How 4 brands optimized their social strategy with Sprout

4 Dec

Managing a brand’s social media presence is no small feat. From regular publishing to social analytics to customer service, today’s social media manager is often juggling multiple jobs at once.

So when it comes to selecting a tool to support their day-to-day responsibilities, social teams have several must-have features. For starters, having a centralized platform that powers publishing, engagement, analytics, listening and more is key to creating a streamlined workflow. This kind of platform enables teams to work more efficiently and realize value from social in real-time, giving social marketers more time to dedicate toward honing their strategies, scaling initiatives and growing customer relationships.

With Sprout Social’s unified platform, brands can optimize their social marketing strategies and focus on the tasks that contribute to a business’ bottomline goals. And with an easy-to-integrate solution, social teams can start to improve their social strategies in a matter of hours, not days. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at how four brands use Sprout Social to address four key business needs: social media management, customer care, employee advocacy and data and intelligence.

1. streamlines and elevates their social media strategy with Sprout, a nonprofit that enables people to donate money to public school projects, relies on Sprout for social media management to tell the organization’s story and create connections with their audience.

Yet without the right tools, executing a successful social strategy was difficult and overwhelming.

“It is so incredibly time-consuming to manage social,” said Chief Marketing Officer Katie Bisbee. “It was clear that if we had a good platform that allowed us to track data, we could do it in a more efficient and smarter way.”

Sprout’s easy-to-use tool made it possible for to quickly integrate the platform into its internal processes. The nonprofit now uses Sprout for tasks such as tracking incoming messages and responding to customer service inquiries to managing marketing campaigns and analyzing performance data. “Social for us enables that connection between donors and classrooms, and really allows us to raise more funding for those that need it the most,” adds Bisbee.

“[Sprout Social] allowed us to increase our efficiency, to actually post less content while getting more out of each piece of content that we’re sharing. It’s taken more of that day-to-day administrative work and allowed me to focus on what is most important,” said Digital Marketing Manager Stephen Burke.

2. With Sprout, maintaining exceptional customer care is a breeze for Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle, a direct-to-consumer mattress and bedding brand, counts on Sprout to maintain their high level of customer care as the business continues to grow. The brand required a platform that would enable it to keep up with messages on social media, identify customer care opportunities and optimize team performance.

“We had a lot of blindspots,” said Head of Customer Experience Aaron Bata. “We didn’t know how long it was taking us to get back to customers, how often customers were mentioning us.”

With Sprout, Tuft & Needle is able to quickly engage with customers using a simplified workflow that prevents duplicative efforts and supports personalized service, all while allowing managers to analyze how quickly and often their team members are responding to customers.

“The high-level value that Sprout brings our team is definitely efficiency,” said Social Media Strategist Kendall Davis. “It’s time saving. There’s no confusion about who’s doing what. And it makes it really easy to reach all of our customers on all of our platforms in one place.”

3. Euromonitor International is all-in on building a culture of social selling

Euromonitor International, a leading global provider of strategic market research, leverages Sprout products to support their scaling brand consistency efforts through employee advocacy.

The market research company understands the importance of using social to expand its reach and cultivate trust online, as well as the inherent value of employees’ extended social networks. However, the company needed a way to ensure employees’ social activity stayed consistent and on brand.

Enter Bambu by Sprout Social.

With Sprout Social’s employee advocacy tool, Euromonitor curates pre-approved content for its employees to share, exponentially increasing the organic reach of their brand’s messaging.

“Not only does it make it easier for the sales teams to go in and just have a ton of rich content and thought leadership populated for them to use, but we as the marketing team feel really confident about what they’re sharing,” said Communications Manager Sara Abadi. “Bambu really allows us to curate content by industry, by geography, in a really targeted and purposeful way.”

Bambu by Sprout Social not only resolves scalability and brand consistency challenges related to employee advocacy, it also helps generate a social selling culture.

Senior Business Executive, Robert Hoyle, said “I am in Bambu every single day. When our clients are on social platforms and they see that there’s a network of Euromonitor employees who are posting engaging articles and are sharing some of their research and their statistics, it bridges that trust gap.”

4. The Chicago Bulls are leveling up their social strategy with data-powered insights

The Chicago Bulls, one of the most widely recognized sports teams in the world, leans on Sprout’s data and intelligence capabilities to uncover insights to optimize its social strategy.

With over 26 million followers across the Bulls’ social media platforms, Senior Digital Content Manager Luka Dukich highlighted the challenge that comes with managing such a high volume of social data. Dukich noted the Bulls “needed to find a tool that could help us take that data and put it in perspective for us, but also make sure that data is accurate. That’s where Sprout’s really been a game changer.”

Sprout’s social analytics and reporting tools empower the Bulls to support every aspect of its social strategy with actionable data. With insight on engagement, impressions and link clicks across all of their connected social profiles, Dukich is able to measure how individual pieces of content are performing. Meanwhile, social listening empowers the Bulls to understand audience sentiment, track share of voice, identify rising trends and much more.

“Sprout and the social data we get from it has really taken us to the next level,” said Digital Director Dan Moriarty.

Get back to the work that matters with Sprout

Creating, executing and managing a brand’s social media strategy is challenging. But a unified platform ensures teams are investing their time on the work that directly contributes to their business’ goals. From strengthening customer relationships to elevating their social strategies with data, brands like the Bulls and Euromonitor can focus more on achieving their goals and more strategic investment in their social platforms.

And it isn’t only these four brands who have experienced social success with Sprout. More than 20,000 organizations worldwide choose Sprout to streamline their operations, generate sales, empower employees and foster brand loyalty. Demo the tool that will help supercharge your social strategy and drive business results today.

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