How you can Optimize Customer Experience with AI – Top Tips from Microsoft’s Purna Virji

18 Oct

Microsoft's Purna Virji at Pubcon Las Vegas 2018 Photo by Street R. Ellis

Purna Virji , older manager of global engagement in Microsoft, has spoken at the Pubcon conference several times over the years, but the primary stage presentation she gave recently in Las Vegas was her first-time taking a deep look at the ever-evolving synthetic intelligence landscape and how it can strengthen customer experience.

“ When it comes to optimizing the customer experience, style for conversation from the start. Remember, it is important for the user is convenience, ” Purna recently told our TOP DOG Lee Odden in his Pubcon preview highlighting 9 top speakers in the event.

Is Tone of voice Search Living Up To The Hype?

Purna began by wondering the gathered audience whether they thought that all voice search was generally overvalued and not living up to all the buzz it has increasingly attracted as more AI-assisted devices are in our homes, vehicles, offices, and lives in general.

She spoke about the significance of the first experience we have with a brand name, as that first touch stage begins a conversation that will preferably be a long and fruitful one particular for both parties.

Client experience (CX) AI needs to improve, she said, and pointed to some handful of statistics to back up exactly what many in the audience already appeared to know, including a figure displaying that 70 percent of people haven’ t yet used voice research to make a purchase.

Along with poor abandonment rates when getting together with chatbots, Purna equated this lack of the “ one chance to create a first impression” as the “ 2018 version of butt-dialing, ” traveling potential customers away for good, however the scenario is far from only being filled up with doom and gloom, she ongoing.

Microsoft's Purna Virji at Pubcon Las Vegas 2018 Picture by Lane R. Ellis

A well-thought-out chatbot or even voice assistant can be a true game-changer in the CX world, Purna with excitement explained, and said that the Western still has a long way to go prior to it catches up with how this particular technology is being used in other parts from the world.

Using illustrations from several firms, she demonstrated how having a good AI-driven client experience can dramatically improve not only the bottom line, but as in the case associated with 1-800-Flowers, a big demographic change may also happen, as some 70 percent associated with orders they received via their particular chatbot were from a new and far younger group of purchasers.

Top AI Take-Aways Include Clearness & Character

An array of some of the other fascinating AI information Purna shared with Pubcon audiences are usually listed below.

  • Exactly how, as behavioral economics psychologist Daniel Kahneman says, we tend to pick the easiest choice, and why you should take this into account when designing AI-based CX systems
  • Brands that solve a few of the problems that remain with this technology endure to profit immensely
  • The future will see a more natural, speaking shift, however this is different from dumbing elements down
  • Within the bush of today’ s short interest spans, it’ s more important than ever before to keep conversation flowing quickly plus efficiently

Purna also explored several of the areas the lady sees as being increasingly important that technology develops and becomes common.


  • When delivering choices, whether in the B2B or even B2C worlds, all customers possess options, and it’ s crucial to present clear choices and to request concise questions
  • Request a question at the end of a list of choices. Just in cases where there are far too many choices would it not be appropriate to instead how to use open prompt.
  • Compose for the ear, not the eye, composing out sample dialogs and wondering if you would talk to someone by doing this


  • Create bots that are engaging, and that speak as if they were a real person. Research shows we like these types of bots.
  • Be human-like, but don’ t trick your visitors into considering they’ re chatting or speaking with a human — instead, reveal it
  • Your robot should take on either a humorous, expert, or casual persona, and you should intend to phrase the same answers differently based on your audience
  • To be able to build loyalty, bots should have empathy, with a built-in understanding of our primary needs and the human need for chit-chat, which is surprisingly difficult for today’ s generation of bots

Purna suggests preparing in advance to avoid bots that react with the conversation-killing “ sorry We don’ t understand, ” plus taking the time to write suitable responses.

I’ m Afraid We Can’ t Do That, Hal — Offer Alternatives

Regardless of your best efforts, AI conversations are usually inevitably sometimes still error-prone, you could minimize problems by having guidelines in position that offer alternatives and show the obtainable possibilities, so that the conversation is by no means shut down.

She furthermore said that the smartest bots will usually acknowledge errors, and recommended strenuous conversation testing, even though it’ ersus harder than in some other technologies, since there are nearly infinite test cases within voice   — with so many variants including the multiple ways we value to say the same thing.

Microsoft's Purna Virji at Pubcon Vegas 2018 Photo by Lane L. Ellis

Purna furthermore recommended testing in four levels — coding, debugging, beta-testing, and also A/B testing, as well as testing your own bot out in one of the bot emulators available.

She doesn’ t recommend launching a new robot by making it live right away. Rather, first try to get people to split it, she suggested.

Summarizing her energetic and well-delivered presentation, Purna stressed the importance of making a friction-less, easy, and convenience robot experience, and urged those a new comer to the technology to not get confused, as it is still an emerging industry.

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