The Non-Agency Guy Reflects on His Initial Year at TopRank Marketing

23 Apr

TopRank Marketing Team

Liking where you work is just not an optional luxury. At least this sure shouldn’ t be.

Spending forty hours of every week at a location you dread is a tough strategy to use through any stretch of lifestyle. I’ ve been there plus I’ m sure many of you might have as well — especially if you work in electronic marketing, which can often be a fast-paced, challenging, and stressful field.

So last year, after i decided to pursue a new professional endeavor, finding the right culture fit was a massive priority for me. As I started discovering the possibility of joining the TopRank Marketing team , I had some reservations; not due to anything specific to the company, yet because it’ s an agency.

I hadn’ t work at agencies much during the past. I was familiar with the stereotypes, the particular paradigms, the particular lamentations . Whilst confident in my skill set being really applicable in this world, I couldn’ capital t help but wonder if it was the best world for me.

Would the constant reality associated with client demands stifle my creativeness? Would the permeating structure associated with workflow management systems prove suffocating? Would I be intimidated like a newbie working alongside people who’ ve been in such a setting permanently?

Properly, as you can tell, I took the dive. And I’ m very pleased I did. I’ m coming up upon my one-year anniversary here at TopRank Marketing and can happily say that as much as this point, it has been an extremely rewarding encounter, unhindered by those negative company archetypes mentioned above.

If you’ re the talented writer, strategist, SEO or even analyst considering a career move, We highly recommend checking out TopRank Marketing — even if you’ ve never proved helpful in an agency. Here are five factors I’ ve felt right at house.

#1 – Business Casual

I’ m not merely talking about dress code. The environment right here strikes the right balance in between business and casual. In the many years prior to coming aboard, I’ deb spent time working downtown in a big corporate bank as well as in an ultra-leisurely tech startup, so I’ ve experienced both ends from the spectrum and didn’ t adore either extreme.

I know from speaking to other people that certain agencies can veer a tad too far in the direction of informality, with flip-flops and Monday morning mimosas plus lax attendance standards. From our view, these kinds of things can quickly turn out to be distractions, preventing people from becoming seriously focused on their work. In TopRank Marketing, the vibe is definitely laid back enough that it’ ersus always comfortable and easygoing, however, not so much that anyone is likely to lose sight of their duties or even commitments.

#2 – Cool Clients

Working with big-league clients also helps us keep the eyes on the prize. One thing that has been quite clear to me in my period at TopRank Marketing is that we have been very deliberate about the businesses all of us engage as an agency. There’ h a strong emphasis on finding the right fits plus aiming high.

Partnering along with recognizable and respected enterprise businesses such as Dell, LinkedIn, and SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS keeps us on our toes plus challenges us to raise the pub. I’ m continually impressed by the particular innovation and big thinking displayed in these organizations.

During client meetings, I actually get to interact with sharp people and am find there’ s a high level of mutual respect. I haven’ big t personally encountered exasperations with businesses that just don’ t “ get it, ” which I hear a great deal about from friends and colleagues working at other agencies.

#3 – Awesome Team

Not only do our clients maintain me on my toes — so do my coworkers. To me, this really is probably the most invigorating aspect of working from TopRank Marketing. Each day I obtain the chance to absorb knowledge from enormously adept and skilled pros in a variety of disciplines. This is by design; bringing in and retaining high-caliber talent is definitely central to our operation.

The collaborative tradition enables our team to collectively achieve new heights. I’ m privileged to build out my own expertise simply by learning from our specialists in search, SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, strategy, analytics, design, content and much more. Hopefully I’ m able to provide some of my own knowledge as well.  

#4 – Growth Opportunities

Just a few months right after starting here at TopRank Marketing, I used to be able to attend Digital Summit Minneapolis and stroke shoulders with some of the industry’ ersus biggest names as a representative of our company. It was a cool opportunity right out from the gates, and speaks to the home windows that are opened for anyone with this kind of aspirations. I’ ve also reached write several times for the renowned TopRank blog, providing me with a system for visibility and brand-building within the marketing community.  

As employees we have been adamantly encouraged to branch out there, gain new competencies, take on talking engagements, and become public faces for your agency if they show that effort. There’ s a very legitimate plus earnest focus on personal development that I think to be rare.

#5 – Taking Satisfaction

It’ s honestly cool to tell individuals where I work.

I’ ve rapidly learned that TopRank Marketing has a great rep, fueled in large part by our own CEO Shelter Odden , who else regularly appears as a keynote loudspeaker all around the world promoting our brand name and extolling our talent. Having the ability to work with prestigious international clients gives a daily feeling of impact plus accomplishment. There’ s also a particular thrill inherent to being around the cutting edge with so many tactics and frontiers — most notably B2B changer marketing at the moment.

I Guess I’ m a company Guy Now

I’ m not going to state it’ s easy, nor that each day is free of stress or even struggle. But I’ m unsure I would even want that. I am going to say that on those more difficult times, I always have the support and framework necessary to overcome.

I had no idea what to expect along with my first real venture into the particular agency world, but what I’ ve found at TopRank Marketing is definitely an accommodating environment, meaningful work, incredible colleagues, clear avenues for development, and a real sense of satisfaction.

That will pretty much covers the checklist I put coming in. If yours looks comparable, and you think you’ ve obtained a professional skill set befitting certainly one of our openings , you should get in touch and see if TopRank Marketing might be a match for you personally. Even if the word “ agency” enables you to bristle a little bit.

I might be biased, although not without good reason.

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