The strength of Social Media Polls: The Drill-Down on 3 Platforms + five General Best Practices

9 Jul

The Power of Social Media Forms for Marketing

Let’ s take a trip down memory space lane, all the way back to 2007.

The world was obviously a different place. Rihanna’ s “ Umbrella” (ella, ella) dominated the particular Billboard Charts. Scorsese’ s work of art The Departed won Best Image. Facebook was only a year taken out of opening its membership to the public, and Twitter was a fledgling startup company, still looking to gain traction.

But actually then, online polls were currently emerging as an intriguing tool intended for digital marketers. On this blog, TopRank Marketing CEO Lee Odden penned a post regarding the relatively nascent tactic , which could be utilized by way of a modest WordPress plugin.

“ If you want to understand what your users are thinking, ” Shelter wrote. “ Just ask them. ”

It’ s a simple premise, and one that will hasn’ t changed over the past 10 years, although the tools at our fingertips have evolved considerably. Today, market polls are integrated features of all major social media networks.

As marketers look for new ways to drive engagement plus gather data, the allure associated with social media polls is obvious.

Let’ s i9000 take a look at how polls work on every platform, what kind of value they can offer, and how to get the most out of them.

The Polling Details

Twitter Polls

Users on Twitter can informally run polls in the platform’ s early days — by personally tracking responses, hashtags, or retweets — but the official Tweets polls feature was launched in 2015 . This managed to get easy to create sleek, interactive, personalized polls with two (and afterwards up to four) options.

Lee frequently operates polls like this one upon Twitter to gauge the views of his followers on different subjects:

Lee Odden Poll Example

What Makes Twitter Polls Engaging

Staying in range with the overall appeal of Twitter, forms are extremely easy to participate in — one particular quick click of the mouse or even tap of the mobile screen.

How to Get Tweets Polls Right

Knowing that the platform is built about quick-scrolling and bite-sized content, you’ ll want to ensure these forms are light on text, plus eye-catching. Maybe include a couple of emojis, like HootSuite does here :

Hootsuite Poll Example

Instagram Forms

Within 2017, Instagram rolled out there its own polling convention , which became a part of the Stories feature. Instagram polls are usually added in the form of interactive stickers along with two options that you can drag-and-drop upon visual content you’ ve produced.

Being the nature of the platform, polls will often pertain to the content of the write-up in question. (“ Which color t-shirt do you like better? ” or – in the example below via the company’ s official announcement posting – “ Which donut must i eat? ” )

Example of Instagram Stories Poll

(*Extremely Homer Simpson voice* Mmm, donuts… )

What Makes Instagram Polls Participating

It is really an excellent avenue for quickly collecting feedback around something people can easily see right in front of them. And you’ ll have many options for making them be noticeable aesthetically.

How to Get Instagram Polls Right

If you have the sizable and engaged Instagram following , you can enlist your audience to help instruction a decision ( a la M& Microsoft ). Clients might be more attached to what you’ re doing if they feel like these people played even a small part within directing it.

You may also try using polls for further general topics or market research – Instagram does have an enormous plus active user base , after all – but the method it’ s set up doesn’ capital t lend itself to such programs as well as the other platforms mentioned right here.

Fb Polls

Very shortly after polls were presented for Instagram last year, parent business Facebook released its own edition for members and page managers. Like Instagram, it only provides two response fields (presently), yet does have some nice features such as the ability to include images and gifs. Businesses might consider trying out better quality third-party apps Polls with regard to Pages .

Example of Facebook Polls

What Makes Fb Polls Engaging

Driving engagement on Fb, as a publisher, has become very difficult. You likely know this currently. Polls can be helpful in this regard.

A research by BuzzSumo found that queries rank as the most engaging varieties of posts on Facebook. Partially for this reason, Neil Patel has contended that “ a well-designed Fb poll is one of the most effective Facebook marketing tools today’ s i9000 social media marketers have available to them. ”

Ways to get Facebook Polls Right

You’ re contending with content from friends and family people in highly personalized feeds, therefore you’ ll want a poll that will stands out and bears considerable meaning to your audience. Take advantage of the ability to make use of images or moving graphics just for voting options.

While polls can be a lot more impactful than a standard text-based upgrade, your organic reach will still be considerably limited by Facebook’ s suppressive formula unless you really catch some virus-like traction or pay to boost the particular post.

What About Other Platforms?

As of now, these are the only real three social networks with built-in forms. LinkedIn used to have a Group polls function, but retired it within 2014 (much to the chagrin associated with B2B marketers). Snapchat and Pinterest have never offered polls.

Best Practices for Social networking Polls

In the sections above we pointed out some distinctions and pointers particular to each platform. But in a higher level, here are a few recommendations for marketers planning to use social media polls.

#1 – Pick up Your Audience’ s Interest

One thing I enjoy about the poll features on Tweets, Facebook, and Instagram is the instant incentive factor for participants. Voting on a poll allows you to instantly notice real-time results. I know there have been lots of times where I’ ve locate one on my feed plus clicked because I was very interested to see what the general consensus has been.

Save this irresistibility factor in mind as you generate poll questions and response choices.

#2 – Use Polls as a Springboard for Content

Let’ s be truthful: this isn’ t exactly the scientific survey method, and the information obtained through social media polls isn’ t going to be substantial sufficient to draw serious conclusions. Nevertheless , you can still leverage the results within interesting ways.

In May, Search Engine Journal happened to run the following Twitter poll :

SEJ Poll Example

Then, these people used the results (and responses) to have an article on the topic . It was, transparently, simply a sampling of feedback from unique followers, but still made for a good look at. Using the poll question as the submit title also happens to be a savvy SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION move in this case, since it’ s exactly the query a business proprietor might type into Google.

You can also merely poll your audience to request earnestly what kind of content they want a person, as Slack* did here :

Slack Poll Example

#3 – Choose a Fitting Platform for Each Election

Every platform has its own strengths and weaknesses. Make sure that your polls align with them. Instagram plus Facebook will only work for A/B kind questions, which can be limiting. Twitter offers more of a multi-choice format however, you can’ t incorporate images or even video into the voting options. Not to mention, each channel has its own specific audience profile.    

#4 – Think Strategically

In many cases, the objective for a managing a poll will simply be to bring in attention and boost engagement. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. But you can also believe bigger and tie it to goals. For example , you could run a Fb poll with a trivia question, compelling voters to visit your website and find the solution.

Believe big and, when possible, tie up your poll to a larger technique.

#5 – Follow Up on Results

Granted, this doesn’ t take a ton associated with effort to vote in a social networking poll, but users are still having an action and you should make it really worth their while in some way. One method would be to create content around the tabulations, as stated earlier.

But even following up with later on posts remarking on the results, or even inviting further thoughts, will display that it you’ re not just putting out throwaway questions for the bejesus of it. It will signal that you’ re genuinely engaged with what your own audience has to say and that you need to hear more.

What’ s Your Election Position?

Now that you know a little more about social networking polls and how they work on every platform, where do you stand? Like ‘ em? Hate ‘ na? Let us know below (and, hey, we’ d love it if you gave all of us a follow on Twitter whilst you’ re at it).

TopRank Marketing Social Poll

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