LinkedIn’s List of 24 B2B Marketers You should know

15 Apr

LinkedIn’ s 24 B2B Entrepreneurs You Need to Know

Honoring it’ s fifth anniversary, LinkedIn has released a revamped version of  The Sophisticated Marketer’ s Guide to LinkedIn . The eBook features a powerful variety of digital marketing smarties, each whom shared their insights and useful advice on how to get the most out of LinkedIn— from optimizing your profile in order to expanding your network.   The particular TopRank Marketing team was happy to work with LinkedIn team to identify, employ, and gather fresh insights out there brightest marketing minds.

If you’ re anywhere close to the B2B marketing world, social offering or recruiting, getting to know LinkedIn much more essential today than ever. Why? Take a look at these statistics :

  • With over 610 million members in over two hundred countries and territories, more than one out of every 3 professionals worldwide is definitely on LinkedIn.
  • Experts are signing up to join LinkedIn for a price of more than two new members for each second.
  • LinkedIn matters executives from nearly all 2018 Lot of money 500 companies as members
  • More than 30 million businesses are represented on LinkedIn

There simply isn’ to another social network with that kind of neighborhood and momentum for business experts. And while most professionals have been making use of LinkedIn for years and may see it being a jobs marketplace, many simply haven’ t taken the time to optimize or even maintain their profiles. They also haven’ t discovered all the ways you can cash in on LinkedIn as a marketing and interpersonal selling tool. The good news is that several people have.

In The Sophisticated Marketer’ s i9000 Guide to LinkedIn , there are fifty five pages of advice on reaching the proper people and taking your marketing to another level directly from marketers within LinkedIn, as well as some of the top B2B marketing and advertising professionals in the business.

There’ s also an excellent list of twenty-four B2B marketing experts in the Oughout. S. that LinkedIn suggests we all get to know, selected by staff with LinkedIn— and that’ s exactly where we’ d like focus these days. Many of the names on the list is going to be familiar to you, such as our own TOP DOG Lee Odden . However, many are likely to be new discoveries.

Congratulations to those on the list and also to anyone who downloads plus reads The Sophisticated Marketer’ s Facts LinkedIn .

24 B2B Marketers LinkedIn States You Need To Know

Robert Flower
Chief Troublemaker, The information Advisory
Twitter: @Robert_Rose
LinkedIn: /in/robrose

Aaron Orendorff
Founder, iconiContent
Twitter: AaronOrendorff
LinkedIn: in/aaronorendorff

Ryan Robinson
Ryan Robinson
Content Marketing Consultant
Twitter: TheRyanRobinson
LinkedIn: in/theryanrobinson/

Carla Johnson
Carla Johnson
Chief Innovator, Type The Communications
Twitter: CarlaJohnson
LinkedIn: /in/carlajohnson

Allen Gannett
Allen Gannett
CSO, Skyword
Twitter: Allen
LinkedIn: /in/allengannett

Shane Barker
Shane Barker
Co-Founder and CEO, Content Options
Twitter: shane_barker
LinkedIn: /in/shanebarker

Ann Handley
Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs
Twitter: MarketingProfs
LinkedIn: /in/annhandley

Katie Martell
Katie Martell
Marketing Consultant, On-Demand Marketing and advertising
Twitter: KatieMartell
LinkedIn: /in/katiemartell

Mandy McEwen
Mandy McEwen
Founder and TOP DOG, Mod Girl Marketing
Tweets: MandyModGirl
LinkedIn: /in/mandymcewen

Michael Brenner
Michael Brenner
CEO, Marketing Insider Group
Twitter: BrennerMichael
LinkedIn: /in/michaelbrenner

Lee Odden
Lee Odden
CEO, TopRank Marketing
Twitter: LeeOdden
LinkedIn: /in/leeodden

Nancy Badillo
Nancy Badillo
CEO, NancyBadillo. com
Twitter: NancyBadillo13
LinkedIn: /in/nancybadillo

Jay Baer
Jay Baer
Founder, Convince & Transform
Twitter: jaybaer
LinkedIn: /in/jaybaer

Jason Miller
Jason Callier
Brand Marketing Business lead, Microsoft
Twitter: JasonMillerCA
LinkedIn: /in/jsnmiller

Vin Clancy
Vin Clancy
Founder, Magnific
Twitter: vincentdignan
LinkedIn: /in/vincentdignan

Andrew Davis
Andrew Davis
Keynote Speaker, Breathtaking Shift
Twitter: DrewDavisHere
LinkedIn: /in/drewdavishere

Heidi Bullock
Heidi Bullock
CMO, Engagio
Twitter: HeidiBullock
LinkedIn: /in/hbullock

Gina Schreck
Gina Entsetzen
CEO, SocialKNX
Twitter: Ginaschreck
LinkedIn: /in/ginaschreck

Doug Kessler
Doug Kessler
Creative Director and Co-Founder, Velocity Partners
Twitter: dougkessler
LinkedIn: /in/dougkessler

Gabe Villamizar
Gabe Villamizar
Worldwide Sales Evangelist, Lucid
Tweets: gabevillamizar
LinkedIn: /in/gabevillamizar

Suzanne String Nguyen
Suzanne String Nguyen
Video Evangelist, Shootsta
Twitter: StringStory
LinkedIn: /in/stringstory

Joanna Penn
Joanna Penn
Director, The Innovative Penn
Twitter: thecreativepenn
LinkedIn: /in/joannapenn

Janet Murray
Jesse Murray
Content Marketing and advertising Expert
Twitter: jan_murray
LinkedIn: /in/janet-murray74

Julia McCoy
Julia McCoy
Content Marketing and advertising Expert
Twitter: JuliaEMcCoy
LinkedIn: /in/juliaemccoy

No list is ever ideal, so who would you add to this list? Contact us in the comments.

If you’ re prepared to dig in to the 2019 The Sophisticated Marketer’ t Guide to LinkedIn , begin immediately and grab your own copy right here:

2019 The Advanced Marketer's Guide to LinkedIn

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