How do Marketers Create Stronger Customer Provides? Focus on Convenience, According to Shep Hyken

17 Sep

Shep Hyken on Convenience Marketing

Savvy electronic marketers have their ears to the surface and eyes to the sky, trying to be on the cutting edge of the newest and greatest trends, tactics, methods, and tools. After all, change arrives hard and fast in this industry— especially when considering evolving buyer demands and targets.

Nevertheless , innovation doesn’ t have to be net-new. To put a slight spin on a traditional line, everything old can be brand new again. And that’ s exactly where convenience as a strategic digital promotion.

Comfort has been a core customer service principle for many years. And more often than not, comfort is a defining characteristic of client experience and the brand as a whole. Consider what 7-Eleven did for tired travelers or time-crunched professionals. Consider what Amazon first did to get avid, deal-seeking readers— and what they’ re doing now for people from all walks of living.

They will disrupted the industry and created faithful followings by offering a practical customer experience. And according to customer care and experience guru Shep Hyken , marketers can learn a factor or two from these examples— and exactly what he calls “ The Comfort Revolution. ”

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For marketers, convenience isn’ t just a competitive differentiator to become touted in marketing messaging— it’ s also a creative lens. Based on Shep, there are six convenience concepts: Reducing friction, self-service, technology, membership, delivery, and access— all of which he or she details in his latest book, The Comfort Revolution: How to Deliver a Customer Support Experience That Disrupts the Competition plus Creates Fierce Loyalty .

Recently, Shep was thoughtful enough to sit down with me to learn what some of these principles and a watch on convenience can do for marketing experts.

Fulfill Shep Hyken

Customer Experience Expert Shep Hyken Shep’ h been in the customer service and encounter industry for nearly 35 years— it’ s in his DNA.

“ I began my first business when I had been 12, ” Shep recalls. “ It was a birthday party magic display. ”

That’ s right. Shep proved helpful his way around the local birthday celebration circuit performing magic tricks designed for oohs, awes, laughs, and a little bit of cash. But his success had been rooted in consistently innovating the particular service he was delivering.

“ Creating thank you notes was the minimum, ” Shep explains. “ But mother and father encouraged me to also inquire the parents which tricks they enjoyed the most— and drop the particular tricks that didn’ t associated with cut. So , you see, at a really young age I’ m saying thanks a lot, I’ m asking how the program was, I’ m gathering suggestions, and I’ m using that will feedback to make changes— all principles of customer service. ”

“ And this is certainly relevant to marketers, ” he or she adds. “ Customer service experience can be the new marketing; it’ s the newest brand. ”

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Eliminating the Customer Experience Enemy

Your objective is to deliver the right information, on the right time, to the right individual, on the right platform. This is the substance of convenience. You want to make it simple on your audience to get the information they require and to make a decision— and you wish to enhance the journey and create a better encounter for all.

How do you do this? By reducing chaffing. Why? Because where friction is present, frustration exists— and frustrated purchasers and customers will seek out the way of least resistance.

“ Reducing chaffing is perhaps the No . 1 chance for marketers, ” Shep states. “ It’ s simple. If you don’ t know your friction factors, you can’ t improve the consumer experience and build customer dedication. ”

Where should you start?

As Shep indicates: “ Map and study your own customer journey, and ask yourself: Exactly what are my top customer touch factors? Where is there friction? And how may i reduce that friction? ”

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Strengthening Existing Customer Relationships & Attracting Prospects

The customer trip is anything but linear. We know potential buyers and existing customers are usually increasingly self-directed in their quest for solutions. Many turn to the internet-at-large plus social media to research solutions, engage with brand names, inform their decisions, and troubleshoot issues.

Marketers have the opportunity to create on-demand articles that not only aids existing clients, but also engages prospects. For Shep, this falls under the convenience group of self-service.

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“ Salesforce is a good example of this principle in action, ” he says. “ They offer great explainer and how-to content online, which provides their existing customers answers from their fingertips. If customers possess a question or issue, they don’ t have to call support. ”

Here’ s i9000 an example of one of Salesforce’ s How-To videos, one of many featured on their Youtube . com channel:

“ What makes this an incredible marketing piece is that anyone who is actually considering their products can see this great articles, allowing them to learn more about how a product functions and the level of support offered, ” he says.

But what about those who stop the particular search early and just pick up the device? Shep says self-service content nevertheless plays a pivotal role.

“ This article is a great supplement for live assistance, ” he says. “ Your group member can answer questions reside, but also offer more convenient, digital options customers or prospects can leave with. ”

Defining Your Own Brand of Comfort

Here’ s an important thing to remember, marketing experts: Convenience is objective. As Shep points out, what’ s considered practical for one business may simply become unacceptable for another— even inside the same industry. That’ s exactly why it’ s important to define your personal brand of convenience— and not fall target to what Shep calls “ We are able to Do It Too” Syndrome.

“ Marketers have to stop placing so much emphasis on getting up or edging out their particular direct competitors, ” he says. “ Clients don’ t compare you to your competition anymore— they compare you to various other positive experiences they’ ve experienced.

“ If you keep chasing what your competition are doing, you’ re always one step behind, ” Shep adds. “ That’ s a good way to go out of company because you’ re just carrying out what someone else is already performing. ”

Aim to delight and surprise— not simply satisfy— if you want to build relationships plus create meaningful connections together with your customers and prospects.

“ Convenience is really a separator between a satisfied client and a loyal customer, ” Shep says. “ Satisfactory is a ranking. Loyalty is an emotion. So , you should figure out a way to create a lasting psychological bond. ”

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Develop Convenience. Create Loyalty.

Simply put, your customers plus prospects want to do business with businesses that make their lives easier. They need fast answers to their questions. They need service they can count on, every time. They need convenience. And they’ ll spend with their budgets and loyalty.

By adding the comfort lens to your marketing efforts, you are able to uncover and mitigate friction factors, and provide better on-demand content that will fosters connections with your customers plus prospects throughout their journey.

“ Like a marketer, you need to think it’ h beyond just creating awareness, plus think about creating an experience that your clients will talk about to create more understanding, ” Shep shares. “ The very best marketing is when other individuals market for you. ”

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A big thank you to Shep Hyken for sharing his expertise plus insights. If you want to get ahold associated with his new book, it’ t on pre-sale now .

How could you foster deeper connections with your clients, prospects, and audience at-large? Generate content that resonates. For motivation on how to do just that, check out our own post featuring lessons in resonance from ten content marketing experts .

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