five Powerful Types (And Examples) associated with Link-Worthy Content

25 Jun

How to Create Link-Worthy Content

Since the inception from the search engine, marketers have spent a good obscene amount of time optimizing their articles and strategy for search. And while the days of keyword stuffing and other black-hat SEO tactics are behind (most marketers), there’ s two constants that remain the same for generating organic search results: The importance of good articles and getting credible links to that great content.

In fact , Google’ s former Research Quality Senior Strategist and present Partner Development Manager, Andre Lippattsev , made it official in a recent interview proclaiming that content and backlinks had been the top two ranking factors within Google’ s elusive algorithm.

As a result, there’ s little doubt that we online marketers must create something irresistible just for searchers and search engines if we want to attain good results.


To help you create link-worthy content that has the potential to generate reputable referrals and backlinks, and give natural visibility a boost, here are five varieties of content worthy of consideration.

#1 – Authentic Research

Marketers are always looking for credible information, statistics, and insights to not just understand more about their industry and maintain up on trends, but also bolster their very own content. As a result, original research is definitely an incredibly powerful and link-attracting part of content.

For example , the Content Marketing Institute’ s Condition of B2B Content Marketing Yearly Report is a something we often research and link to in our own blogs.

CMI's 2018 B2B Content Marketing Report

With statistics that will highlight common content marketing tendencies, patterns, and pain points to get B2B marketers, their report assists us learn more about our industry, but additionally reinforce our some of our own advertising philosophies and present the facts. Consequently, CMI’ ersus 2018 report has over two, 000 inbound links.

018 B2B Content Marketing Review Inbound Link Results

Source: Moz Hyperlink Explorer

Conducting your own market research, however , is a time- plus resource-intensive task. We know this first-hand from our own experience working with DivvyHQ to create our own 2018 Content material Planning Survey .

To ensure that you’ re putting together accurate, high quality research, there are some guidelines you’ lmost all want to follow. For instance, you’ lmost all want to get a large enough sample dimension for your survey or study to make sure that your findings represent your sector accurately— you don’ t wish to collect only a few responses from individuals you know.

In addition , avoid open-ended questions whenever conducting research as you’ lmost all want to make sure that your findings are usually quantitative. And as with any articles you create, make sure you have a strong amplification plan in place to drive recognition.

In the long run, if you’ re able to gather fresh, useful research, your market will find value and insight, plus sources who cite your research is going to be compelled to link to your survey, increasing your number of inbound links and (hopefully) rankings.

#2 – Infographics

Original research isn’ t the only thing readers and resources rely on to find new, relevant information that help them tell their own stories. As a visual, engaging method to digest a lot of information at once, infographics are usually another type of linkable asset that when calculated resonates with readers and sources as well.

Packed with quotes, graphics, statistics, and more, infographics house plenty of information without overpowering your audience. Packed with helpful information, it’ s no wonder that various other sites will link to a beautiful infographic over a text-heavy white paper.

For example , GetVoIP , a cloud communications advisory, created an infographic on “ How To Get More Energy At your workplace . ” The particular infographic resulted in 66 inbound links plus was also picked up by Entrepreneur. com .

GetVoIP Infographic

In the event that you’ ve already done a few original research as suggested over, creating an infographic is a great method to promote or get some additional existence out of your research report. However , infographics can also be curated from credible resources representing statistics, quotes, and information in new, visual ways.

To create infographics that readers and sources as well will appreciate, look at your current content for repurposing opportunities. For instance , you could take one of your top-performing, stat-packed blog posts and turn it into a good infographic for an easy win. Or even, find credible sources with information points that support the guidelines or takeaways you want to share and turn into them into fun graphics. As well as, make sure the data and facts incorporated are highly relevant to your target audience, in addition to an amplification plan in place.

#3 – Online Tools & Resources

The two earlier types of link-worthy content focus seriously on earning links through information. However , data isn’ t the only real link-worthy type of content. Inbound links are earned by providing helpful tools plus resources to your readers. The more “ bookmark-able” resources you can produce, the greater links you have the opportunity to capture.

What kind of equipment or resources are we discussing?

Take a look at HubSpot’ h Blog Ideas Generator as an example beneath. While there isn’ t plenty of visible content on the page, there exists a lot of value in the tool by itself as it can help solve a big discomfort point among their target audience: writer’ s block.

HubSpot Ideas Generator Tool

And the results of supplying something so useful are significant with the tool generating over twelve, 000 inbound links and 200 rating keywords.

Linking Results from HubSpot's Blog Idea Electrical generator Tool

Source: Moz Link Explorer

Besides an idea generator, you could also build a calculator, calendar, or even just a listicle of helpful tools and sources. As an example, our own blog post featuring more than 100 Internet marketing Resources is one of our most linked-to pages with 3, 114 backlinks.

#4 – Rankings

Rankings are also helpful, link-worthy types of content. People want to know whom the best people are to follow on LinkedIn, what tools are best for worker advocacy, or what the top techniques are for generating leads. Plus creating a ranking is one of the ways you can provide those recommendations.

Content that shares useful, must-know information is what earns probably the most links, and rankings definitely mark that box. Plus, the people or brands featured on your checklist are also likely to share and connect to your ranking in order to promote their particular accomplishment. In fact , Great Place to Work published their particular annual list of the Fortune 100 Best Businesses to Work For and received more than 350 inbound links in just under 6 months.

Fortune a hundred Best Companies to Work For 2018

When creating your personal rankings, make sure you have a set procedure or methodology. There needs to be an obvious rationale behind your choices. This displays your readers and potential hyperlink sources how you reached your rating decisions, adding to the credibility of the list. And again, make sure you come with an amplification plan in place before start.

#5 – Guides & Tutorials

Another type of source that gets a lot of attention from all other sources on the web are guides plus tutorials. As the “ one-stop shop” for everything you need to know on a provided subject or task, guides plus tutorials are helpful links individuals to add to their content. For example , Blockgeeks , a blockchain training plus education platform, created an in-depth guide upon Bitcoin containing over 2, eight hundred words.

Bitcoin Tutorial Example

The power page has resulted in more than 800 inbound links and 180 rank keywords for Blockgeeks.

Linking Results From the What exactly is Bitcoin Guide

Source: Moz Link Explorer

To build those in-depth articles opportunities, use tools like SEMrush. com to recognize relevant variations of a keyword you want to target. For example , if you want to cover the subject “ document management, ” the particular Keyword Magic Tool will give you a listing of all of the related long-tail and issue keyword variations to tackle within your guide like “ document software, ” “ what is document administration, ” “ how does document administration work, ” and “ exactly why document management is important. ”

Those key phrase variations should then serve as the particular outline for your guide, ensuring that a person cover all of the relevant questions plus topics your audience and resources might like to learn about. And while it’ s already been said in this item, I’ ll say it once again: make sure you have an amplification plan above SEO to drive awareness, engagement, plus clicks.

Give Them Something to “ Hyperlink About”

Searchers and search engines are on the particular hunt for quality, insightful content to solution questions, bolster their research, and promote with their audiences. By strategically producing guides, resources, research reports, or even infographics, you can serve up useful, informative, and link-worthy content that simply leaves them thinking:


Just remember to help keep quality and usefulness top associated with mind when creating your content. As our personal CEO, Shelter Odden , states:

No matter how many tactics you discover here and elsewhere, there is no substitute for creating content that will others may find useful.

No matter how many tactics you discover here and elsewhere, there is no substitute for creating content that will others may find useful. – @leeodden Click To Tweet

Earning backlinks is among the most important factors when it comes to improving your search engines rankings. Have a highly competitive term you want to rank for? Check out the guide on how to position for competitive keywords .

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