seven Efficiency-Boosting Martech Tools & System Features B2B Marketers Need to Think about

18 Dec

In 2011, roughly 150 marketing technologies solutions were on the market. Today, the particular growth of this sector and it’ s options are staggering. Actually according to Scott Brinker , the particular mastermind behind the Chief Marketing Technologist Weblog , the martech landscape has grown an impressive 27% within 2018 to include nearly 7, 1000 solutions.

Of course , B2B  are rejoicing in the increased number of solutions at their disposal. A lot of have been steadily adding new equipment and solutions to their martech piles as the need arises to help improve operations, automate the mundane, rapidly gain new insights, track strategies, and generate greater results.

In other words, they offer big efficiency gains, giving you time, insights, or resources to make much better marketing decisions.

But whether your martech stack seems sturdy or you’ re actively on the hunt for brand new tools, you may not be keeping up with the newest and greatest tools that you have however to tap into. Or perhaps you’ lso are missing out on some of the great features that your present go-to tools offer.

So , to help you get one of the most out of your martech stack and amplify its effectiveness, below we emphasize a handful of martech tools and system features that you maybe haven’ big t thought of or haven’ t heard about to drive efficiency (that can generate better results).

3 Tools That Might Be Below your Radar

#1 – Nimble

Today, 91% of organizations along with over 10 employees have a CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT system. And for B2B companies, the CRM is often a basic essential. Yet are you leveraging it to implement account-based marketing (ABM) applications or build relationships with your target audience over social? With traditional CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT systems, this becomes hard to do since there usually isn’ t the social selling or marketing perform.

Nimble , a social promoting and marketing CRM provider that’ s been improving and iterating on its product since yr, promises to change that. After adding with your email, Nimble identifies the particular contacts that need to be entered into the particular CRM system and matches these social profiles. This enriches your own contact information to much more than the name, title, and email address.

In addition , this particular social integration allows you to track just how your customers are interacting with your brand name over social, as well as enables you to search social networks for potential prospects. You can also portion your customers in Nimble and deliver them customized email messages, increasing the potency of your ABM campaigns and helping you save time.

Nimble Advertising Technology Tool

Image credit: Nimble

#2 – FeedOtter*

Content marketing is no longer the shiny new object. It’ t core to B2B marketing techniques. In fact , Content Marketing Institute (CMI) stopped asking marketers whether or not they utilize it in their most recent research report .

Yet as a result of wide adoption, it’ s i9000 a well-known fact that brands possess content and lots of it— and trimming through the clutter and making significant connections with your audience can be a huge pain point. This often needs a healthy, smart mix of email marketing promotions, on-page optimization, social media amplification, compensated social/search, and more.

FeedOtter has one of the easiest and many efficient ways to consistently get your content material out there, and you don’ t have to think twice about it. Through an incorporation with your marketing automation platform (Pardot or Marketo), FeedOtter is able to handle RSS email and send this through your ESP or marketing software.

The tool takes your REALLY SIMPLY SYNDICATION content and curates it instantly into a beautiful, templated email marketing campaign. And for a more customized approach, you are able to pick and choose which pieces of content you would like to include in your emails to create an individualized blog digest or newsletter.

FeedOtter Marketing Tool

Image credit: Moderate

* FeedOtter is really a TopRank Marketing Client

#3 – RivalIQ

Competitive research is a routine job for any B2B marketer. But being aware of what your competitors are publishing, how they’ re interacting with customers, what their particular customers are saying about them, and more requires an incredible amount of time and research. Nevertheless , there’ s a tool that can help get rid of the need for extensive manual research.

Since 2013, RivalIQ has furnished competitive social media analytics that allow you to observe exactly where you stand in relation to your competition. You can see how quickly they’ lso are gaining followers, how often they will post over social, what their particular top messages were, what their own average engagement rate is, and much more.

Actually you can even see which of your competitor’ s posts were paid marketing promotions, giving you insight into their social media technique. With this information on hand, you can see in the event that you’ re moving ahead or even lagging behind in performance, enabling you to make adjustments to your social technique on the fly.

RivalIQ Marketing Tool

Image credit: RivalIQ

four Underutilized Features From Your Favorite Equipment

#1 – BuzzSumo’ s Question Analyzer

Based on HubSpot’ ersus State of Inbound 2018 Document , 55% associated with marketers say that content creation is their own top priority. Cranking out content is a lot easier said than done, however. A person can’ t just put out content material for content’ s sake, you should make sure your content actually answers a client question or solves a buyer’ s pain point— something we frequently refer to as best-answer content material .

BuzzSumo has been around for some time, but their Query Analyzer was just released within 2017 and it can help you ensure that the information you’ re creating serves a true, specific need. Just enter in the keyword you want to target, and BuzzSumo will scour online forums, social networking, Amazon, and Q& A websites to surface the most popular questions individuals ask using that term or even phrase.

As a B2B marketer, this is important information to have that can help shape your articles marketing strategy and monitor the subjects and questions your buying viewers is asking. And this feature may help you gather intel quickly.

BuzzSumo's Question Analyzer

Image credit score: BuzzSumo

#2 – SEMRush’ t Keyword Magic Tool

SEMRush is easily one of the most popular search marketing tools here at TopRank Advertising. Why? They’ re constantly liberating new features that help all of us create better content and create more effective optimizations. One such feature could be the Keyword Miracle Tool in their SEO Toolkit.

The Key phrase Magic Tool has been around for the past few years, however , SEMRush has been expanding the tool to be able to bigger and badder than ever before. The particular tool’ s database is now house to 7. 7 billion key phrases, which the company says is the biggest in the world. There are now 118 country directories, too.

The tool is one of our first resources for informing our SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION strategies or coming up with new articles ideas, saving time and supplying meaningful insights. Instead of having to lookup each individual keyword we could target, just one search in the Keyword Magic Device will gather all of the related key phrases, their monthly search volumes, their own competition scores, and even filter all of them based on categories and questions.

SEMRush's Keyword Miracle Tool

Image credit: SEMRush

#3 – Google Analytics’ Custom Dashboards

Google Analytics (GA) is included in nearly every marketer’ s i9000 toolkit in order to track their website functionality, engagement, and so on. But GA is usually loaded with features and tools that will help you be more productive— and you may not even be leveraging them.

For example , a highly regarded GA pain point can be the period it takes time to navigate through the system to find the results you’ re searching for. Plus, the reports take time to personalize, load, and integrate with other information sources.

This is how GA’ s custom dashboards be useful as they allow you to aggregate the data you really care about and put it into one simple table. You don’ t have to dig into several different reports to get what you’ re looking for. Rather, you can create a dashboard with all of the details you need on a single page. And you can generate several of them, allowing you to create segmented plus tailored reports based on your specific KPIs.

If you’ re already using custom dashes, you should be asking yourself if you have an opportunity to perform more. For example , at TopRank Advertising we have custom dashboards for each of our own core services areas.

Google Analytics Custom Dashboards

#4 – Ahrefs’ Rank System

To develop your site’ s organic visitors, increasing the quantity and quality of the rankings are a top KPI. Using rankings changing each and every day, your rank performance is hard to track without a device to do it with.

Now, well-known SEO device, Ahrefs , can track your own rankings and historical rankings for you personally. Just last year, Ahrefs released their own new Position Tracker to help you keep tabs on your ratings and the rankings of your competitors— with no immense time commitment.

This tool is especially useful as it allows you to see your all-time traditional rankings for each page of your web site and even allows you to segment your search positions based on keyword group, position, SERP type, and more. Want to know how many showcased snippets you have? The Rank System can tell you that, too.

Ahrefs Rank Track

Picture credit: Ahrefs

Stacking Up Your MarTech Tools

New marketing tools and functions are being constantly released, and it’ s up to you to evaluate them to find out if they’ re a good fit for the team and your overall marketing targets. To help spare you from needing to do all of the work yourself, the above mentioned tools and features are some of the very most helpful that we’ ve find.

For more brand new technologies that can help improve your marketing efficiency, check out our list of 54 Artificial Intelligence Run Marketing Tools .

What emerging marketing and advertising tools or new features meant for old favorites have caught your own eye recently? Tell us in the responses section below.

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