Style for Dummies: 5 Tips to Liven Up Your own Written Marketing Content

6 Aug

Marketing Design Tips for Non-Designers

I’ m not really a designer. I’ m not arty. I didn’ t even remain at a Holiday Inn Express yesterday evening.

I’ m a writer to the core. However as much I love words, I notice that they don’ t jump from the screen and grab people’ h attention. Let’ s face this: even the most beautiful prose is pretty unattractive, from an aesthetic standpoint. You’ re not going to find a framed family portrait of blocky text hanging on the Guggenheim anytime soon.

As a marketer who is of course lacking in design skills, I’ ve done an awful lot of reading about them, and I do my best to absorb knowledge and advice from the amazing group of visual wizards here in the particular TopRank Marketing design division .

My belief is the fact that any writer who wants their function to be seen should be seeking to sharpen experience in this area.

Design is Essential to Content Marketing and advertising

The compelling and unique graphic on the social media link can be the deciding aspect when it comes to earning a click. Every visitor arrives at a blog post, they’ re liable to quickly move on when there isn’ t an prominent visual to immediately pull all of them in.


These statistics assist portray the vital importance of maintaining design front-and-center:

“ Design is articles, ” asserts Patrick Pineda , motion designer for TopRank Advertising. And he’ s right: dealing with visual elements as separate addons for your content is a mistake. With no help of integrated imagery, excellent writing can easily go unnoticed.

Treating visual elements as individual add-ons for your content is an error. – @NickNelsonMN #ContentMarketing #Design Click on To Tweet

The trouble, of course , is that your style department may be stretched thin or perhaps you need super quick turnaround. Even though this is never an ideal scenario, when the need arises, you can create easy, professional-looking visuals that enhance your articles by adhering to a few simple guidelines.

1 . Look for a Tool You Love

The emergence of user friendly apps for graphic design continues to be huge for folks like me. No more must we stare blankly in a Photoshop interface while trying to figure out the particular functional differences between three various paint-brush icons.

There are plenty of different options out there pertaining to executing simple design tasks. Discover it you like and take some time to get confident with it. These apps are usually release to some level, and offer efficiencies such as drag-and-drop editing and templates.

Here are a few really worth trying:

  • Canva : My own go-to. Tons of templates, backgrounds, plus free illustrations you can use.
  • Desygner : Very similar to Canva, with a focus on simple ease of use.
  • Piktochart : An user-friendly tool for creating infographics.
  • Pixlr : Super helpful for quick photo modifying and resizing.
  • PicMonkey : Compensated app with robust feature arranged

Here’ s an example of a recent advertisement template in Canva. It’ s i9000 sharp and simple, and if the look and dimensions are what you’ re looking for, all you need to do can be edit the text.

Canva Web Ad Template Example

2 . Think About Style at Every Step

Don’ t treat pictures as an afterthought. Instead, build all of them into your content planning. When establishing new concepts, think not only, “ How can I write about this in a persuasive way? ” but also, “ How do i illustrate these ideas? ”

Just as articles should be strategic and purposeful, also should visual content.

“ I always inquire: What’ s the story? Who’ t the audience? Where will our design reside? ” says Pineda.

Here’ s an example of a pull-quote style template from Canva. Whether you’ re conducting an interview or there’ s a specific takeaway you want to contact out in your writing, consider making it a graphic to add a little class.

Canva Quote Style Template

a few. Simplicity is Golden

Our eyeballs are usually drawn to striking visuals, but they’ ll be quickly repelled simply by overly busy graphics. Focus on offerring the necessary information as clearly plus cleanly as possible. Modern design is frequently defined by its simplicity (assume Apple or even Nike ).

In the words associated with Antoine de Saint Exupé ry:

It seems that perfection is attained not really when there is nothing more to add, nevertheless there is nothing more to remove.

4. Colours Have Feelings

Be thoughtful in your colour choices. Not only is it important to stay on-brand, but colors also encompass their very own spectrum of emotions. This amazing Color Feeling Guide infographic from Visually offers a framework:

Color Emotion Information from Visually

5. Get Creative with Fonts and Layouts

The trouble with using free of charge online design apps is that, nicely, lots of other people use them, too. So when you’ re relying on the same arrears fonts and templates, your shows will inevitably end up looking like a lot of what’ s already out there.

Whenever possible, include unique touches and flares. Probably your company’ s designers are very busy to create graphics for each article you write, but can provide some customized templates or fonts so that you can upload and use.

Make sure you’ lso are balancing creativity with readability. Poppy elements to catch the eye are usually critical, but you always want audiences to easily find and understand the information.

When it comes to designing visual content material elements, balance creativity with legibility. – @NickNelsonMN #ContentMarketing #Design Click on To Tweet

An Eye on Better Marketing and advertising Design

When I need a high-quality visual resource for a client, our tremendously skilled TopRank Marketing design group is always my initial stop.   However for quick one-off graphics to promote or even accompany a blog post, these procedures have proven really critical.

The design beneath took all of 10 minutes to put together within Canva. Honestly, the majority of the time had been spent on finding just the right background picture. But , it looks pretty razor-sharp, if I do say so me personally.

Design Tips for Non-Designers

If you can get the time, I recommend taking introductory style classes or working alongside your own design team to see what you can make up. Any skills you’ lso are able develop in this regard as an author will be helpful as we forge forward into the era of content vividness and shortening attention spans.

Talking about captivating visual imagery, there may be forget about important platform to add some of that will wow-factor than on social media. However, you have to select the right visual content for that right platform. Learn best practices for choosing effective social media marketing visuals .

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