Making use of Pinterest to market wedding brands, solutions and venues

19 Sep

Forty million people a year make use of Pinterest to plan for their wedding ceremony . If you’ re within the wedding industry, Pinterest needs to be among the networks that you focus on.

weddings category

To begin getting a sense of what Pinners explore in wedding topics, look over the wedding category . Birthday cakes alone has 896. 3k followers.

These categories and boards end up a wealth of insight into what customers want out of their research whenever they’ re planning a wedding. This represents a great opportunity for your brand name to connect to these needs and make certain you’ re as visible as you can to this valuable segment of Pinterest users.   There are many methods for you to approach your Pinterest marketing. For starters, let’ s a new little more about who is doing their own wedding planning on Pinterest and how each uses it.

Wedding preparation Pinterest user breakdown

Who’ s on the network so when are they most active? According to Pinterest’ s own data , the particular busiest planning months are The month of january to March with Pinners starting their research earlier than non-Pinners. Actually 81% of engaged Pinners state they started planning on Pinterest prior to they were even engaged. This means that your company has the opportunity to inspire at the first stage of the consideration process.

pinterest stats

In case you’ re worried about manufacturers taking over Pinterest, Pinners are actually extremely receptive to brand Pins. Seventy-eight percent of Pinners say it’ s useful to find Pins from brands and 66% buy after seeing a brand’ s Pins. This is a great figure to keep in mind as you explore Promoted Hooks.

Once people start preparing their wedding, 27% of Pinners will plan several times a day, in comparison to 18% of non-Pinners. This means you do have a great chance of reaching this extremely engaged group with organic plus paid Pins.

In every, the network boasts 900 mil Pins about weddings and 378 million wedding-related searches per year. That’ s an extensive library of motivation.

How Pinterest is utilized to plan weddings

Pinterest’ s image-forward style is good for the wedding industry because Boards act as sources of inspiration. Boards can be made for every stage of a wedding: wedding announcement, wedding shower, bachelorette celebration and even guest gifts.

With the addition of the Section feature, Planks can also be broken down into Sections. For instance , a stationery Board could potentially possess Sections for style inspiration, themed wedding invitations, guest list display boards plus thank you cards.

Since Pinners plan,   they will start to move from gathering visible & stylistic inspiration to merchant research. The boards they generate are useful at all stages of the procedure, whether they’ re   shared among friends, such as pertaining to bachelorette party ideas, or along with vendors, such as identifying engagement take photo styles. Pinners spend 29% more on retail than non-Pinners along with those, 39% are more likely to be energetic retail shoppers . Having Pinterest-friendly items on your site and store is a good first step in getting your items in front of potential customers.

Just how brands can connect to customers

Now that you know who utilizes Pinterest and how they use it in order to plan for their weddings, the next step is to utilize that knowledge. Whether you market services or products, the very minimum you can do is placed your profile and optimize your site. Both of these tactics will give you a start in your Pinterest marketing.

Verify and add keywords for your profile

Setting up your own profile to sell on Pinterest is really a multi-step procedure .

pinterest analytics

However , the basics that the Pinterest profile needs are:

  • Be a Business accounts: this gives you access to advertising plus analytics
  • Have a stated website : Pins that come out of your website will automatically include your user profile photo in them and show up inside your website analytics.
  • Possess a thorough bio: add keywords and phrases that can help customers find you
  • Name your Boards and include descriptions: create SEO-friendly titles plus descriptions

This particular Board is clearly for arrangements and its short description is created to target brides who love classic items.

Optimize your site

Second to having your own profile complete, the next most important element of reaching more customers on Pinterest is to have a Pinterest-ready website. The majority of this is easy to implement with some period.

It goes without saying that your internet site should include the icons of the main social networks that you’ re upon. Take it a step further for Pinterest by adding share buttons. Pinterest offers their own code-ready Save Button that you can easily insert into the website. Depending on which platform you’ re on, plugins may currently exist to help with the Pinterest accounts connection.

pinnable image

This blog post has images that, whenever magnified, include easy social posting buttons.

In case you sell buyable products or services online, take time to add Buyable Pins . Consider this another funnel where people can purchase your items. Customers can easily shop through Pinterest without ever leaving the site.

buyable pin

For wedding vendors that will show off a portfolio of achieved works, adding Rich Pins will be another Pinterest marketing improving step. Article Pins will emphasize the headline, author and brief description in the Pin.

Finally, each landing page and publish needs to have at least one Pinterest-optimized image. This implies the image dimensions itself are inside recommended guidelines and that the explanations have the necessary keywords .

pinterest pin number image size

In our social media image size recommendations , we recommend:

  • Pins on main web page appear as 236 pixels (height is scaled).
  • Hooks on a board appear as 236 pixels (height is scaled).
  • Expanded pins have a minimal width 600 pixels (height is certainly scaled).
  • A recommened image aspect ratio of two: 3 to 1: 3. 5

Pin as you release

Create a rhythm for the reason that for every blog post you publish, a person simultaneously schedule your Pins in the post. If you have multiple images within the post, don’ t be afraid for their services all.


Sprout’ s ability to routine Pins means you don’ to need to leave your all-in-one submitting software to work on Pinterest. Look for Pins and queue them as much as publish while you’ re hectic working on something else.

While you scroll down this Beach Wedding ceremonies Board, you’ ll notice that a few of the titles are the same. Multiple Pins result in the same blog post but because the pictures are different and apply to the Board’ s topic, it doesn’ big t look repetitive to a fellow Pinner.

Take your Pinning one step further by creating multiple subject Boards to increase your SEO. The Pin that was used on a Seaside Wedding Board could also be a candidate for any Peach Wedding Color Board.

rock our wedding board

Rock My Wedding has multiple inspiration Planks targeted at various wedding Pinners. You will find decade Boards, color Boards as well as specific ones like Chair Decoration. Think of how your company can help place Boards together to inspire Pinners in every detail of their planning.

Start ad campaigns

Pinners are more receptive in order to advertising than on other systems. For every $1 in advertising invested , $2 is earned within profit.

promoted pin

By promoting your own Pins to targeted groups, you’ ll directly reach those who are many interested in purchasing your product. When looking for wedding suits, this ad made an appearance, almost seamlessly blending in one of the rest of the related Pins.

pinterest bio

Elegant Wedding ceremony Invites added the Pinterest-only discount code to their biography. Between tracking their website referral visitors and the code, the company will be able to observe how successful their Pinterest account will be.

Pinterest recently released a free, application-needed Pinterest Propel program that helps businesses get around their advertising. Those participating in this program have seen up to three times more keys to press on their ads compared to non-participants and up to a 15% less expensive per click within the first ninety days of the program. If you’ lso are unfamiliar with Pinterest advertising but wish to test it out, Propel might be a great option for you.

pinterest infographic ad

Don’ t be afraid to experiment with your advertisements. Helpful wedding Pins like check-lists and infographics may not lead to an instantaneous purchase but the brand will remain at the back of a Pinner’ s mind  if that informative content assists them make decisions.

Learn more about how to enhance your Pinterest advertising in our guide.

Check your analytics

Together with your Pinning schedule strategy down as well as your website claimed, set aside time to look at how well your account performs. Mainly because Pinterest is more of a brand attention platform, it may take a little more time to build-up traffic to your site. With consistent Pinning and a little patience, you’ lmost all start to see more engagement.

pinterest indigenous analytics

Pinterest native Analytics offers statistics on user profile impressions, average monthly viewers plus top performing pins from your web site


With a Sprout account, you’ lmost all dive a little deeper into analytics and see which Boards are getting the most attention and which advertisements are working in your favor.

In summary

Pinterest is a cherish trove of potential customers for the wedding ceremony industry. From stationery designers in order to florists, the network is full of Pinners seeking inspiration and items. If you only want to dip the feet in without committing to the system, work on your profile and improve your website. Sit back and see what people have found on your site and what content is among the most popular.

The next driven move would be launching a small marketing campaign. Ted Baker integrated Pinterest in their wedding line release. With a combination of editorial content marketed Pins and in-store Pincodes, they will generated over 800 visits towards the campaign’ s landing page and more than 400 in-store wedding consultations.

Investing a little time and cash into developing your Pinterest accounts will go a long way for wedding suppliers. The opportunity is endless for achieving potential customers.

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