Methods to promote your Instagram: 13 ways that in fact work

8 May

It’ s time to rethink the best way to promote your Instagram account.

Why now? Because the platform’ s i9000 rapid evolution and growth imply that what worked in the past isn’ capital t going to score you the same kind of engagement today.

Depending on recent Instagram stats , the visual space is becoming a lot more crowded with brands fighting teeth and nail for more customers.

As a result, it quite actually pays to have as many tactics as it can be to promote Instagram to your target audience.

In this guide, we’ ve broken down 13 totally actionable methods to do exactly that. From enhancing your posts and profile to rethinking your approach to content promotion, any kind of combination of these tips are fair online game when it comes to Instagram promotion.

1 . Ramp up your content production

There’ s no shortage associated with Instagram content you can publish in order to fill up your feed.

Customer photos. Memes. Bite-sized movies.

And that doesn’ to even scratch the surface of what’ s available to you.

To determine what performs the best among your own audience, you’ re going to need to test. That means ramping up your content creation and posting more frequently.

Publishing to Instagram at least once per day is within the platform’ s guidelines. Heck, major brands like TopShop plus H& M post up to 3 times per day (if not more often).

As you roll out more articles, it’ s crucial to squeeze a lot more engagement out of your following by comprehending the best times to post upon Instagram .

The best times to post on Instagram according to Sprout Social

The best periods to post on Instagram according to Develop Social

Publishing a photo every once in a while isn’ t going to cut it in order to stay fresh in your followers’ nourishes.

And speaking of which usually, that’ s also why Instagram Stories are extremely valuable. Off-the-cuff content via Tales essentially allows you to “ skip the particular line” and appear front-and-center in people’ s feeds. Not only that, but you can openly post snap after snap without having to worry about spamming your fans.

The takeaway here is that will Instagram moves much quicker than this did a year or two back in terms of content. Brands should increase if they want to keep up.

2 . Cross-promote your Instagram articles across other networks

The effort it takes to snag the right snapshot and craft a clever caption isn’ t something that should go in order to waste.

Cross-posting your articles to other social platforms is a no-brainer to get even more of an ROI from your Instagram presence.

For instance , you can promote your Instagram content throughout the likes of Facebook and Tweets to maximize your content’ s achieve.

Although cross-promotion is a smart move, be aware that each social platform has its best practices. For example , Instagram tends to proceed heavier on the hashtags while you might wish to craft a slightly different explanation for images posted to Fb.

To keep yourself through jumping between platforms, consider just how an asset library can save you some serious period. Sprout Social’ s asset collection allows you to store your social creatives in one place while also enabling you to tailor your posts to whichever system you’ re posting to.

Having an asset library handy enables you to upload all of your social creatives in a single place

Having an asset library handy allows you to add all of your social creatives in one place

Also, and don’ t’ forget the additional benefit of scheduling your content across multiple networks simultaneously to hit on those optimized periods noted earlier.

Features such as Sprout's Viralpost ensure that your advertise Instagram content at the right periods for engagement

Features such as Sprout's Viralpost ensure that your promote Instagram content in the right times for engagement

3. Concentrate on people-centric content

Even though Instagram is a place to score product sales, it is still first and foremost a place to talk about experiences.

The popularity associated with selfies on Instagram speaks intended for itself, as does customer pictures and pictures of people using products within real-world settings. Much of the benefit of Instagram is that brands are capable of marketing in a more human way without bombarding followers with messages that shout “ BUY NOW! ”

And on a related take note, this is exactly why user-generated content such as customer photos are usually such a goldmine for brands. Nearly folks on the ‘ gram like it when brands shout them away, but customer photos represent advertising firepower that proves that people drill down your products.

However in order to spot and curate user-generated content for your feed, you’ lso are going to need to understand how hashtags can help you market your Instagram.

And that prospects us to our next point.

4. Experiment with branded plus industry hashtags

Brand names both big and small ought to create a hashtag to encourage sharing and advertising on behalf of their followers. Doing so doesn’ t have to be rocket science, possibly.

For example , Ernie Basketball displays their #iplayslinky and #colorsofrocknroll hashtags loud and clear within their bio.

Including a top quality hashtag in your bio is the 1st step to allowing followers to advertise your Instagram

Including a branded hashtag within your bio is the first step in order to allowing followers to promote your Instagram

Subsequently, they use the tag to promote their very own posts in addition to thousands of loyal followers promoting the brand organically.

Through branded hashtag, you can motivate followers to promote your Instagram regarding you

Through branded hashtag, you can encourage fans to promote your Instagram for you

Observe how that works?

Beyond your very own hashtags, you should try to promote your Instagram using more general, community hashtags specific to your industry such as #6strings (music) or #unicornhair (beauty). Tacking on extra tags essentially can make your posts searchable by tag-followers plus instantly increases your reach.

As noted in our manual detailing how to use hashtags across every social network, wedding peaks at approximately nine hashtags. Although you can certainly use much less (or more), the takeaway the following is that you should at the very least add  some thing .

Including hashtags on the Instagram content automatically increases engagement

Including hashtags on your Instagram content automatically raises engagement

Over time you can take advantage of a hashtag analytics tool such as Sprout which can clue a person in on top-performing tags plus new ones to experiment with.

5. Tag brands, followers plus locations whenever you can

Tagging is a surprisingly effective method to promote your Instagram.

With no, we’ re not just talking about hashtags.

For example , you can label other brands and accounts hoping of a shout-out yourself. Given that notices ping anyone who receives them, appropriate tags are a subtle way to motivate promotion.

Likewise, it’ s both courtesy and inside Instagram’ s best practices to label anyone you might be regramming. Chances are they’ ll be thrilled to be showcased in your feed and will share this news with their own followers.

Don’ t forget to tag areas, too! For example , if you have an actual location for your business or frequently attends events, location-specific posts enable you to explore new potential fans plus followers.

Location tagging is important to location Instagram promotion

Location tagging is important to location Instagram promotion

6. Post Instagram content on-site

When it comes to ads, what better advertisements than your own customers?

Featuring Instagram content on-site is really a brilliant way to increase conversions. The reason why? Because when people see purchased items in real-world settings, they realize that the brand in question has happy customers. Consumers can better imagine and understand a product for on their own when they see it “ in the crazy. ”

Thus the particular rise of lookbooks and brand names featuring user-generated content on item pages. For example , Casper uses a good Instagram slideshow on-site to show away their satisfied sleepers.

Casper promotes their products on-site making use of user-generated content

Of course , this all sectors back to the need to promote your Instagram hashtag.

In addition to their Instagram bio, #TopShopStyle is plastered over the brand’ s site and marketing and advertising emails to increase their tag’ t exposure. The end result is more user-generated articles and people promoting TopShop organically.

Promoting your hashtag on-site will go hand in hand with Instagram promotion

Promoting your hashtag on-site goes hand in hand with Instagram promotion

7.   Carve out your own creative trademark

Creativeness counts on Instagram.

Having some sort of niche or concept is a great way to both inspire your own Instagram content and make yourself stay ahead of the crowd.

For instance , Yeti is known for its feed filled with high-res photos of the outdoors offering adventures enjoying their products.

Yeti's creative trademark on Instagram is usually high-quality photos of landscapes

Yeti's creative brand on Instagram is high-quality pictures of landscapes

Meanwhile, oVertone boasts a striking color-coded feed based on whichever color of their product their currently marketing.

oVertone's creative trademark upon Instagram is their use of color

oVertone's innovative trademark on Instagram is their own use of color

If you’ re confused as to what your creative trademark ought to be, don’ t sweat it. You will find loads of Instagram apps (such as VSCO) which could help you add some creative flair for your photos. By using consistent gradients, colours and filters, you can make your give food to feel more, well,   you .

6. Work with influencers to extend your achieve

As we mentioned previously, Instagram benefits from being a platform exactly where brands can essentially publish advertisements without shoving them in their followers’ faces.

Enter the increase of influencer marketing.

Simply put, influencer marketing entails the paid relationship with another Instagram account with a sizeable, engaged fans count. Influencers’ audiences should preferably mirror your own  or even allow you to tap into a brand new sect of users that you’ re trying to reach.

Influencers are akin to ads or in other words that the relationship does indeed have a price. However , finding the right influencer can be an extremely cost-effective way to both sell companies grow your following.

Brand names can spot influencers through hashtags and manual searching, or you can test Instagram analytics tools such as Tapinfluence or research an in-depth database related to your company.

Tapinfluence's directory makes it simple to hone in on possible influencers who could help promote your Instagram presence

Tapinfluence's directory makes it easy to develop in on potential influencers who else could help promote your Instagram presence

Remember: whenever identifying influencers , just be sure they have a following that actually activates with their content. Engagement rate calculators such as this one from Phlanx can help give you reassurance about any influencers in question.

Engagement rate is an important metric when looking for an influencer to assist promote your Instagram

Engagement rate is an important metric when looking for an influencer to assist promote your Instagram

9. Rethink how you existing your products and promotions

This is a simple tip but is certainly something worth mentioning. And it pertains to that other kind of Instagram advertising – the one with fun free gifts or sale items and can end up being incredibly valuable for your brand whenever done well.

When you promote your Instagram in these situations, it’ s crucial to present your articles as must-see.

Instagram thrives on anything and everything “ brand new. ” Anything you can do to create a feeling of hype is a major stage in your favor.

For example , take a look at how Glossier hypes up their own much-requested eye cream by amazing their followers a day before this drops.

Uniqlo posts hype-heavy Instagram promotions and articles, including calls-to-action for followers to look at their exclusive merch.

Pinup Girl also does an excellent job of highlighting why goods rock and allows their brand name voice to shine through along the way.

As a rule of browse, think “ so what” before you decide to hit “ publish” for your marketing promotions on Instagram. Doing so will eventually encourage you to write more convincing captions.

ten. Run a contest or giveaway

Here’ s a few food for thought: brands that will run contests grow their followings 70% faster than those that don’ t.

You might notice that many brands’ contest and giveaway-related posts obtain insane amounts of engagement and that’ s no accident. Done properly, social media contests can result in followers and fans even though can also attract freebie-chasers. We suggest running an one-time contest promotion upon Instagram to test the waters plus determine whether or not contests are some thing you want to try for the long-term.

11. Optimize your user profile for promotion

While you work through how to promote Instagram in order to new fans and followers, “ looking the part” is essential.

This also applies to brands seeking to attract more attention organically.

Let’ s take a look at why is an optimized Instagram profile. The good thing is that there aren’ t too many shifting pieces of your profile itself to consider.

Orlando’ s Eastern End Market is a prime sort of a simple yet optimized profile. To begin with, their username “ eastendmkt” is certainly short and sweet, all the while simple to find for locals searching for it.

A searchable username makes it much simpler for potential followers to find both you and promote your Instagram

A searchable username makes it much simpler for potential followers to find both you and promote your Instagram

Their bio also clicks the boxes of an optimized user profile, including a clear profile picture, convincing bio, branding hashtag  plus trackable URL. Every thing about this Instagram bio lets us understand what to expect from their feed and likewise that will we’ re in the right place.

An optimized bio includes a hashtag, link and essential contact information

An enhanced bio includes a hashtag, link plus essential contact information

They also feature their particular email and phone number which is some thing to consider if you’ re in operation account. East End also frequently tags other businesses and activities to expand their profile’ s i9000 reach. Oh, and not to mention their particular awesome visual content that their own local followers love.

Part of promoting your Instagram is usually making it easy for followers to get in contact - including your email and telephone number helps you do just that if you're a nearby business

12. Take advantage of Instagram Stories as well as latest features

Tales are by far Instagram’ s most widely used feature.

Used by over 500 million users day-to-day , brands should take advantage of Tales as often as possible when promoting upon Instagram. For many businesses, this means posting user-generated photos and behind-the-scenes articles. The beauty of Stories is that you don’ capital t have to worry as much about your pictures being polished or “ ideal. ”

Stories are usually booming in popularity and allow your own brand to sort of " by pass the line" to appear in your followers' feeds faster

That said, creativity still matters when it comes to Stories. Among Instagram’ ersus latest features, Stories are always on the center of them. For example , new online stickers such as the new Quiz label represent fresh ways that brands may engage with followers for a more distinctive and interactive type of Instagram promotional.

Instagram is consistently moving out new features for Tales including the new Quiz stiicker

Instagram is regularly rolling out new features regarding Stories including the new Quiz stiicker

Checking up on Instagram means staying active and top of its latest features. In case you’ re regularly publishing in order to Stories and watching what other brand names are doing, you’ ll always be in the know.

13. Consider managing a paid campaign

Finally, don’ t neglect the potential of compensated promotion on Instagram.

After all, social media at large is becoming more and more pay-to-play. As part of Facebook’ s huge in-depth ad platform, you can use Instagram’ s eye-popping ad options in order to win over new customers.

There are many Instagram success stories out there including this example through Dunkin which cleverly uses each Stories and video to grab the interest of users.

Stories ads are a brilliant way to market your Instagram and get your promotions before followers

Of course , we recommend that you do pursuit and familiarize yourself with today’ s Instagram ad specs before you get too into the weeds with these. If you do decide to use paid ads to advertise Instagram to new customers, remember that you may use Sprout’ s performance confirming to see how your own paid efforts stack up against your own organic Instagram presence.

Sprout's paid performance report tracks your own paid promotion alongside your natural social media campaigns

Sprout's paid performance report paths your paid promotion alongside your own organic social media campaigns

And with that, we all wrap up our guide!

So , how do you promote your Instagram?

When it comes to Instagram promotion, you might have plenty of tactics to experiment with.

And hey, that’ s the best thing.

Making sure that your give food to stands out means understanding the platform’ s i9000 best practices and evolving alongside Instagram itself. Sticking to the tips over can help you maximize your engagement while you promote your Instagram to new fans and customers.

We would like to hear from you, though. What are a few challenges you face when it comes to advertising your Instagram? Let us know in the responses below!

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