The particular Picture-Perfect Facebook Cover Photo Dimension Guide

3 Apr

Remember that old phrase “ don’ t judge a book by the cover? ”

Nicely, that doesn’ t apply in the industry world.

Even though you continually help customers better understand your own brand through content and storytelling, the first impression they get of the company will always be visual. Between trademarks, website layouts or your Fb cover photo, it’ s the particular images that lay the foundation for the online reputation.

That’ s why having the right Fb cover photo size let’ s i9000 you demonstrate your personality, brand name story and even purpose as an organization. With the wrong images, you’ lmost all look unprofessional and unprepared.

The good news? All you need for an excellent social experience is a little industry information, and a few simple tips.

Choosing the Right Facebook Cover Photo Dimension

facebook protect photo of sprout social

The right Facebook cover photo dimensions are 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall on desktop. Nevertheless , mobile users will see 640 -pixels wide by 360 pixels high. The correct Facebook cover photo will be the first step to portraying the perfect image on social media.

Too big, and important parts of your articles will get cropped out. Too little, and your image will look stretched plus pixelated. You need an image with Goldilocks potential, something that’ s ideal. Here’ s some more notes upon having the best Facebook cover photograph:

  • You must have the very least size of 400 x a hundred and fifty pixels.
  • There’ h no display available on feature mobile phones.
  • For the best results, add an sRGB JPG file lower than 100 KB.
  • Designed for images with a logo or textual content, it might be best as a PNG document.
  • Facebook Business Web page dimensions are exactly the same as individual accounts.

Remember that a huge portion of today’ s Fb audience is mobile, so make sure that none of your important content is going to be cropped out on a different device.

sprout social fb mobile version

Remember, your own cover photo doesn’ t always need to be static anymore. You can now make use of a simple video instead of a static include photo, which is a great way to share more info about how your business works. Your video clip should be the same size as a regular desktop cover photo.

Ideally, you’ ll want some thing that’ s only up to a moment long. After all, if your customers concentrate on your cover photo for a long time, they might not have time to check out the associated with your page.

Thankfully, if you’ ve found an or photo that’ s ideal for your social page, but the proportions aren’ t right you can always reposition it on Facebook itself. Additionally, you can use our free tool Landscape to get the perfect Facebook cover photograph size.

landscape animation gif

Choosing an Excellent Facebook Cover Photo

The strict size rules to get Facebook cover photos and user profile pictures mean you’ re restricted on how much information you can present on your page. While videos assist you to go the extra mile in telling your organization narrative, you’ ll still have to be smart when choosing what to showcase.

The following tips will help you to select a picture that not only abides by the Fb cover photo size rules but additionally your own brand guidelines too:

Step 1 : Follow the Rules Given by Facebook

While this may appear like an obvious step, you’ deb be surprised how many people neglect social media rules and do their own point. While you’ re checking out the particular standards for Facebook cover pictures, make sure you check out other branded user profile rulings too . Remember:

  • Covers need to be genuine: In other words, they can’ t end up being deceptive, misleading or malicious by any means.
  • Covers are community: You must choose something that’ ersus going to appeal to a wide audience associated with potential followers and existing supporters.
  • Covers are your own alone: Brands can’ t request advocates to load their cover picture onto their timelines as an marketing technique.

In case you violate Facebook’ s terms, after that all your hard work in social media marketing goes down the drain. The last thing you want is to get rid of your Facebook presence over a poor cover photo.

Step two: Keep It Clear & Simple

Once you’ ve discovered the rules and you’ re prepared to start searching for the perfect image, ensure that you choose something simple and clear. Although it might be tempting to pack your own above-the-fold content full of keywords plus information, your visitors look for a clean summary of your company.

Some of the best pictures use the Facebook cover photo dimension guidelines to draw attention to just one image with negative space. This particular makes additional features like “ Follow” buttons and Calls to Actions more appealing.

ThinkGeek cover photo and banner

This example from ThinkGeek combines a logo, using a simple image and tagline. The particular centered imagery draws attention to the particular buttons below and the picture illustrates the nature of the brand, without too much water visitors in visuals.

Step 3: Make It Relevant to Your Brand name

Images are more effective than the average business thinks. Actually we process images up to sixty, 000 times faster than text. With the right Fb photo cover, you can engage your own audience and earn their interest long before they read your social media marketing posts.

With that in mind, it’ s important to ensure that your cover photograph represents what your brand really does. This not only helps your client to know that they’ re on the correct page, but it also ensures that you existing a more consistent image for your firm online.

The Bambu Fb page draws focus on the digital nature of the application with a picture of a Laptop utilizing the social advocacy tool. It’ ersus clear, simple and relevant to the business involved.

Bambu Facebook cover photo and banner

Step 4: Show the Life Behind Your own Brand

A Fb cover photo acts a lot like a store. It demonstrates what you’ lso are selling to interested customers and excites them to come and learn more. Whilst there’ s nothing wrong along with demonstrating your product on your protect photo, make sure you do it tastefully. Encourage your customers that there’ s a lot more to your business than what you market. You can do this by:

  • Showing off your happy, cheerful team: Give your own fans an insight into the humans at the rear of your organization.
  • Display your product in context: Demonstrate what your customers will get out of your offering with a picture that will shows a client, or employee utilizing it.
  • Provide an regarding the office: If you have a nice-looking office, it’ s a good way to display the professional side of your organization.

With the Develop Social Facebook page , all of us showcase our personality with a look into one of our hard-working groups operating inside of our stunning office space. This can help to demonstrate our nature as a team-driven organization while indicating what lifestyle inside of Sprout Social is like.

Sprout Interpersonal Logo

A Better Way to Manage Social

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Step 5: Pull Focus on the Right Places

There are some different schools of thought in the social media world– particularly when it comes to Facebook cover picture size. Some people think that it’ ersus best to combine their profile image and cover photo into a single cohesive image. Other experts prefer to distribute their imagery out so that it drags focus to the right spaces to the page.

Of course , there’ s nothing to say that you can’ t do both things simultaneously– so long as it looks good. This particular Facebook cover from Oreo uses a beautiful graphic picture on the right-hand side of their include photo to draw the eye towards the “ Send Message” button.

Oreo include photo and banner

At the same time, the particular profile picture blends almost effortlessly with the cover photo because it utilizes the same design elements and the exact same colors. The overall experience is an extremely cohesive page that pulls concentrate to the right elements on the web page.

Importantly, when you’ re looking for ways to direct audience interest, make sure that you avoid using directional cues such as arrows. Not only do these look unattractive and aggressive, but your buttons plus CTAs will also show up differently upon mobile devices compared with desktops. This means you can end up with an arrow that factors nowhere on mobile.

Choosing an Image That Attracts the ideal People

By now you understand the golden rules that should guide your Facebook cover photo dimension decisions. All you need to do is choose an image that resonates with the correct target audience and pushes them to select that “ follow” or “ send message” button.

While there’ s no one-size-fits-all solution for the perfect cover photograph, some of the most shareable images will include:

  • Text: Be cautious right here, a small amount of text like a brief motto can help to describe your brand, yet too much could overwhelm your picture.
  • Emotion: Happy clients or smiling staff can catch audience interest and make them feel a lot more connected to your organization.
  • Meaning: The image you choose should fit with both nature of your company and your audience’ s interests.
Coca-Cola Facebook include photo and banner

Look at Coca-Cola’ s cover photo for instance. Selecting glass cola bottles sitting upon ice demonstrates the variety of beverages the particular brand offers while showing their particular commitment to tradition too. The particular ice makes customers think of refreshment and the whole effect is some thing that’ s sure to accelerate your emotions of thirst.

Developing the Perfect Cover Photo

Choosing the right pictures, style, and dimension for your Facebook cover photo isn’ t always easy. After all, this really is your first chance to make the right impact on billions of potential customers. Fortunately, in case you follow the guidelines above, and go through the rules provided by this gigantic social networking channel, you should have everything you need to engage plus delight your customers.

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