The Top 10 Content Marketing Posts associated with 2018

24 Dec

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Content — it encompasses just about everything we learn, view, or listen to online nowadays, and as our CEO Lee Odden said years ago, it’ s also the reason search started in the first place.

We’ lso are especially proud of the content marketing achievement our team at TopRank Marketing offers achieved in 2018, for a wide-range of B2B clients. As 2019 draws near we wanted to discuss our top content marketing content of the year — each packed with best practices, research, examples, and the most recent trends.

The excellent articles marketers who make our award winning blog one of the most popular in the industry consist of Ashley Zeckman, Joshua Nite, Caitlin Burgess, Anne Leuman, Nick Nelson, Tiffani Allen, Debbie Friez, Alex Hall, the author of this post, plus our blog’ s founder plus agency CEO, Lee Odden.

Collectively this compendium of our own top 10 content marketing posts from the year stands as a valuable useful resource, loaded with practical examples and related topics for digital marketing specialists from CMOs to copywriters. Hopefully you find these articles helpful properly into 2019 and beyond.

We’ re going to leave out our single most popular content marketing and advertising post — 25 Influential Women in Electronic Marketing Who Rocked and Motivated in 2018 — from the list, because it’ t not quite an article, however you’ lmost all still find it a helpful source, recognizing 25 of the brightest specialists in the content marketing including Mitt Seetharaman, Ann Handley, Ty Heath, Beverly Jackson, and so many more marketing and advertising powerhouses.

Now, let’ s move onward to the top ten! These most popular content marketing articles of the year are ordered with a combination of search visibility and interpersonal engagement:

B2B Content material Marketing Case Studies
1 . 32 B2B Content Marketing Situation Studies for 2018 — Lee Odden
With 32 compelling stories from the strong group of B2B brands, it’ s no wonder that Lee offers garnered our most popular content advertising post of 2018, containing situation studies from LinkedIn, Equifax, SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS, Uberflip, Oracle, Radius, and others. Shelter has gathered together a goldmine associated with top take-aways for B2B articles marketers. He’ s also been the particular driving force behind the TopRank Marketing blog for what will become 15 years on December twenty-eight, and it’ s posts like this which have had professional marketers returning for more year after year. Check out all of Lee’ s 2, 592 posts right here .

Content Advertising Trends 2018
2 . Articles Marketing Evolution: 5 Major Content material Marketing Trends for 2018 — Joshua Nite
Our Content Marketing Supervisor Josh examined five major articles marketing trends for 2018 on this, our second-most-popular post of the season, and in addition to being a stellar article writer, he proved to also be a highly regarded prognosticator, with all of his tendency predictions proving to be some of the year’ s most relevant in the industry. From the increase of long-form content and persistence and quality over quantity, in order to expanding influencer marketing ecosystems, brand new formats, and more focus on ROI plus attribution, Josh’ s aim demonstrated true. Check out all of Josh’ ersus posts here .

B2B content marketing research
several. 2019 B2B Content Marketing and advertising Trends: The 10 Biggest Possibilities for Marketers — Joshua Nite
One more excellent piece by Josh occupying a top spot on our list is definitely an in-depth exploration of 10 opportunities regarding content marketers gleaned from the 2019 edition of the Content Marketing Institute’ s B2B Content Marketing Standards, Budgets and Trends Report. Josh dug in to the report’ s stats and pulled out the most relevant plus helpful gems of content marketing and advertising truth, which has struck a blend with marketers and made this particular our third most popular in the type for the year.

Content Marketing Value
4. Ways to Prove the Value of Content Marketing for your CMO in 3 Easy Steps — Anne Leuman
Our Content Strategist Anne Leuman wrote one of our most widely used content marketing pieces of the year by giving great answers to a question confronted by many — what’ s the simplest way to prove the value of content marketing for your CMO? With her clear, useful, and thoroughly-researched insight, Anne points out how to identify goals, measure functionality more effectively, and educate your CMO on content marketing’ s worth using conversions along with an Draw in, Engage, and Convert system of metrics. Check out all of Anne’ s articles here .

Lessons in Content Marketing
5. Creating Content Connections: 10 Training in Resonance from Content Marketing and advertising Pros — Caitlin Burgess
Creating content material that resonates is key to constructing the rapport, credibility, and rely on that drive marketing results, therefore it’ s no surprise that our Older Content Marketing Manager Caitlin provides written one of our top content material marketing posts of 2018 with this particular splendid and helpful piece. This features a treasure trove of understanding from some of the best in the content advertising industry, including Tim Washer, Mitt Seetharaman, Ann Handley, Beverly Knutson, Dan Gingiss, Ursula Ringham, Sawzag Charest, Joe Pulizzi, and others. Have a look at all of Caitlin’ s posts right here .

Data-Informed Content material Marketing Tips
6. How to be a Better Data-Informed Content Marketer — Anne Leuman
Anne’ s talents have got earned her another spot on the list, this time looking into the world of data-informed content marketing, and offering upward five actionable tips to boost your content material performance and create a more effective online marketing strategy. Anne explains how to create a segmented content pipeline, the top methods for overseeing social activity and engagement, plus why it’ s important to construct and refine new audience sections, among other excellent advice which has made this one of the strongest articles marketing posts this year.

7. Press Begin and Get in the Game with the Ultimate Explained Content Marketing — Ashley Zeckman
Packed to the brim with helpful plus relevant insight, including a 48-page tactical guide, our Senior Electronic Strategy Director Ashley has created a fantastic examination of the latest methods for profitable content marketing, including helpful tips through Robert Rose, Nichole Kelly, Bernard Washer, Ellie Mirman, Peter Krmpotic, Tamsen Webster, Amanda Todorovich, Courtney Cox, Eli Schwartz, Jay Acunzo, Carla Johnson, Heather Pemberton Garnishment, Zari Venhaus, Andy Crestodina, Ann Handley, Melanie Deziel, J. G. Medved, Mitch Joel, Michelle Recreation area Lazette, Pam Didner, Dave Charest, Ian Cleary, Lee Odden, Vishal Khanna, Juntae DeLane, Doug Kessler, Joe Pulizzi, Justin Levy, Heidi Cohen, Christopher Penn, Mathew Sweezey, Michael Brenner, Michael Pratt, Ron Tite and Matt Heinz. You’ ll want to bookmark this useful resource Ashley has assembled, that is one of our top content advertising posts of 2018. Check out all Ashley’ s posts here .

Collective Wisdom Collection Part 1 Planning Ahead Chess Image
8. How to Boost Your Articles Marketing Efforts By Planning Ahead — Lane Ur. Ellis
How can you boost your content material marketing efforts by planning ahead? Simply by documenting your plan, building a sharer list, incorporating reuse ahead of time, making use of audience personas, and finding your very best distribution options, this post shows just how planning ahead and doing appropriate marketing and advertising legwork can give you an important edge. Since Eleanor Roosevelt once said: “ It takes as much energy to want as it does to plan, ” and I’ m honored to get this piece featured on our listing of the year’ s most best content marketing posts. Check out all my posts here .

Design Tips for Non-Designers
nine. Design for Dummies: 5 Ways to Liven Up Your Written Marketing Articles — Computer chip Nelson
Our Senior Articles Strategist Nick has put together a really helpful collection of insight to spice up even the best content marketing creating with creative design, and it’ s resonated with readers sufficient to make it one of our top articles of 2018 for the category. Computer chip teaches you how to find design tools you’ ll love, explains why it’ s important to think about design each and every step along the way, and examines the advantages of simplicity in design, the importance of colour, and pays special attention to getting innovative with fonts and layouts, all of in a way that works for writers. Have a look at all of Nick’ s posts right here .

LinkedIn's Megan Golden at Content Marketing World
ten. LinkedIn’ s Megan Fantastic on Building a Blockbuster Content Online marketing strategy — Computer chip Nelson
Nick has one more fine top content marketing blog post for 2018 — with the just live-blog piece on the list — covering a Content Marketing Planet session presented by Megan Fantastic, Group Manager of LinkedIn’ ersus (client) Global Content and Social internet marketing. Nick’ s excellent writing abilities were more than up to the special job of live-blogging, as he shares the very best take-aways from Megan’ s program, including her three principles associated with blockbuster B2B content, top LinkedIn marketing tips, and more insight which makes this one of our top content marketing and advertising posts of 2018.

Thanks TopRank Marketing Writers & Readers

There you might have it — a selection of 10 in our top content marketing posts designed for 2018. Special thanks go out for all of the top writers who have led truly stellar posts on content material marketing topics throughout the year.

We published more than 160 content this year specifically about content advertising, and we plan to bring you even more within 2019.

Please inform us which content marketing topics you’ d like to see us to pay attention to for 2019? Whether it’ ersus interactive, video, artificial intelligence, real-life case studies, or analytics, we’ d love to hear your recommendations.

Many thanks to you both who read our blog, and to everyone who comment on and share our articles on the TopRank Marketing social media stations.

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