platform functions to scandal and algorithm changes, 2018 brought both opportunity plus obstacles— excitement and dismay. And expect 2019 to be no various.

Therefore , what do B2B marketers need to monitor in 2019? How will you need to adjust your social media strategies? How can you change challenges into opportunities? Here are our own top social media marketing trends and forecasts for the coming year.

#1 – The particular Element of Trust

Seeds of mistrust within the profiles, postings, news, and info shared across social channels had been planted a couple years ago. But in 2018, we’ ve seen those seed products blossom.

Following its Russian ad ordeal in late 2017, Facebook’ s Cambridge Analytica scandal broke in March 2018, uncovering that private profile information had been exploited for political gain. In terms of Twitter, negativity, trolling, and information of fake accounts and fans counts have been growing in range since the 2016 election, enraging several users and prompting the platform to consider a hard look at how to enhance civil discourse in 2018.

And to best it all off? We’ re residing in a world of common distrust , since the 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer exposed. In addition , a special Edelman report released in June showed that global trust in social networking is at just 41% .

The good news is that brands can and really should rebuild that trust in 2019 plus beyond. In fact , the special Edelman report shows that consumers— who are furthermore your B2B buyers— are keeping track of on brands to fix the issues.

“ 4 in 10 consumers say they may be unlikely to become emotionally attached to a brandname unless they are interacting via social media marketing, ” the Edelman report stated. “ But they want a better offer for their data. Brands must function to address data privacy concerns, produce trusted content, and join forces along with regulators, platforms and consumers to bring back trust in the social media ecosystem. ”

Eventually, this will require you to align your overall electronic marketing strategy around creating trust plus value. More specifically for social, what this means is more authenticity, transparency, and energetic discourse with your buying audience in order to showcase your credibility, earn their own trust, and encourage engagement.

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And as Debbie Friez , Changer Strategist at TopRank Marketing highlights: “ This also means there’ s i9000 an opportunity to for careful selection plus collaboration with credible, relevant believed leaders and experts to create informative, trustworthy content. ”

We’ ll arrive at the influencer piece in a bit. However, all of this means being prepared to get more platform changes and algorithm adjustments. Facebook announced major system and ad changes following the mishaps, with iterations expected nicely into 2019 and beyond. Twitter has committed itself in order to purging fake accounts, fostering much better conversations, and serving up much better content to users.

Brands should act to address #dataprivacy concerns, produce trusted #content, and join forces along with regulators, platforms and consumers to bring back trust in the #socialmedia ecosystem. : @EdelmanPR Click To Tweet

#2 – The New Age of “ Stories-telling”

When Snapchat launched its “ My Story” feature back in 2014, it was a good apparent wake-up call to the world’ s larger, more established social networks. Instagram Stories launched in 2016, accompanied by Facebook beginning its rollout Fb Stories in 2017. Now, it’ s LinkedIn’ s turn.

* LinkedIn recently launched “ College student Voices” for university students in the United States. However the platform confirmed plans to build Tales out for more users. Will including brand pages? Time will inform.

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The purpose? The off-the-cuff, in-the-moment video plus photo stories are resonating along with, exciting, and engaging social media customers. Why? They can be visually intriguing— plus they’ re short and special, which is good for our short interest spans. And this means the Tales format may be the future of in-app reach and engagement across channels— which no B2B marketer can pay for to ignore, especially as their focus on buyers get younger.

Our own Nick Nelson dedicated some time to discussing marketing opportunities for Facebook Tales specifically, but his assessment provides broad resonance and timeliness right here.

“ Since brands generally aren’ capital t tapping into this functionality as of yet, earlier adopters can jump ahead of the contour and beat their competition towards the punch, ” he stated. “ If there’ s one principal takeaway from Facebook’ s tale (as reflected in The Social Network), it’ s the tremendous company value in being first. ”

Whilst LinkedIn’ s developing feature could be the most intriguing for B2B marketing experts like yourself, in the new yr you should take stock of your present platform mix and associated ways of determine if Stories holds potential for your own audience and goals. In addition , you should continue a watchful eye on the advancement of these features, so you can make well informed decisions more quickly.

Early (Stories) adopters can jump ahead of the contour and beat their competition towards the punch. @NickNelsonMN #SocialMediaMarketing #trends Click on To Tweet

#3 – The “ Experiential Differential” for Social Video clip

Video clip content, both pre-produced and reside content, started gaining real grip a couple years back. But nowadays, video is officially dominating social media marketing news feeds.

Why? No . 1: Movie is engaging, and humans are usually visual creatures by nature. No . two: Social media platforms have recognized video clip as an engagement medium that not just delights users, but also keeps all of them on the platform. And they’ ve made tweaks to serve up really it.

For B2B marketers, video provides presented an opportunity to bring their manufacturers, solutions, and services to life, plus reach their prospects and clients in a more compelling way. But in 2019 and beyond, social video— specifically live video— has the opportunity to generate more than engagement— but also memorable, current experiences. After all, as famed customer support and experience expert, Shep Hyken , recently told all of us : “ Client experience is the new marketing; it’ s the new brand. ”

For example , Tweets recently announced that it would be taking procedure for make video and contacts easier to find and watch live upon mobile devices.

In addition , Facebook released Facebook View , featuring video clips from all pages and “ Facebook originals. ” From our perspective, this shows that the systems are committed to driving better encounters with (great) content.

Also, consider the Twitch trend . While Twitch may not consider itself a social networking platform, it’ s building a local community where people can watch, talk, plus interact. So , when it comes to creating convincing video experiences on social media, online marketers should be asking themselves how they can elevate conspiracy and foster engagement with their movie content.

Like any marketing effort, start with information and draw insights. Earlier this year, Amanda Todorovich , Senior Director associated with Content and Creative Services on the Cleveland Clinic, shared the girl content marketing insights with us — with this piece directly applicable to social video clip, in my opinion.

“ Always bring data towards the table, especially data from research and analysis and social media wedding. These insights tell you what your customers need, ” she said. “ Whenever your content helps fill those spaces and provides your target audiences along with answers, you will build stronger associations with them on your different platforms. ”

Exactly what does your audience want and need? And how do you need video to fulfil what they’ re asking for so you can build interactions and create a great experience? Commit to responding to these questions in the new season.

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#4 – The Advancement of What Social Influence Seems like

Right after years of incremental algorithm tweaks (and emerging scandals prompting even more), in early 2018 we marketers needed to accept that brand organic achieve on social media had essentially vanished.

TopRank Marketing saw opportunity here— chance for B2B brands to dip their particular toes into the influencer marketing and advertising waters and partner with industry commanders and experts to create amazing articles. However , as the year has gone upon, a “ crisis of influence” has emerged in a couple various forms.

First, platforms— most notably Twitter plus Instagram— have had to contend with bogus “ bot” profiles and overpriced follower counts (as the result of false profiles). Quite obviously, this has designed that reach and resonance inside target audiences aren’ t achieving their full potential. Second, there’ s been a lack of transparency which posts and pitches are subsidized. And third, bad behavior for recognized influencers has had a ricochet effect on brands. The latter two have experienced particularly dire impacts on B2C brands, but that doesn’ to mean B2B brands shouldn’ to be concerned.

The bottom line? It’ s becoming better to brands, buyers, and customers alike that influence isn’ capital t defined by follower count plus estimated reach, something we’ ve been evangelizing for years.


Whilst “ big players” certainly perform an important role in your influencer combine, variety is absolutely the spice associated with life now and into the future— and niche and micro-influencers are usually growing in numbers and significance.

Within 2019, B2B marketers need to double-down on vetting and recruiting influencers who are authentically interested in their products or even services, and who are genuinely mixed up in communities of interest. When this is performed right, it’ s an earn for all parties.

In addition , a commitment to on-going nurturing is a must to drive achievement.

“ We’ ve found that B2B influencers will be more invested in the brand name when the brand invests more within an ongoing relationship with the influencer, ” Lee Odden , TopRank Marketing’ s CEO, recently had written . “ Probably the most effective ways to engage B2B influencers on an ongoing basis is by means of content collaboration . ”

He added: “ That will content doesn’ t always have to be a blockbuster campaign, either. Tweets chats, short quotes, quick movies and social engagement are all simple impactful ways for brands to interact with influencers on an ongoing foundation. ”

Twitter chats, brief quotes, quick videos and #socialmedia engagement are all easy and impactful methods for brands to engage with influencers on an ongoing basis. – @leeodden #InfluencerMarketing Click To Tweet

#5 – The Rebirth of Groups

On LinkedIn and Facebook, Groups have been around for some time. But when the community-centric spaces began to lose steam, both eventually got steps to pull them into individual apps. However , those moves dropped flat of expectations.

In 2017, Fb announced it would pull the application and integrate the feature nearer to the user experience, according to TechCrunch . Then Facebook rolled out “ Fb Groups for Pages , ” allowing brands in order to rally engagement and conversation about interests and topics. And just some time ago, LinkedIn relaunched Groups in the main application, after “ quietly” shutting the particular app down earlier in the 12 months. And according to both platforms, a lot more updates and features for Groupings are to come in the new yr.

Yet why are these social media giants concentrating on Groups? The widely publicized scams, and user’ s growing personal privacy concerns and calls for more actual connections, are all likely culprits.

Why should Groupings be on your radar in 2019? Because groups are captive viewers, made up of people who are actively looking to employ, seeking authenticity, and wanting to participate a community.

If you’ re thinking of including Groups to your B2B social media marketing blend 2019, it will require a different approach. Whilst these spaces present marketing possibilities, they’ re not places with regard to product-centric messaging.

When it comes to a B2B marketer’ s preferred platform, LinkedIn, the brand new features within Groups stress uniqueness, privacy, security, and less interruptions for meaningful conversations. But it’ s an opportunity for B2B online marketers to establish thought leadership since they’ ll be showcasing their knowledge— which can lead prospects back to corporation pages and marketing materials.

Why should #LinkedIn and #Facebook Groupings be on your radar in 2019? Groups are captive audiences, composed of people who are actively looking to engage, looking for authenticity, and wanting to be part of a residential area. – @CaitlinMBurgess Click To Twitter update

#6 – The Visualization & Customization of Pay-to-Play Options

For years, social media systems have been making algorithm and design tweaks aimed at improving user encounter, as well as revenue numbers. As a result, natural reach has effectively disappeared as well as the use of paid tactics has been increasing.

However in light of the aforementioned scandals, consumer privacy concerns, and new information privacy laws, as well as the increasing have to tailor experiences to make meaningful cable connections, most major social media platforms are usually retooling their ad options to become more visual (eh hem, video) and personalized. And if they haven’ t already, they will in 2019 and beyond.

For example , stricter ad focusing on, customer satisfaction ratings, and ad openness have been some of the bigger changes Fb made this year. But the platform programs to invest in generating more advertising opportunities within the Facebook Watch platform, stating: “ Next year we will continue to provide marketers with more options to tailor their own video ad campaigns and interact with their target audience. ”

Facebook Watch

An additional example, LinkedIn recently launched Dynamic Video Advertisements , which certainly need to be on the radar of B2B marketers.

“ Dynamic Ads help you develop deeper relationships with your audience simply by automatically customizing your ad innovative with the publicly available information through LinkedIn member profiles, ” LinkedIn mentioned. “ With this added visibility plus scale, you can create more unforgettable experiences with the people that matter the majority of to your business. ”

And let’ s talk about Pinterest for a second. While not as popular in B2B, it has Instagram plus Facebook appeal and potential for the ideal brands. The platform began testing wide-format video ads earlier this year, and just final month they debuted carousel ad formats , which boast improved targeting options.

Pinterest Carousel Ads

Lastly, Snapchat, which is seeing an uptick in interest and use in the particular B2B space, launched Story Advertisements and just announced last week that it was moving out retargeting, location-based option s for its advertisers.

Snapchat Business

Therefore , as we head into 2019, all social media marketing platforms are doubling down on a lot more visual, personalized ad options, plus marketers should take advantage.

Ready. Set. Actions.

While you prepare for 2019, remember what 2018 taught us— your prospects plus customers are consumers, and people are skeptical and searching for truth, genuineness, meaningful engagement, and transparency.

As web sites continue to make platform tweaks in the attention of user experience and constructing back trust, so to must B2B marketers if they want to build more powerful, trusting relationships with their audiences.

There will be difficulties, but smart strategies and the determination to adapt can help you overcome all of them and realize opportunities.

Content could be the foundation of social media marketing. What’ ersus on tap for 2019 within the content marketing realm? Check out our own picks best content marketing trends and forecasts to watch in 2019.

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