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25 Dec

It’ s the most wonderful moments of the year. The smell of pinus radiata, cinnamon, and fresh-baked cookies have been in the air. The jingle bells are usually ring-ting-tingling. And we’ re all of reflecting on months past plus looking ahead to what the new year brings.

2018 was quite a year for the TopRank Marketing group . We had the pleasure associated with working with an incredible book of clients— both longtime partners and brand new favorites. We welcomed new extremely smart and talented team members, plus said goodbye to some who continued to make their marks on various industries and brands. And 2019 looks awesomely bright, as we equipment up for more projects and develop our team.

To celebrate the year, the holiday time of year, and each other, the TopRank Marketing and advertising team enjoyed a few days of joyful fun. Take a peek!

Hot Cocoa & Ugly Sweater Day

What better method to enjoy each other’ s organization than to drink delicious hot cacao?

Just one thing. Drinking hot cacao while admiring each other’ h fantastically awful holiday sweaters.

TopRank Marketing Ugly Cardigan Day 2018

Tanker, delightfully pictured in his “ Santa claus Cool” sweater and a very serious encounter (front right), was the crowd favorite— earning him an Amazon present card.

Silly Unattractive Christmas Sweater Photo 2018

The Back-By-Popular-Demand Christmas Biscuit Exchange

Weeks before the holiday season commenced, a number of our team members had their eyes around the prize. Several times I was asked when there would be another Christmas cookie extravaganza, so it had to happen.

Traditional chocolate nick bites. Sinfully soft and lovely pumpkin treats. Tasty white chocolates chip and cranberry delicacies. All of us members brought their A-game towards the cookie exchange.

TopRank Marketing Christmas Cookie Exchange

Oh yea, and there were also Cheez-It-approved, peanut-butter chocolate sammiches.

TopRank Marketing's Jack Fitzpatrick Gets Cheez-It Shout Out

Extremely Santa Sweep

Limited to a handful of television looking at options, as a kid my cousin and I watched several game displays to pass the time when we were kids— and Supermarket Sweep was a best favorite. (Go for the hams! )


So , when it came time for you to plan an activity that would be engaging plus help us spread some vacation cheer to those who need it the majority of, Super Santa Sweep was born.

After going to a local Target store, we pennyless into teams and each team was handed a targeted shopping list. Teams had been required to:

  • Get at least one of every item.
  • Stay together as a team (i. electronic. no dividing and conquering).
  • Complete their own shopping in less than 15 minutes.

The group that came the closest for their budgets without going over would get an unique prize.

TopRank Advertising Super Santa Sweep

Between the four teams, the money spread was roughly $5, along with Team No . 2 reigning supreme— knocking out Team 1 because of a register error. Here’ h Team 1 nervously waiting for the entire to come up …

The best part? All the items— everyday items such as toiletries, hats and gloves, towels, plus cleaning supplies— were donated in order to Simpson Casing Services , a local nonprofit in order to transition folks out of homelessness. So when we brought the goodies for their staging place, we were informed that will some of the items we brought had been in need that very time, allowing us to make an immediate influence.

White-colored Elephant Gift Exchange

The White Hippo Gift Exchange was an absolute huge range. Team members were instructed to bring the wrapped, new or gently utilized item of their choice to pass onto another team member. We received numbers and, in order, selected our own gift of choice and unwrapped this for all to see.

Once all the gifts had been unwrapped, in reverse order, team members can challenge another team member to get a chance to steal their gift. The task? Best of 3 rock-paper-scissors.

The most coveted presents included a Christmas cactus, the battery-operated microphone that could be used being a megaphone or app-enabled karaoke brace, and an 80s music trivia game.

TopRank Advertising White Elephant Gift Exchange

Pajama Day & Film Day

In the spirit of cozying on with a few laughs and snacks, the particular team was encouraged to wear a common fluffy PJs and gather within the conference room to watch a holiday movie. After a very close voting procedure, Elf was the selected movie for the viewing pleasure. And of course, there was snacks, soda, cookies, and candy in order to snack on.


Sorry. We didn’ t get a picture. I used to be too caught up in the magical occasions.

Content Holidays from Our Team to Your own

We’ re so grateful for each some other and the wonderful clients, thought commanders, and friends we’ ve worked well and grown with this year. Therefore , from our family of marketers to your own, Happy Holidays!

Join the TopRank Marketing Fun All Year Long

We’ re hiring! Yay! Take a look at our Professions page for a complete list of openings.

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