SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION + Paid Search: An Aristotelian Lesson in Search Marketing Integration

2 Apr

Paid and SEO Search Marketing Integration

The first search engine was developed in 1990, over two millennia from when Aristotle, the well known Greek philosopher, walked the earth. Getting never lived in a world that will included a search engine, let alone paper, you may be wondering what advice Aristotle probably will offer when it comes to search marketing, but among his most famous quotes offers an priceless lesson:

“ The whole is usually greater than the sum of its parts. ”  

Even in ~330 BC, Aristotle understood that combining 2 tactics together results in powerful final results that are greater than their individual components.

Implementing this classic teaching to your contemporary paid search and SEO techniques, means getting more bang for your buck searching marketing. For starters, integrating paid plus organic search has been found to increase sales by 200%, according to Search Engine Watch . If you want to maximize your possible return on your search marketing efforts, they have to work together.

At TopRank Marketing, we think integration makes the digital marketing entire world go round, bringing balance plus harmony to your digital marketing initiatives. To help you weave your compensated search and SEO techniques together, we asked TopRank Marketing’ s own search marketing philosophers, Joe Manier and Sam Slater , to talk about their advice and insights.

A Supporting Pair

Since we’ re being philosophical and metaphorical, paid lookup and SEO are the pizza plus beer pairing of digital advertising. They’ re both awesome within their own right, but in coming collectively, they give you a more satisfying meal.

With “ search” in the name of both tactics, you may already have an indication of why earning such a great pair. But in situation you didn’ t know, May well and Steve give their explanations why they complement each other so nicely.

“ SEO and paid search are usually two ways of coming at the same objective of getting clicks from searchers a person care about, ” is how Later on explains it.

For example , both tactics try to earn high visibility in search results to get target keywords. In order to reach that will goal however , they utilize various strategies and techniques, allowing you to cover more surface in search results.

“ SEO is not the promotional strategy. When you need to get readers to a webpage, SEO can take period and the results come slowly. However when you turn on a paid search marketing campaign, you instantly get traffic to your own web page. Using the two together results in instant impact and long-term outcomes, ” Steve says.

Not only do paid lookup and SEO go after similar targets, but they do it in two various ways, opening up the possibility of increasing your results significantly.

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4 Lessons from Our Very own Search Marketing Philosophers

To bring the two tactics collectively and get those high-flying results that will Aristotle mentions, you need to use paid research to influence SEO and vice versa to create a truly synergistic romantic relationship. To help you create that relationship, this is actually the advice that Joe and Sam have to offer.

#1 – Use paid research to test your hypothesis.

Because paid research is a way to “ cheat” your path into a top ranking, you can actually discover a lot of insights from your search advertisements. Taking up the top four spots, advertisements receive a lot of impressions on search results pages (SERPs), giving you valuable home elevators what attracts clicks or conversion rate and what doesn’ t.

“ I use compensated search as a testing method for exactly what content resonates with searchers. Following a campaign has run, I can find what messages led to higher click through rates (CTR) with each of our focus on audiences. Then, I apply individuals insights to title tags plus meta descriptions on high impact keywords or pages to boost natural CTR, ” Joe says.

And by identifying your campaigns strategically, you can instantly see what types of messaging perform well. For instance , Joe has found success along with solution-based ad messages, earning a large number of clicks and conversions. Knowing this particular, he can then insert more solution-based messages into organic meta happy to try and replicate those same outcomes.

Utilizing the same principle, paid search might be a faster method for A/B testing any kind of meta description or title label changes as it doesn’ t need that you actually update your website.

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#2 – Get stock of conversions and the competitors.

Compensated search campaign data isn’ capital t only good for meta content, it’ s also great for assessing the particular keywords you want to target.

“ If you want to understand exactly what keywords lead to a transformation, you can run a paid search marketing campaign and pretty easily start to complete the blanks, ” Steve points out.

Within this scenario, you can look at the results of your compensated campaign in Google AdWords (see below) to find out which keyword bids led to conversion rate. Those top converting keywords may then serve as focus areas for your SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION efforts.

Keyword Results from Google AdWords

In addition , AdWords data may help you identify which keywords are more hard to go after. If you notice that a target key phrase has a high average cost per click (CPC), it’ s safe to imagine there’ s a lot of competition generating the bids up. Given this details, you may want to adjust your optimization attempts towards lower-difficulty keywords that you have a much better chance of ranking for.

#3 – Type your paid strategy based on present rankings.

We’ ve shared how compensated can influence your SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION strategy , yet what about the other way around?

Well, for those who have a keyword glossary, Joe wants to use it to divvy up which usually keywords are ideal for SEO and that are better to go after with paid research.

“ I like to combine newly finished key phrase research with ranking reports through the get-go as it gives instant visibility directly into how we’ re doing naturally. Then, I sort the key phrases based on if they’ d become a better fit for SEO (such as long-tail question keywords) or even paid search (keywords where we all stand little chance of seeing natural wins in the near-term), ” Later on offers.

In analyzing the different type of key phrases you rank for, you can easier identify keywords you should bid on inside your paid search campaigns.

If you’ lso are hoping to improve those organic search positions, however , you shouldn’ t depend on your paid campaigns to move the particular needle.

“ One thing you should not expect with regards to running paid search and SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION together is even better rankings. Switching on paid search is not going to enhance organic rankings, ” Steve alerts.

To enhance organic rankings, it’ s better to stick to alternative methods like on-page optimization around target keywords, inner cross-linking, or additional content.

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#4 – Adopt an SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION philosophy when structuring paid lookup campaigns.

Using an SEO mindset when structuring a paid search campaign can be another method that can be very beneficial. For instance , tapping into SEO knowledge can help you make higher quality scores for your AdWords strategies.

“ The quality score largely determines what sort of keyword performs in your AdWords strategy. The quality score is calculated simply by factoring in expected CTR, advertisement relevance, and landing page experience. If you think like an SEO it’ s i9000 pretty easy to break these components down.

“ As an SEO, you understand exactly how bots interpret a page and research intent, helping you craft relevant advertisement copy and an easy-to-use squeeze page experience that increases CTR as well as your quality score, ” Steve states.

Based on Google, ads with “ top quality scores typically lead to lower expenses and better ad positions. ” Increasing your score means optimizing your own ads for increased visibility plus clicks while lowering your CPC.

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The Timeless Lesson With Infinite Opportunities

Aristotle was onto something all the way in ~330 BC and his advice remains relevant today.

While paid search plus SEO can stand on their own plus increase your search marketing results, if they’ re paired together correctly, they could increase your CTR, boost impressions, plus expand your keyword umbrella even more.

Yet that’ s not the only chance for you to integrate your marketing ways of drive incredible results. Find out how social media and SEO make a good unlikely, yet beneficial pairing.

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