seventeen Instagram stats marketers need to know intended for 2019

22 Apr

Although it joined the game a bit later on than some of the other popular internet sites (Instagram launched on October six, 2010 while Facebook started in 2005, Twitter in 2006 and Pinterest in January of 2010), Instagram certainly has made a name to get itself in the industry. Now one of the most well-known social media platforms available, the photo-sharing app has come a long way from its simple beginnings.

With a seriously active user base ( five hundred million people gain access to the app daily), there are tons associated with opportunities for users, influencers plus businesses alike. To stay on top of your Instagram game, it’ s important to realize some of the stats surrounding the platform.

Knowing who uses Instagram and how they interact on the system can help your business to craft a much better Instagram online marketing strategy .

1 . Instagram has 1 billion monthly energetic users

This can make Instagram the third most popular social media system, following only Facebook (over 2 billion month-to-month active users ) plus YouTube ( 1 . 9 billion dollars monthly active users ). With 1 billion customers accessing the platform each month, 50% of those are scrolling by means of their feed each day.

That’ s a pretty big target audience to put your business in front of. This is why you need to learn the greatest tips and tricks for owning a brand on Instagram.

2 . 64% of 18-29 season olds use Instagram

Understanding the demographics behind each social media platform can help you to determine which ones you have to be focusing on in your social media strategy. Instagram has a diverse user base, yet is undeniably most popular with teenagers. Nearly two out of every 3 adults aged 18-29 use Instagram.

17 Instagram stats marketers need to know with regard to 2019

17 Instagram stats marketers have to know for 2019

This percentage has increased through 59% to 64%, showcasing exactly how popular Instagram is with younger decades. If your brand is targeting Style Z and Millennials, Instagram might just be the perfect spot for you.

Learn more about your own Instagram fans demographics with Sprout Social’ s Instagram profile insights.

instagram audience demographic report through sprout

instagram audience demographic report through sprout

3. Instagram is expected to be aware of nearly a quarter of all of Facebook’ s ad revenue by the end from the year.

If you didn’ t know that Instagram is possessed by Facebook, now you do. Instagram’ s advertising is also completely handled through Facebook’ s Ads Supervisor, and of course any revenue collected in year’ s end stays underneath the umbrella of Facebook revenue.

That being said, Facebook’ s buy of Instagram ( $1 billion dollars in 2012 when the system had only 30 million users) is certainly paying off. Considering the platform introduced between $8 and 9 billion dollars in 2018 alone, I’ deb say Mark Zuckerberg is pretty joyful about that acquisition.

Not just that, but Instagram’ s ad income is only going to grow. It’ ll pull in nearly a quarter of Facebook’ s total ad revenue by the end of 2019, plus 30% of total ad income by the end of 2020.

4. 80% of accounts stick to business on Instagram

If you’ ve ever pondered if social media marketing actually works, think about this figure. Users are following businesses on Instagram. Eight out of 10 of them are, actually. Meaning that if your brand has a presence upon Instagram, your audience will likely adhere to you.

Not only that, yet 200 million Instagrammers actively go to business profiles everyday. So begin with Instagram marketing and advertising for your brand these days.

5. Instagram provides 2 million monthly advertisers

As you scroll down your own Instagram feed, every three or four pictures, you’ ll see one tagged “ Sponsored. ” You’ lmost all also see Stories ads while you watch the Instagram Stories of individuals you follow. Instagram is a great system for reaching your audience by means of both organic and paid indicates, and there are two mil advertisers proving this particular each month.

To learn more regarding getting started with Instagram advertising without going broke, check out the guide to ads in the platform.

6. The particular most-liked photo has 53 mil likes

And it’ s a photo of an egg.

the 'world report egg' picture that got probably the most likes on the platform

the 'world report egg' picture that got probably the most likes on the platform

The account @world_record_egg started being a joking attempt to beat the previous most-liked photo with 18 million prefers: Kylie Jenner announcing her daughter’ s birth.

However it obviously caught on, with people referring to this egg’ s attempt with breaking the record all across social media as well as the news. This viral post took only 10 days to break the record, and has already been slowly generating more and more likes.

At the time of this writing, the particular most-liked photo now has 53 million likes, but we’ lso are excited to see how many more it shelves up by the end of the year.

Viral social media campaigns such as this just go to show how well individuals can work together for a common objective (i. e., getting a photo of the egg to become the most-liked photograph on Instagram). And since it presently has a 35 million like prospect, it’ ll be interesting to find out when (or if?! ) the following most-liked photo comes around.

7. The best times to post day-to-day on Instagram are weekdays among 10 a. m. 3 p. m.

Although the best time for any brand name to post on social media is completely influenced by its own unique audience and wedding, Sprout’ s study of the best times to post upon Instagram   offers upward some pretty compelling data.

Instagram global engagement

Instagram worldwide engagement

The findings showed that the most secure time to post are Tuesday via Friday from 10 a. m– 3 p. m., while the maximum times during the week are Wed at 11 a. m. plus Friday at 10– 11 the. m. These windows of high wedding can likely help to generate a lot more likes and engagement, especially for manufacturers just starting out.

Then you can use Sprout Social’ s Instagram analytics tool to determine your own best times and times to post, or allow Sprout ViralPost do the work for you.

17 Instagram stats entrepreneurs need to know for 2019

17 Instagram statistics marketers need to know for 2019

8. Video clip posts receive 38% more wedding than image posts

Trying to improve your overall Instagram wedding? Think outside of the box and add something other than an image or carousel post. Although this statistic can certainly be due to the fact that video clip is much less common on the system, the numbers don’ t lay.

Videos receive 38% more engagement than image posts and second . 1x the amount of comments. Since 81% of marketers agree that wedding is the most important metric of social media achievement, it’ s no surprise than a lot of us want to figure out how to improve these amounts.

Using video within your Instagram give food to could certainly end up being worth testing to see how your own audience reacts.

nine. Over 100 million photos are usually uploaded every day

one hundred million photos. Everyday.

People and companies alike are using Instagram to share photos of their life story or brand name story. And there’ s lots of room for your brand to share your own personal story, product/service photos and more.

10. 1 out of several of the most viewed Stories are through businesses

Instagram released Stories in 2016 as their personal version of Snapchat’ s vanishing stories, and since that time they’ ve added additional features that make Instagram Tales uniquely appealing as its own encounter. Instagram Stories now has 500 million daily active customers and only continues to grow.

The adoption of Tales on Instagram has created even more methods for brands to tell their tale to their audience. While able to maintain a carefully curated feed, your own brand can also share behind-the-scenes video, video clips, graphics and more on your Tale.

Instagram also additional the option of highlighting your Story in order that it stays on your profile for more than 24 hours.

sprout instagram web page with story highlights

sprout instagram page along with story highlights

Stories can be used in many different ways in order to engage your brand’ s followers. And since one-third of the most viewed Stories were posted by companies, it’ s obvious that viewers are engaging in brand Story content material.

11. 50% associated with businesses create at least one Story each month

Half of all companies on the platform are usually creating and sharing Story articles each month, proving again that Tales aren’ t just for users expressing their day-to-day with their friends.

Check out these creative Story ideas to help generate your own motivation for your brand’ s Instagram Tales.

12. 68% associated with Millennials consume Stories on Instagram vs . 49% on Snapchat plus 44% on Facebook

Even though Instagram Stories came about many years after Snapchat created the idea, they have already surpassed the inventor within usership. 68% of Millennials say Instagram will be their preferred Story consumption technique, nearly 20% more than those who make use of Snapchat.

Because these Millennials are also likely following plus interacting with businesses on Instagram, it could be deduced that they’ re probably engaging with and watching those people businesses’ Stories as well. Instagram Tales are here to stay, and utilizing many features of the platform is only going to do good stuff for your brand.

thirteen. The most popular hashtag is #love

Hashtags had been invented in 2007 , and also have only become more and more prevalent within social media and in our everyday vernacular. (I know I can’ to be the only marketer who sometimes texts friends in hashtags. #sorrynotsorry)

Hashtags, when utilized properly, can improve overall achieve and engagement for your content upon Instagram, and who doesn’ big t want that? The most widely used hashtag on the system is #love, and including that will within your content could help you reach lots of users.

But is the fact that really the best way to find potential brand new followers? If your content isn’ big t actually about love, you don’ t want to include that hashtag. The best way to determine which hashtags to make use of is to include a mixture of extremely popular hashtags ( you can find 100 of them the following ) that are relevant to your own brand and hashtags that are relevant to your industry and business.

Still not sure? Sprout Social can help you find and monitor the very best hashtags to use within your posts.

sprout hashtag report

sprout hashtag report

14. Users spend 53 moments a day on Instagram

That is powerful. Nearly a whole hour out of every user’ s day is invested scrolling through photos, interacting with balances, watching Stories and more. Although Fb leads with most time invested at 58 minutes a day, Instagram is in second place and has outperform Snapchat’ s 49 minutes per day.

Putting your brand name on a platform that users are utilizing for almost an hour everyday can help you to discover even more customers, grow your business that a community around your brand.

15. The platform gets four. 2 billion likes per day

Considering users have to dual tap photos on the app to provide them a like, that’ t about 8. 4 billion dollars taps per day. Instagram has the highest engagement price of all platforms, around 2-7% of all posts. So it’ s likely that you’ lmost all receive a great deal more interaction on the Instagram photos and Stories compared to you see on other platforms.

However your overall hashtag and marketing techniques make a difference, so make sure to remain strategic in your content preparing.

16. Over hundred million Instagrammers watch or report Live video each day

Instagram Live is a feature which was added not long after Stories which allows users to livestream content to their own audiences. Since Stories videos can simply last up to 15 seconds, there’ h not a lot of time to do a deep jump into any particular topic. Mainly because Facebook Live has been so popular, an identical feature was added to Instagram.

And it’ s certainly doing well, as over a hundred million users are usually either watching or creating Reside video everyday.

Heading live on Instagram can be a great way for the brand to interact directly along with your followers, as users can such as and comment on your video instantly. Learn more about   how to run a great Instagram reside experience.

17. There has been no data launched on IGTV

This really is less of a statistic and more of the lack thereof. Facebook and Instagram love sending out their data regarding active users, usage times, conversation and more.

That means it’ s notable that IGTV was not mentioned at all during the network’ s announcement associated with 2018 Q4 numbers.

This makes it harder to get an image of IGTV’ s wedding rates and worth for marketers.

Possibly because IGTV’ s wedding rates aren’ t great . Accounts with tens of thousands of followers can easily see only hundreds of views on the system. IGTV is completely revamping how companies create video with its vertical sizes, but brands will need to better be familiar with ROI of creating these more complex bits of video content.

Instagram is starting to place IGTV previews in its consumer feeds as an attempt to generate a lot more interest around the vertical video application, but we’ ll have to find out if it pays off.

Bottom line

These stats display that Instagram’ s fast-growing system certainly has its perks pertaining to businesses. Are you ready to start taking your Instagram management seriously with Sprout Interpersonal?

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