#SproutChat Calendar: Upcoming Topics for Dec 2018

6 Dec

‘ Tis the season to focus, place all your 2019 planning into movement and get all your ducks in a line before the holiday interruptions. In December’ s #SproutChat, we’ ll end up being talking about two important topics: learn how to stay nimble in today’ h digital paradigm and ways to take full advantage of the season’ s social hype.

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12/5 – How to be Agile in Marketing with our Sprout Partners

In this special #SproutSessions edition associated with #SproutChat, we were joined by a few of the brightest members of our Agency Companion Program to cover how digital provides moved us toward adopting a lot more agile approaches and what this means intended for agencies. Participants learned how brand new approaches can help clients and companies work more closely together each and every stage, pivoting, revising and enhancing as they go along. Check it out!

12/12 – Social Media & The vacations with Olivia Jepson, Social Media Expert

Social media shines throughout the holiday season and it’ s declaring more of a stake in shoppers’ routines every year. The emphasis on vacation social can put your brand name in the hot seat, if you’ re not prepared. We’ lmost all talk about the best ways to handle an increase of messages, create content that will resonates with your audience and turn your own holiday shoppers into long-term market members. You’ ll walk away using the knowledge needed to make this holiday season your own most digital yet.

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