Instagram hacks for brands

31 Jan

Dozens of new features are launched on Instagram every year. Not every thing is perfect and that’ s precisely why these hacks are there for you. A few are workarounds to current problems while others are features that are saved in your profiles.

These types of Instagram hacks are arranged simply by type. They include customizations for the profile page, Instagram Stories and even methods to make managing your presence simpler.

Profile page

Change your bio fonts

Ever seen neat fonts within Instagram bios and wondered just how people were able to make them appear this way? In actuality, these aren’ t fonts but rather Unicode symbols. It’ s i9000 why your copy and insert from Times New Roman won’ t work but these symbols may.

Keep in mind the most important, searchable words like your name probably shouldn’ t be in symbol format. ★ 彡 Ⓢ ⓟ ⓡ ⓞ ⓤ ⓣ Ⓢ ⓞ ⓒ ⓘ ⓐ ⓛ 彡 ★ might look eye-catching but it’ s not search friendly. Rather, use these sparingly for terms that you want to stand out.

How to execute:

  1. Open up an Instagram font generator like Fonts just for Instagram . Other generators give you symbol customization choices.
  2. Type in the word(s) you’ d like to convert in order to special fonts.
  3. Duplicate the generated symbols and insert into your profile.

Pro tip: Use this in your Instagram Stories to generate them stand out from the default fonts.

Add accounts & hashtags to bio

In the bio section, you can add hyperlinked accounts and hashtags. Brands usually use this space to add their top quality hashtags, as anyone visiting the particular profile could click the hashtag plus explore more.

instagram hashtag and profile links in bio

How to execute:

  1. Edit your profile.
  2. In your bio, begin keying in the hashtag or account title you want to link. It should show up within the search results.

example of alternative accounts in bio

Pro suggestion: Use this space to include your brand’ s other accounts handles, such as podcasts, magazines or even regional accounts.

Instagram Stories Hacks

Conceal hashtags & mentions in your Tales

If your account can be public and you want more publicity on your Stories, add account brings up and hashtags to the Story. example of hashtags in stories

But don’ t stop generally there. If the text takes away from the general Story, hide it behind the sticker, gif or turn all of them the same color as the background. In this way, your Story will still come in the public hashtag but won’ big t look cluttered up with text.

hide your hashtag with peel off stickers or matching color

How to perform:

  1. Produce a new Story.
  2. Include all the text (account mentions plus hashtags) that you want to the photo or even video.
  3. Move textual content to an area where it’ s i9000 all one color. Resize to suit.
  4. Edit the text to improve the color. Use the eyedropper tool to choose the background color that the text will be on. And now the text is “ gone”.
  5. If utilizing a gif or sticker option, look for a suitable one and overlay this on the text to hide it.

Pro suggestion: Don’ t proceed all out on the hashtags. Stick with the similar hashtag plan as your content so you attract the same audience.

Flood your Story display screen with color

Actually wanted to upload a photo but didn’ t want to show everything within it? Instead of laboriously drawing all over the picture, fill the screen with one particular color and use the eraser device to show what you want.

selectively disclose part of your image with this tale hack

How to execute:

  1. Create a new Tale. Position as you’ d such as.
  2. Select the brush device. Using the eyedropper tool, find the colour that you want to flood your display with.
  3. After choosing your color, take your finger on to the screen as if you were likely to start using the brush. Instead of shifting it, hold your finger in position. The screen should fill using the color you selected.
  4. Use the eraser tool to show the particular parts that you want shown.

Pro tip: Use this for fun “ reveals” of products or upcoming notices.

Automatically clip your own Story videos

This used to be that you needed to use an individual app to clip your movies for Instagram Stories. Thankfully, you no longer require to spend time uploading and cutting them up. With either a good uploaded video from your phone’ ersus videos or one shot inside Instagram Story, the app right now automatically clips your Stories in to 15 seconds bits.

stories will break up videos into smaller pieces automatically

How to execute:

  1. Open up Stories. Add a video that is longer than no time.
  2. Small screencaps ought to appear in the bottom left corner. Each one of these will be 15 seconds each until the video clip is fully clipped.
  3. If filming within Stories currently, film as usual. The clips can look in the bottom left corner while you film.
  4. Edit every segment as desired by supply each screencap.

Pro tip: No more clipping in another application. Take your full length videos plus upload as usual. One less stage for your editing team.

Upload multiple photos to your Tale at the same time

Uploading a brand new photo and video every time could be cumbersome. Instead of filming within the Instagram app, do it with your phone’ h camera. When it comes time to publishing the storyplot, select the media that you want to use all-in-one go. No more composing a new Tale for each photo.

select several pictures from your phone to create a story

How to execute:

  1. Take photos and videos. Narrow straight down which ones you’ d like to use within your Story.
  2. Open Instagram Stories. When swiping as much as look for your past phone press, look for a small icon in the best right corner. Select it.
  3. Now you can choose which press to use. You’ ll see the little screencaps in the bottom left part.
  4. Hit Next plus edit each Story as usual. As soon as you’ re done, they’ lmost all be uploaded at the same time.

Pro suggestion: Save your media in to a special folder to make finding all of them easier.

Schedule Instagram Stories

Paired using the previous Instagram hack is the arranging feature. Instead of composing your Tale in the moment, schedule your Stories via a tool like Sprout, which allows you to schedule Stories from the mobile application.

This route reduces the awkward emails to your self or photo transfers to your telephone, letting you work on your Stories in advance.

publishing to stories through sprout mobile

How to execute:

  1. In the Develop mobile app, set up your Instagram post .
  2. When it comes time to posting, select Story as your format.
  3. Upload to your Stories.

Pro suggestion: This is great for top quality videos and photos. Anything that you’ ve worked on ahead of time is perfect for Tale scheduling.

Archive your own stories

Instead of trying out space in your phone, use this function to re-use your Stories or even be available in case you want to download later on. Turning this feature on instantly stores your Stories after the twenty four hours are up. You can always explore your own Archive whenever you want.

story choices allow you to save an archive associated with stories on instagram

How to perform:

  1. Open Instagram and head to Settings.
  2. Under Privacy, select Tale Controls.
  3. Beneath Conserving, toggle Save to Archive in order to on.
  4. To access your own Archive, go to your Profile. Within the top left corner, you’ lmost all see a little clock icon. Starting it up shows you your past Tales.

Professional tip: Re-share aged Stories. When you re-share them, the storyplot comes with a removable sticker that displays the date that it was originally submitted.


Use Close Friends feature for within looks

Do you maintain an influencer list or have particular ambassadors for your brand? Use Instagram’ s newest Close Friends feature to talk about sneak peeks into your brand’ s i9000 future plans. This smaller listing of people will feel special to be bundled with the list and the engagement numbers need to reflect this.

How to execute:

  1. Open up Instagram. Go to your own profile page and swipe left. Choose Close Friends.
  2. Add the particular influencers onto the Close Friends listing.
  3. When posting a tale, choose “ Close Friends” rather than “ Your Story. ”

Pro suggestion: Instead of using this designed for influencers, you can also switch it up for your stockists or wholesale partners, whatever works best for your business.

Filter comments

This particular feature is best used for those who obtain either a lot of unwanted comments or even spam from bots. In these settings, you can choose between automated filters dependant on Instagram or add your own phrases and words.

comment controls for instagram

Ways to execute:

  1. Open up Instagram and go to Configurations.
  2. Under Privacy plus Security, go to Comment Controls.
  3. Here, you can choose to Conceal Offensive Comments (automatic) or include your own words (manual). If you choose Manual, you’ ll see an extra option to Filter Most Reported Words and phrases in your comments.

Pro tip: Use this feature to preemptively conceal comments from certain accounts plus filter out the most spam-like comments.

Hide photos & video clips of you

Probably it’ s not the best picture of you that you’ lso are tagged in but you still wish to remember that it’ s there. Rather than removing the tag of your self, choose to hide it instead for the eyes only. When people navigate for your tagged photos, they won’ capital t see the embarrassing photos anymore.

hide tagged photos of your self on Instagram

How to execute:

  1. Open up Instagram and go to Settings.
  2. Under Privacy and Security, go to Photos and Videos of You.
  3. Select Hide Photos and Videos.
  4. All the photos that tag a person on them are now shown here. Pick the ones you want to hide and then push Hide.

Pro tip: Switch off the Add Automatically feature to get a more fine-tuned tagged photo selection.


If history is accurate, it’ ll be just a few more several weeks before the next Instagram feature can be released and more hacks are exposed. These hacks listed here aren’ to all of the possible ones available to you yet they’ re a start in assisting you get the most out of the social network.

Let us know how these hacks opt for you or share your own around on Twitter @SproutSocial .

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