#SproutChat Calendar: Upcoming Topics for Aug 2018

3 Aug

Summer might be coming to an end, but that will doesn’ t mean the enjoyable has to stop. This August we’ re tackling deep topics that will social media managers everywhere come across frequently, from developing true connections plus optimizing content to self care plus marketing conferences!

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Wed, August 1: Sprout Social Trivia!

Wednesday, Aug 8: Optimizing Content Experiences for the Audience on Social Media With UberFlip.

Join all of us and Uberflip for any #SproutChat that will dive deep in to what it really means to take your hub associated with content and turn it all into a framework experience. Great content is a good place to begin, but there are ways that social media may take that a step further and really develop in on how an user experiences this. We’ ll discuss how interpersonal plays into these experiences by means of amplification, distribution, and even analysis.

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Wednesday, 8/15: Creating Connection: Brands & Individuals

This chat can focus on all the ways social media can be used to create real, open, and understanding connections between brands and people. We’ ll cover everything from what correct connection between brands and people really means to you, to how to encourage and maintain them. Bring your best samples of how you’ ve seen manufacturers make meaningful connections with their viewers!

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Wed, 8/22: How to Get the Most out of Advertising Conferences

When you operate social media, staying up to date on the newest trends is sometimes a struggle. Attending in-person conferences to stay informed can be costly, especially if you work on a small team or even on your own. Join us as we talk to our in-house events specialist, Becky Gomez, about how to get the most away from a digital conference. We’ ll discuss a range of topics from networking in order to ways to put learning into motion.

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Wed, 8/29: Marketers & Self Treatment

It’ s typical for social media managers to really feel as though they can never fully change “ off” during non-working hrs. But it’ s important to understand when to step back. Taking period for yourself, recharging, creating necessary limitations at work— it all helps you prevent burnout in the short term. Join us even as we chat about what self-care means to entrepreneurs, share tips for unplugging and uncovering inspiration in their work.

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