Bye-Bye Boring B2B: Lee Odden Displays B2BMX Attendees the Power of Online Influencer Content

27 Feb

Interactive Influencer Content Marketing

Quick question, B2B marketers: How many of you awaken feeling like this about your own B2B content?


Not so much? Hello, it’ s OK. You’ lso are a passionate and proud B2B marketing expert. But finding a way to create thrilling, inspiring, infotaining content that links with your audience is hard work. In fact, B2B isn’ t innately sexy— it’ s booooooring. Oh, plus between content overload, changing customer preferences for personalization, and reducing audience trust, it’ s significantly hard to capture and keep attention.

So , here’ s another question: Are you ready to state bye-bye to boring content plus hello to exciting, inspiring, plus infotaining content experiences?

Yes a lot? Good. Because, as TopRank Marketing and advertising CEO Lee Odden told a loaded room at B2B Marketing Swap this week, you can .

How? By bringing two extremely powerful content marketing tactics with each other: interactive content and influencer content material.

The reason why interactive? Why influencers? Why online and influencers? Here’ s just how Lee broke it down.

Why Online Content?

The digital content landscape is usually increasingly competitive. If brands don’ t create great content encounters that grab and hold interest, they simply can’ t contend. But interactive content could be a B2B game-changer .

Online content informs . Interactive content engages and entertains . Interactive articles connects . Wow, and interactive content converts . And as Lee stated, research shows that 81% of internet marketers agree that interactive content holds attention more effectively than static content material (CMI) and 70% of online marketers say interactive content is effective from converting site visitors (Ion Interactive).

Why Changer Content?

As Lee said, these days “ buyers expect more, but rely on less. ” In fact , according to a HubSpot report , 65% of buyers don’ t believe in ads and a whopping 55% of these surveyed said they don’ to even trust the companies they’ lso are already doing business with.

The good news? Buyers desperately wish to trust.

Buyers desperately wish to trust. And we can give them believe in with relevant #B2B content which includes credible voices. – @leeodden #InfluencerMarketing #ContentMarketing Click To Tweet

But who else do buyers trust? Simply put, purchasers trust people they know— or even people they think they understand. (Just for fun, take a peek in where marketers rank as compared to baristas. Uh huh. )

HubSpot Research

(Image credit: HubSpot)

Eighty-one percent of HubSpot participants said they trust friends and family more than business. In addition , DemandGen Report’ h 2018 Content Preferences Survey showed that will 78% of B2B buyers create a higher emphasis on the trustworthiness of the information source, and 65% have an increased preference for credible content through industry influencers.

Co-creating plus collaborating with influencers can be involved at every stage of the customer lifecycle. – @leeodden #InfluencerMarketing #ContentMarketing Click on To Tweet

Why Interactive Influencer Articles?

To stay competitive, marketers need to create participating experiences for their audiences while furthermore building credibility and trust. Plus that’ s precisely where interactive changer content comes in. To really drive the idea home, Lee pointed to a fantastic quote from Amisha Gandhi , Vice President of Changer Marketing for SAP Ariba:

“ Dealing with influencers to co-create content provides mutual value. When that articles is interactive, it creates an experience which is more engaging and inspires actions. ”

Working with #influencers in order to co-create content delivers mutual worth. When that #content is online, it creates an experience that is more interesting and inspires action. – @AmishaGandhi Click To Tweet

What Does Effective B2B Interactive Influencer Content Look Like?

When you place relevant, useful, and credible content material in an eye-catching, engaging format, amazing things can happen. Not only are you generating an infotaining experience for your purchasing audience, but also for influencer partners. You’ re creating mutual value.

Examples of Online Influencer Content

#1 – Interactive Infographic

Subject: The continuing future of Influencer Marketing

Objective: Drive leads from unique research report while also repurposing influencer tips.

Results: 6, 971 pageviews plus an impressive 42% conversion rate

Future of Influencer Marketing and advertising Interactive Infographic

#2 – Interactive eBook

Topic: Future-Proof Articles Marketing

Objective: Leverage an entire year’ s really worth of content and insights close to content marketing strategy, planning, and dimension to boost awareness and lead style (small ask: participate in content marketing and advertising planning survey; big ask: ask for a trial).

Results: Exceeded small and large ask benchmark goals four occasions over.

Back towards the Future Interactive eBook

#3 – Interactive Voice Associate and Microsite + SEO-Driven Content material

Subject: AI and the Next Evolution of Financing

Goal: Develop industry credibility and engagement upon AI and Finance with believed leadership content.

Results: 189% increase over standard pageview goals and 642% enhance over benchmark engagement goals; 84 net-new keyword rankings

Interactive Influencer Asset with Tone of voice Assistant

Buh-Bye Dull. Hello Infotaining Interactive Influencer Content material.

B2B brands need to break free of its boring-to-boring reputations if they want to engage, encourage, and convert modern buyers. Customers are ready for bigger, better, bigger content experiences— experiences they can rely on.

Therefore , B2B marketers, it’ s time for you to ask yourself: Are your ready to generate meaningful, trustworthy connects with customers through your content? If you are, interactive changer content deserves your consideration. Unsure where to start? Here’ s Lee high-level checklist:

  • Identify a customer solution subject which is relevant to your brand’ s knowledge and your audience’ s information requirements.
  • Choose an interactive content type, tale arch, and call-to-action that makes feeling for that topic, audience, and objectives.
  • Identify, meet the criteria, and validate influencers that have the particular topical expertise and the right viewers for the end-product. And map these to your topics and subtopics.
  • Collect changer tips, work them into the encounter, and promote the heck out of the last product.
  • Nurture influencers for future engagement; solid relationships are at the center of successful changer programs.

In the meantime, here’ s a little something in order to snack on:

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