Business B2B Influencer Marketing Interview: Doctor Konstanze Alex, Dell

24 Sep

Konstanze Alex

Inside the world of B2B influencer marketing and advertising, there are a handful of brand experts who’ve been charting a course within large organization organizations for the rest of us to follow. Among those pathfinders is Dr . Konstanze Alex ( @konstanze ), Head associated with Corporate Influencer Relations at Dell.

My first experience of Konnie was several years ago when TopRank Marketing was dealing with Dell to develop relationships with IT influencers as part of an online publication initiative. Ever since then, we’ ve worked with Dell to assist develop an influencer marketing playbook, support influencer engagement at activities and through content, but the girl relationship focus on working with influencers offers stuck with me through it all.

In this interview, we’ lmost all learn about the uniqueness of B2B changer marketing, practical tips, a few of Konnie’ s favorite influencer programs plus where influencer marketing for the organization is headed.

What brought you to the world of Changer Marketing?

Konstanze Alex About 5 years ago I actually stepped into a new role within Social Media Marketing and one of my very first projects had me investigate interpersonal selling experts for who grasped the social media from a social company and sales perspective, specifically for a substantial global organization like Dell. 1 important aspect for us at the time was to teach our marketing leadership on interpersonal analytics and insights to help construct programs for our marketing teams that could in turn lay the foundation for productive social selling programs and promotions.

How is changer marketing different for B2B compared to B2C?

In my opinion B2B and B2C influencer advertising are not even siblings in the exact same family. They might be distant cousins best case scenario.

B2B influencer marketing and advertising has a much slower and lengthier lifecycle. It is truly a long-term romantic relationship business in which trust and shared value creation are built over a very long time via ongoing engagements and continuous knowledge sharing.

B2C influencer marketing, in general, is focused upon capturing the attention of large on-line consumer audiences which makes sense provided the more transactional nature of the company.

Cutting edge B2B influencer marketing focuses on both, on the web and offline engagements.

Cutting edge B2B influencer marketing concentrates on both, online and offline engagements with the influencers with their highly targeted, smaller sized business and IT decision maker viewers. The understanding of the off-line facets of B2B influencer marketing is growing as long-term relationships mature, believe in grows and an alignment associated with values has been clearly established.

For example , strategic partnerships along with influencers can lead to the very natural use of brand content into the influencer’ s event and conference keynotes, personal and professional conversations, proper writings, etc . At that point a B2B influencer relationship resembles traditional associations with industry analysts.

In B2B influencer advertising it is not the audience size of the influencer but the trust level a good influencer has built with his/her market that matters.

In B2B influencer marketing it is far from the audience size of an changer but the trust level an changer has built with his/her audience that will matters, especially when it comes to high value buy decisions and long-term commitments a client makes with a brand. For a brand name, the stakes lie in continuously briefing and engaging the changer on a strategic vision and specialized level.

Exactly what are 2-3 of the main benefits of participating with influencers for B2B businesses?

Working with B2B influencers allows our brand to possess a constant pulse check with purchase choice makers. Informed influencers who discuss our vision of the future based on their very own experience and expertise provide for impartial, third party validation.

Strategic partnerships with influencers give an outside in view when creating content for the customers.

Proper partnerships with influencers provide for another in view when creating content for our clients. We need to constantly ensure that, as a brand name, we don’ t start speaking with ourselves, but keep a keen concentrate on the evolving challenges our clients have and on language they use to convey these challenges.

How is influencer marketing positioned inside your company? Ex: independent department that will serves the brand and sections / business unites or could it be more decentralized? What are the advantages of that will structure?

From Dell, relationship building and servicing with influencers, media, press plus analysts is housed in business communications. We firmly believe that interactions based on trust, aligned values, self-reliance of opinion and mutual worth creation are key to profitable collaboration between brands and influencers.

What ideas can you share about being more efficient about influencer identification, qualification plus recruitment?

You need to invest time and due diligence towards the identification process. A sophisticated influencer plan doesn’ t rely on a single recognition method or one-time vetting procedure for to start and maintain a relationship with the influencer but rather develops a scorecard that gets constantly reviewed plus, most importantly, evolves as this emerging industry matures. At this point, we review technique, methods, tactics and measurement with an ongoing basis.

Are there specific B2B influencers that you simply keep going back to because they are so incredible?

Yes, naturally , we have a number of strategic partners who else never stop evolving or growing their expertise. We value all of them highly and feel that they signify a reflection of our brand’ s i9000 values and long term vision.

Do you have a favorite B2B influencer marketing campaign that you can share? Those that have made it successful?

There are numerous, but a couple stand out for me personally: A year and a half ago we began an influencer hosted business podcasting called Luminaries – talking to the brightest minds within tech where we focus on technologies visionaries and the very human encounter of innovation. Our hosts are usually phenomenal digital storytellers and take the outside-in view into every event, every conversation with every visitor with a deep commitment to plus appreciation of our combined audiences.

We built successful long-term influencer engagement around our Recognizing 2030 research reviews that explore and examine the particular impact of new technologies on existence and work in the year 2030. Within strategic partnerships we are able to illuminate the particular report results from a number of distinct points of views to make them accessible and highly relevant to our diverse audiences.

Successful (influencer marketing) applications will continue to lead from a human being perspective and understand that technology continues to be only a tool for humans to attain progress.

How do you think influencer marketing may have evolved in the next year or two? What will this look like in 2020?

We will leverage new technology such as AI for increasingly refined influencer identification, especially for micro concentrating on of audiences. We will use smart tools to find new ways of calculating results and new roles may have been defined within an influencer advertising team. But successful programs may continue to lead from a human viewpoint and understand that technology remains merely a tool for humans to achieve improvement.

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Here are the important points:

The Confluence Formula: How Content & Influencers Generate B2B Marketing Success

Content and changer marketing are hot topics intended for B2B marketers all over the world as 2 of the most promising strategies for attracting, interesting and converting ideal customers. Exactly what many marketers don’ t understand is how collaborating with influencers can create even more credible, relevant, plus optimized experiences for target balances. Join moderator Lee Odden plus an expert panel of B2B brand name influencer marketing executives from SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS, Dell and Dun & Bradstreet to learn how working with influencers plus their communities can help scale high quality B2B content that gets outcomes.   You’ ll learn:

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  • Exactly how major B2B brands plan, carry out and measure influencer content
  • About processes and systems that support influencer marketing achievement

We hope to find out you there!

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