LinkedIn’s Megan Golden on Building a Blockbuster Content Marketing Strategy

11 Sep

LinkedIn's Megan Golden at Content Advertising World

“ The great news about being a marketer in 2018 is that we have dozens and dozens of stations to share our marketing story, ”   Megan Golden , group manager associated with LinkedIn’ s* global content plus social media marketing, said in the opening associated with her session at Content Advertising World last Thursday.

“ The poor news about being a marketer within 2018 is that we have dozens and dozens associated with channels to share our marketing tale, ” she added.

It’ s genuine. We’ re inundated with choices for trying to reach our audiences nowadays, making it a challenge to narrow concentrate and find the right mix. But it’ s safe to say that if a person work in B2B, LinkedIn has to stay that mix. Hosting more than half the billion professionals, and boasting unequalled targeting capabilities, the platform is greatly powerful for those who know how to use it.

No one understands better than LinkedIn’ s own entrepreneurs. During her presentation, Megan taken back the curtains to provide a quick look into tactics her team has developed plus refined over the years.

It starts with a jerk to Disney.

Embracing the Blockbuster Design

Whenever Megan talks about shifting to a “ Blockbuster Strategy, ” she’ h certainly not talking about the defunct video clip rental chain. Instead, she’ t referring to the approach used by movie studios like Disney to cash in upon their most valuable franchises. All things considered, effective content needs to entertain, therefore which better examples to follow compared to cherished box-office boomers like Superstar Wars and The Avengers?

Disney's Blockbuster Movie Schedule

Via 7 Trends in B2B Marketing: Think Like Disney plus 6 Other Strategies

As the schedule above depicts, Disney’ s map is structured largely around sequels, spinoffs, and sagas. The volume associated with net-new content makes up only a cheaper release schedule. And clearly, it’ s functioning .

“ They’ lso are monetizing their back catalogue simply by understanding what’ s worked, ” Megan says.

Three Principles of B2B Blockbuster Content

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The content team at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions has adopted this particular same mindset, with great achievement. Megan points to a trio associated with core tenets that guide LinkedIn’ s editorial council:

  • Focus. Concentrate your energy and promotion into regularly spread out big-rock assets rather than carrying out a scattered, ad-hoc calendar.
  • Familiarity. Make this content well-known by consistently releasing new iterations and tie-ins around the same styles.
  • Extensibility. Release this content across various channels, systems, and formats to increase its achieve and accessibility. (Think about how a lot revenue Disney drives through products. )

LinkedIn’ s marketing group applied these principles through the Sophisticated Marketer’ s Sessions series, which has changed into pillar content for them. These sleekly and uniformly designed sets associated with guides, infographics, videos, and support documents showcase the unique insights from LinkedIn’ s own leading marketers about key B2B social media marketing topics such as targeting, engagement, and ROI.

The Advanced Marketer’ s Sessions exemplify the particular B2B blockbuster model, following the 3 aforementioned principles and, in turn, making money with the brand’ s expertise.

But naturally , all of this is contingent on the articles resonating with audiences. Disney’ t model wouldn’ t be therefore effective if not for the sensational benefit of Luke Skywalker and Iron Guy. In order to execute the B2B blockbuster strategy, you need to find out what your viewers loves. Doing so requires plenty of testing.

Megan helpfully shared some of the findings the girl team has surfaced through its experiences in this regard.

Tried and True Tips for Marketing upon LinkedIn

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Film studios like The disney produtcions invest significant resources into check screenings, surveys, and research to find out what will hit home with audiences, because missing the mark is extremely costly. Marketers can similarly depend on audiences to direct their methods through A/B testing, which Megan emphasizes as an essential practice.

When it comes to marketing and advertising on LinkedIn, she saved all of us some of the work by sharing information gleaned from her team’ s i9000 experimentation on the platform. For instance:

  • To the point, quick-hitting content outperformed lengthier content in terms of reach and clicks
  • Calling away the audience directly in the duplicate drove higher conversions
  • Darker shading were known to yield stronger click-through prices than light aesthetics
  • For digital resources, the descriptor “ guide” outperformed “ eBook” and drove fully higher CTRs
  • Featuring a person rather than a subject drove a huge lift in transformation rate

Create Your Own B2B Blockbuster

Within the immortal words of Master Yoda, “ Always pass on what you have discovered. ” We appreciate Megan after this directive from an unforgettable Star Battles character who’ s helped burial container Disney’ s most prized business into the stars.

With these insights in hand, you’ ll be ready to take off with your personal B2B blockbuster.

Looking for more of the greatest nuggets to come out of Content Marketing and advertising World 2018? Check out some of the team’ s other reports in the conference:

*Disclosure: LinkedIn is really a TopRank Marketing client.

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