Influenced Marketing: Interview with Kirsten Allegri Williams, CMO at SAP SuccessFactors

28 Mar

Interview Kirsten Allegri Williams CMO SAP SuccessFactors

Among the great things about my job is linking with inspiring marketers. While participating in SAP’ s annual SAPPHIRE meeting last year, I had the good fortune to satisfy Kirsten Allegri Williams @kirstenallegriw thanks to Amisha Gandhi @AmishaGandhi . At the time, Kirsten was VP, Corporate Marketing with SAP Ariba.

Within our short time meeting, we covered plenty of ground, from the need to elevate rely upon marketing within the c-suite and on the road with customers to the role associated with purpose in marketing. She had been highly focused, present and very intelligent. She made enough of an impact, that I included her in our yearly list of Females Who Inspire in Digital Marketing and advertising .

Since then Kirsten has moved from VP on SAP Ariba to CMO in SAP SuccessFactors. To continue our discussion, Kirsten agreed to do an interview upon several topics we both find essential ranging from employee engagement to the part of purpose in marketing.

PLUS she shares the girl incredible personal story of conquering cancer, being an opera singer plus running a kick ass marketing corporation. Kirsten inspires me and I think she’ ll inspire you too. Enjoy!

Kirsten Allegri Williams A CMO has big obligations and work life balance includes a special meaning for you. Can you talk about a bit about your journey as well as the impact on your career?

For starters, I like to use the term, “ work-life blend” vs . balance. Great work is an essential part of lifestyle, and a satisfying life outside of function is what sustains us on the job. It’ s all part of one procession. I’ ve held many functions in marketing & business growth but it wasn’ t until We returned to work after surviving malignancy that I realized this. It was after that I made conscious decisions to consider roles where my work might have meaning and make a positive distinction in people’ s lives.

Good work is definitely an essential part of life, and a fulfilling life outside of work is what maintains us on the job. @kirstenallegriw

To say my recovery through cancer was a major life occasion is an understatement. It was a revolves for me to ensure my career route would lead me to possibilities where I could bring my entire self to work. And it was a revolves for me to realize that some of the things I’ d been leaving at the doorway to the office were huge possible assets for me and my firm.

I’ m a good opera singer, a mother, and also a digital marketer, so by nature, We blend art and science within everything I do. That’ s accurate whether I’ m trying to learn an aria or a campaign motto. Connecting my personal passions – I really like sustainable fashion and consumer items, music, and technology — in order to serve the greater good – offers served my career journey too.

Finding your personal “ WHY” is incredibly necessary to create clarity of focus plus purpose in our work and the effect we can create. @kirstenallegriw

The more I connect individually to a brand or solution, the simpler it is to develop a clear message plus experience for our customers. On the  Start with Why blog  there’ h a great post that asks, “ What’ s the difference between joy and fulfillment? ”, that is especially important in today’ ersus workforce.

Finding your own personal “ WHY” is incredibly necessary to create clarity of focus plus purpose in our work and the influence we can create. But the key would be that the WHY has to cross the synthetic boundaries that we set for ourself in work and life for this to really matter. We can’ capital t stop believing something just because we’ re at work or at home.

There’ s a good adage that happy employees imply happy customers. What are some methods you use to engage your marketing groups?

My administration style is in some ways very easy. I surround myself with the greatest people I can find, and I provide them with two things: the space to do their own job and clear direction regarding whether what they’ re performing serves the vision that I possess for the marketing function and that the particular leadership has for the company.

I also try to do almost everything I can to “ clear the particular path” for my teams. In case there are roadblocks, engaging cross-functional stakeholders and extended teams so they really feel part of our success.

We are limited only by constraints we inflect on our eyesight. @kirstenallegriw

Lastly, celebrating success and championing inner entrepreneurship is key: Great ideas may come from anywhere. We are limited just by the constraints we inflect on this vision. So I try to make sure everyone with an idea they think provides potential feels they can bring it to a doorstep. That doesn’ t imply every idea gets the green light, however it does mean that every idea will be heard.

We all approach marketing by helping organization B2B brands become “ the very best answer” wherever customers may be affected. It sounds like you implemented a holistic plus multichannel approach yourself when relaunching the SAP Ariba brand. Exactly how did you approach such a massive marketing and branding project?

You’ ve got to end up being everywhere, but you’ ve furthermore got to start somewhere.

For any marketer embarking on a brand alteration, that means focusing on the highest impact locations first and ensuring you get the particular execution right, from global in order to local. Then that will ripple in order to the rest of the organization.

Any business transformation starts using a people transformation. @kirstenallegriw

It also means making sure that you’ ve got a core group who understand the vision of what it takes to be the best answer. Any business modification starts with a people transformation. That’ s true in marketing just like it’ s true for any some other function.

One of the first matters we did was to engage workers to be a part of the brand journey regarding SAP Ariba. We asked the people how they felt about the 18-year old Ariba brand and provided them opportunities to provide feedback on this visual identity transformation and famous our brand launch internally along with employee parties around the globe.

A brand refresh is not just regarding visual renewal, it’ s furthermore about fresh storytelling. @kirstenallegriw

But we didn’ t stop there. A brand renew is not just about visual renewal, it’ s also about fresh storytelling. Our business had evolved from exactly where it was before, with over second . 5 million suppliers and $1. 6T in spend over the Ariba Network at the time (these numbers have raised to $2. 6T in invest and 3. 8 million providers since 2016).

Therefore our corporate story had to develop as well. We overhauled our business messaging and positioning, delivered an extensive all-employees launch of new content plus customer assets to equip area.

We also centered on our storytelling and brand encounter at our events, seamlessly adding our purpose in helping companies create supply chain transparency to drive out there child and forced labor with the voices of our customers as well as online digital.

With a simple messaging strategy, we embarked on the massive digital transformation, improving the online experience with a complete overhaul associated with best-in-class design and architecture, local in 8 languages within nine months. We could move quickly mainly because we knew what we were carrying out. We took the time to get our brand new story right.

Brand purpose has evolved within a big way for organizations of all dimensions with implications for virtually every division including marketing. What are some of the greatest opportunities for marketing when it comes to brand name purpose?

Businesses have a huge influence in the lives of the customers and employees. In the associated with work-life blend, that is not something you are able to deny. Those companies that accept this and make it a force permanently are able to accomplish some truly amazing things, because they are able to tap into the entire energies of their workforce. So much so they are impacting not just their customers’ life but the world as well.

In an age when we have made this safe and even expect people to provide their whole selves to work, we need to make sure we are also caring for that will whole self. When we do that, workers will pass on the resulting feeling of happiness and fulfillment for their customers. When we don’ t accomplish that, they’ ll pass on the opposite, which may be devastating for a brand, especially a single built on customer service.

Your employees are going to be your own brand ambassadors whether you want these to be or not. @kirstenallegriw

Your employees are going to be your own brand ambassadors whether you want these to be or not. So it’ ersus on us to make sure they are great brand ambassadors. And that starts along with making sure they have a good experience at your workplace. The vast majority of messages that people trust visit them from people in their great example of such. In the age of transparency and social networking, the best way to build brand trust would be to give people good reasons to be brand name advocates in their personal and expert networks.

Marketing and advertising is the guardian of your brand, which Human Resources is the guardian of your individuals. @kirstenallegriw

For all those at the top of an organization, it’ s vital that you know that marketing is the guardian of the brand, and that Human Resources is the protector of your people. You’ ve have got to think of both as intrinsically connected. If you’ re not marketing and advertising to your internal audience, getting the most of your brand to them with the exact same urgency that you’ re received it to the outside world, you’ lso are missing a big opportunity. So , We encourage all marketers to consider joining up with your Human Resources leaders to keep your own people at the center of your brand name story.

Will there be a role for marketing when it comes to business social responsibility?

Absolutely. Take SAP’ s special vision of social responsibility, that is making a better run world by causing our companies better run. In the event that we’ re going to make that a fact, then we have to envision and connect that reality— and that’ t where marketing comes in.

Marketing isn’ t virtually selling products and services— it’ h about communicating vision and objective. @kirstenallegriw

Marketing and advertising isn’ t just about selling companies services— it’ s about interacting vision and purpose. If I will help take SAP’ s vision plus make customers aware of it, after that I’ ve used marketing to generate positive social impact. And if I could take the same aspiration and connect it to SuccessFactors’ s workers, then I’ ve used marketing and advertising to help keep SAP on mission.

Your social information mention that not only are you the particular CMO of SAP SuccessFactors, yet an Opera Singer as well! Any kind of marketing lessons you’ ve discovered from performing as a  mezzo soprano?

Like a leader in my organization, I’ meters on stage every day. I can’ big t do it all myself, so I’ ve got to communicate my eyesight to my teams in a way that is not only obvious, but that inspires action. That’ s not at all different from what it’ s like to get up on stage plus sing.

If you think from the music as a kind of strategic eyesight or creative brief, then the overall performance becomes about executing that short perfectly, and always in cooperation with other performers. That’ s just like any day spent in an office. And the same way that performers are usually rightly audience-centric, I try to be customer-centric as a marketer. I think not just concerning the needs and wants but also the particular emotions and happiness of our potential prospects, and work towards those. Customers or even audience members, it’ s not every that different.

What advice do you have for profession climbing marketers who aspire to being a CMO someday?

I’ m going to steal these tips from, believe it or not, Abraham Lincoln which said: “ whatever you are, be considered a good one. ” In the course of our journey to the job I have today, I have done so many different jobs, instead of all of them were what I envisioned while i started my career. But simply by finding a way to do them within the best way I could, I unlocked options in the company and in myself that will led to bigger opportunities. So where ever you are, make it work. “ Whatever you are usually, be a good one. ”

Thank you Kirsten!

Kirsten Allegri Williams is Chief Marketing Official for SAP SuccessFactors, the world’ s leading provider of technologies solutions for Human Resources. In the girl career as a corporate storyteller, she gets rebranded and relaunched the electronic presence of Ariba, another associated with SAP’ s global software companies, and lead partnerships with the Un to help businesses everywhere forge eco friendly supply chains.

She is also an negotiate for women’ s equality plus empowerment in the workplace. Kirsten has been privileged by many organizations including The Internationalist as being a “ Next 50” top online marketer. She is a graduate of Santa claus Clara University with a B. H. in Political Science and N. A. in Music. She obtained her Master of Music level from the Manhattan School of Songs in classical voice and maintains a career as a critically acclaimed mezzo soprano. She works in the SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS New York City office and lives in Brooklyn with her husband and their own two children.

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