Electronic Marketing Spotlight: An Interview With Ursula Ringham, Head of Global Changer Marketing, SAP

4 Jun

Influencer Marketing Interview Ursula Ringham

They say attention killed the cat, but in Ursula Ringham ’ s situation, curiosity is her special gift— both personally and professionally.

“ I’ m a fiercely curious individual who loves storytelling, ” Ursula informed me. “ I guess it’ s the hidden talent; I can strike up the conversation with a stranger and get these to tell me their full life tale. I’ ll talk to anyone. I wish to know people and how they believe. ”

Her curiosity and “ really like of story” have guided the girl throughout her marketing career— through early positions at Adobe and Apple to self-publishing the thriller novel to her latest function as Mind of Global Influencer Marketing at  SAP * .

“ I’ meters no millennial, but I have the particular millennial mindset, ” she states. “ You have to go after what you want. A person can’ t let fear choose your future. And I know if I place my mind to something, I could do it. ”

As influencer advertising booms and social media marketing encounters a quasi midlife crisis , I sat straight down with Ursula to talk misconceptions, equipment, and tips on both marketing methodologies.

Q& A with SAP’ s Ursula Ringham

Ursula Ringham, Head of Global Changer Marketing, SAP 1 . Tell me about your self. How did you come into the particular digital marketing space and eventually sign up for SAP?

I was in the right place at the correct time. As you know, I worked in Adobe and Apple, so I a new career in high-tech early on. I really left Apple right before the 1st iPhone came out, and I stayed acquainted with my kids for about eight years.

When it had been time to get back in, honestly, nobody would hire me. They’ g say: “ You have great encounter from back in the day, but you can’ t compete. ” Things got changed.

But even when I was at home, I had been always doing something— I did several consulting and also worked on my enthusiasm for writing. That’ s once i wrote and self-published my thriller novel, “ Privileged Problem . ” I actually took creative writing classes, went to conferences and events when I could— and this is still something I do these days; attend events to continue to develop since I still have several books within me.

Then in 2012, I was talking having a girlfriend and she said she required someone to write customer success stories. Even though I didn’ t have the specific experience, I could write and I believed: “ I can do anything easily put my mind to it. ”

Therefore , I got a job as a contractor; somebody took a chance on me. Which someone was at SAP.

2 . You might have extensive experience with social media. What perhaps you have found to be the universal truths associated with social? (The things that stay the same regardless of what platform or algorithm changes happen. )

Authenticity and storytelling; you need to very own your brand— but you need to do this strategically.

As an individual on social or even through your brand channels, you need to discuss the truths about who you are in a manner that connects with your audience.

For me, these are the particular “ five truths” I present to my following:

No . 1: My function.

Inform a story that enables people to come with a person on the journey. Your audience doesn’ t want to hear that your business just released a new product or service. They would like to know how you’ re solving difficulties or making a difference.

No . 2: My loved ones.

I actually don’ t give every detail here— just sprinkle some things within. This is how people see a different aspect and get to know me. You have to provide something personal.

No . 3: My enthusiasm.

You need to share something you love. Dogs, snow skiing, Star Wars , poetry— the list goes on. Share something you’ re passionate about because you’ lmost all be able to form connections with people who may have the same passions.

No . 4: Sports.

Whether you’ re a sports fanatic or perhaps tolerate them, it’ s some thing everyone can connect with and discuss— whether it’ s your child’ s little league baseball online game or the NBA Finals.

No . 5: Third-party voices.

It could be an article from my favorite reporter or the latest commentary on the regal wedding. The point is to share things that your audience find interesting.

The bottom line here is: End up being authentic. Be yourself (or your own brand). But be strategic.

As an individual on #socialmedia or even through your brand channels, you need to discuss the truths about who you are in a manner that connects with your audience. – @ursularingham Click To Tweet

3. What do you believe is most misunderstood about changer marketing?

For one, people often think that changer marketing is all about celebrities hawking an item. It’ s truly not regarding that— especially in the B2B realm. It’ s about highlighting experts who may have real experience on the business problems a brand’ s audience encounters.

Subsequently, it’ s not always about the quantity of followers or connections an changer has. Some people think: “ Also my God. We have to work with this particular person. They have a million followers. ” Your influencers have to be able to relate with your audience and that skill isn’ t necessarily determined by a large subsequent.

Finally, influencer marketing is not an one-and-done tactic. You want it to be in the future, so influencer relationships are usually everything . You should dig deep to learn who your own influencers are and the expertise they will bring, and build a relationship simply by consistent and thoughtful engagement.

Lastly, influencers can be found within your own business. Your employees can be influencers. Individuals often forget this. You can and really should combine internal and external influencers.

4. What’ s i9000 one “ influencer marketing must” that marketers often overlook?

You must have the call to action. What’ s the point? What’ s your end goal? How are you determining success? Where are you sending all of them?

Whether or not your goal is brand consciousness or lead gen, if you’ re telling a story that has individuals on the edge of their seat, you should give them a natural next step to continue their own journey.

Regardless of your objective, if you’ re telling a tale that has people on the edge of the seat, you need to give them a natural next thing to continue their journey. – @ursularingham #InfluencerMarketing Click To Tweet

5. Let’ s say you’ ve come across a long-lost marketer friend who’ s considering working with influencers. Exactly where do you tell them to start? What do a person tell them to be cautious of?

The main thing can be: If you want to succeed, you have to be in it in order to win it . You have to be on social media, you have to be involved, you have to follow influencers, you have to build relationships them, and you have to read, watch, or even listen to their content. And all of this really is before, during, and after you touch base for the first ask.

When it comes to vetting who also you want to work with, start by digging to their social channels.

Twitter is a great place to purchase topics and types of content they’ re interested in. LinkedIn is great for this particular, too, but that’ s where one can really vet whether they have the experience and background to make a partnership an excellent fit. Facebook and Instagram are usually where you can see if you really want to work with all of them since you’ re typically capable to see more personality there.

As for some thing to look out for, as you’ re seeing their social posts, see if they’ re just sharing the same points on every channel. A blog post on Instagram with 10 hashtags will not work on Facebook. Every route is different and if you keep seeing exactly the same post, it’ s like: Exactly where are you? Where’ s the genuine side?

Finally, you should be very selective upon who you work with. You need to ensure they’ re a good fit. Occasionally I’ ll actually reach out to the mutual connection or a colleague in a different company to see if they’ ve worked with an influencer prior to and get their read on them.

If you want to succeed at #influencermarketing, you need to be in it to win it. You need to commit. – @ursularingham Click In order to Tweet

6. Where do you think GDPR plus data privacy as it relates to social media marketing and influencer marketing will have greatest impact on how brands engage? (What do brands need to consider? )

GDPR is going to be the stake in the terrain for all data privacy— pub none. As GDPR kicks off, we’ ll start to see lawsuits plus controversies in the news and people can become increasingly aware and engaged. Within the U. S., we’ re currently becoming more aware of data privacy problems, especially after Cambridge Analytica.

But main point here, GDPR will be really important. And as a result, our own influencers will become even more important plus valuable. They’ re going to end up being our trusted brand ambassadors; our own trusted voices. They’ ll be considered a huge asset because people don’ t trust brands outright— they will trust people.

In light associated with #GDPR, influencers will become even more essential and valuable. They’ re likely to be our trusted brand ambassadors; our trusted voices. – @ursularingham #InfluencerMarketing Click To Tweet

7. What’ s in your social media marketing toolbox? (What platforms, tools or best practices are usually your must-haves for success? )

On the individual front, I’ m on Tweets, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. A vital best practice for me here is dressmaker the content and the messaging for each system because my audience is different for every.

Additionally , I post in the moment, every day. Genuineness is important, so I rarely use arranging tools.

Now, for the brand marketers on the market, you absolutely need a social networking scheduling and management tool . You need assist. And there are so many tools out there such as Hootsuite or even Buffer , but do your research and choose one that meets your brand’ ersus needs from a management and financial perspective.

8. How about your influencer advertising toolbox?

Brands engaging in influencer relations plus marketing need a tool to help manage, identify, and manage relationships along with influencers. A spreadsheet won’ capital t get you very far. Tools will help you keep up with what your influencers performing and sharing, so you can regularly employ and continue to build relationships.

Like with social networking management tools, there are several options such as Traackr or even Onalytica , so do your research plus pick one that’ s the best match.

nine. Finally, what are you most thrilled for in your new role because Head of Global Influencer Advertising for SAP?

Building a world-class influencer system that helps SAP become a Top-10 brand name. And we’ ll do it via innovative storytelling. We make extremely innovative products, so we need to inform our stories in innovative methods. And working with influencers will help all of us do that.

I love pushing the envelope. I really like innovative content. And I’ mirielle excited about what can happen when we believe a little differently.

10. Any final phrases for other marketers out there?

In marketing and advertising, story is everything . But in order to tell the compelling story, you have to be immersed. Provide empathy and understanding, bring objective, and bring insight— the latter which influencers can certainly help with.

Finally, embrace attention, think and do things differently, plus embed yourself in your craft if you need to innovate.

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Ready to Take those Influencer Marketing Dive?

As Ursula therefore eloquently said, in order to succeed from influencer marketing, you have to stay it to win it. You need to commit. So , why not start with immersing yourself in influencer marketing suggestions, tactics, and strategies.

Check out some of these useful posts to get you more in the understand and help you make the leap:

Finally, the big thank you to Ursula with regard to sharing her story and information. You rock! If you want to connect with Ursula, follow her on Twitter or LinkedIn .

Disclosure: SAP is a TopRank Marketing customer.

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