Here is what you need to know about the Google+ power down

28 Feb

In October 2018, Google introduced that it will be closing down the consumer version of Google+ owing to insufficient usage. The company declared that it was too challenging to keep sustaining a product that could not meet consumers’ expectations. The initial announcement also mentioned that Google would complete the Google+ shutdown in 10 months.

This wasn’ t as well surprising to a lot of social media marketers plus experts who had been anticipating the problem of the platform for a while. Since 2013, Google+ had been experiencing low action. While there were 1 . 15 billion dollars registered users , only 359 mil of them were active on the platform.

Stone Temple later present in 2015 that 90% of legitimate profiles on Google+ had no content. In other words, many users were not posting anything at the platform even though they had signed up.

After the initial announcement from the Google+ shutdown, Google later found that a software update released in Nov contained a bug. Since this particular bug was affecting the platform’ s Application Programming Interface (API) and some of its users, the company chose to expedite the shutdown .

So instead of August 2019, it moved the shutdown time up to April 2, 2019.

What this means for you: Following steps to take

What does the Google+ shutdown mean designed for users like you? How will it impact social media marketers and businesses? Several importantly, what do you need to do to prepare for that shutdown? Let’ s take a look.

Step one: Check your user profile security

The very first thing you’ d want to do is ensure that your profile is secure while Google+ is still in the process of shutting lower. For this, you can follow the existing guidelines given by Google to secure your Google+ profile . This involves:

  • Adding or updating your recovery options
  • Switching on 2-step verification using protection keys or Google prompts
  • Removing account access intended for apps that are not very important or even secure
  • Using the Search engines Security Checkup device to review and control which applications can access your Google+ user profile data
    Google Security Checkup page
  • Updating your browser, applications and Operating System (OS)
  • Removing unnecessary apps and internet browser extensions
  • Creating distinctive and complicated passwords and switching on Password Alert for Chrome.

Step two: Save your data through Google+

Lots of Google+ users created a profile only to sync it with the other Search engines products they’ re using like Gmail. So they never really published content on the platform or used it in order to interact with other users. If you’ lso are among these inactive users, a person won’ t face much reduction with the Google+ shutdown.

But if you have shared some articles on the platform or made a few valuable connections over the years, you wouldn’ t want to lose all this information. Google gives you several options in order to save out your data , therefore you’ d want to do that prior to the Google Plus shutdown. Here’ s i9000 what you can do:

Downloading it all your data

You have the option to download all of the data from Google+. This will consist of data from your Circles, Streams plus Communities as well as all your +1 information. The process is quite simple. You just need to the Download your data page and sign in if necessary. You’ lmost all see that all your available Google+ information has been pre-selected as shown within the screenshot below.
data conserving options for Google Plus

Click on “ Next, ” and you’ lmost all have the option to choose from different file forms, archive sizes and delivery strategies. You can have the download link delivered to you via email or include all the data to your Google Generate. You can even save it to your Dropbox or your computer’ s on the web storage drive. Select the options that will suit you best, then click on “ Create Archive” and that’ h it.
format options in order to save Google Plus data

Getting specific data

You may not necessarily need to save all of your data from Google+. If you just want to download specific data like your photos, events or articles, you can narrow down your choice. On the first page, you can deselect whichever data you do not want to conserve. Even under your Google+ Stream information, you can further select specific information to save such as events, posts plus photos.

options for conserving Google Plus Stream data

Once you’ re done selecting all the information you want to download, you just need to follow exactly the same steps listed above to choose your document type, file size and mode associated with delivery before selecting “ Produce Archive. ”

Step three: Update your social technique

As a social networking marketer, the next thing you’ d need to do before the Google+ shutdown is to update your interpersonal strategy . While most social techniques focus on major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, some marketers also include Google+ too.

Even if it doesn’ t play a huge role within your overall social strategy, you still have to make the necessary adjustments so you can stay up to date. Here are a few steps you can take to revise your social strategy in planning for the Google+ shutdown:

  • Remove the Google+ sharing control keys from your website and blog posts, is to do the same for your clients. After the Search engines Plus shutdown, these buttons may turn into dead links. So you wouldn’ t want to keep them around to produce a bad experience for users or even add broken links to your webpages.
  • If Google+ was obviously a major channel to communicate with customers , you will have to replicate the same types of support you provided there through other social media systems. This will ensure that prospects and clients can still seamlessly communicate with you making use of social media. If you do have an active Google+ page, be sure to alert customers ahead of time and link them to the other users where they can find you.
  • If your Google+ page shown important information about your business such as shop hours, make sure you have that details available on other social media platforms.
  • One of the biggest losses could be when it comes to connections made through Google+ Towns. These communities might have provided outstanding networks to market your products or services. In case you own or moderate an involved community on the platform, make sure you down load your community metadata using the guidelines given previously.
    options in order to save Google Plus Communities data
    This will help a person store useful information such as titles and links to the profiles associated with members, applicants, invitees and prohibited members. See if you can recreate exactly the same community in the form of Facebook or LinkedIn groups to maintain your connections.
  • If there were any blogposts on Google+ that performed very well, see if you can repurpose them with regard to other social platforms. This way, you’ ll be providing your social networking audience with fresh content which is likely to perform well (because it has currently proven itself on Google+). These types of posts can easily be incorporated into your interpersonal content strategy and repurposed intended for platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn.

The actual Google+ shutdown means for Sprout Interpersonal users

With all the Google+ shutdown, Sprout will also have some product modifications   leading up to the Mar 7 deadline. Here’ s exactly what users need to know and prepare for:

  • First stage – The first stage of the change rolled out on The month of january 28. With this change, Sprout customers can no longer draft, publish, queue or even schedule posts for Google+. You are able to no longer receive new messages through Google+ in the Inbox, and you won’ t be able to respond to or remove Google+ messages either. If you got any drafts or messages planned to go out after January twenty-eight, those would be deleted too. With this particular change, Sprout users are also unable to connect Google+ profiles in Develop or collect new data on the Google+ posts, including scheduling brand new reports on Google+ data. Given that Sprout has discontinued all choices to conduct new Google+ action, it should make transitioning off the system easier.
  • 2nd phase – Subsequently of the change will happen on 03 7, and at this point, your Google+ Inbox and sent message background will be erased, as well as past Reviews data. Until March 7, you can still have access to historical messages, therefore make sure you download any Google+ information from Sprout that you’ lmost all want to access later before after that.

Exactly what else to expect

Although Google is planning to turn off Google+ for consumers, enterprise accessibility will remain unaffected. In fact , Google+ to get Enterprise will go through a few improvements and improvements. While announcing the particular Google Plus shutdown, the company furthermore announced that there will be new features in order to cater to the needs of businesses.

The platform has remained a very important product for enterprise customers because it has helped co-workers engage in inner discussions and provided a protected corporate social network. So the company chose to shift its focus and adjust the platform into an enterprise item. Google will share more information concerning the new features and updates within the coming months.

Had been you expecting the Google+ shutdown all along? Or did it capture you by surprise? Have you produced all the necessary preparations? Let us know within the comments below.

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