Being a Better Marketer by Embracing Your own Passions Outside the Office

4 Jul

How Our After-Hours Passions Increase Us as Marketers

In the first post We ever wrote for the TopRank Marketing and advertising Blog, I reflected on the marketing lessons I’ d indexed through my baseball blogging pastime. Helping build an online community in Twins Everyday has instilled many important basics that, I feel, make me better inside my day job.

I’ m always fascinated with this interplay. We spend a lot of our time each week alongside our own coworkers, but are often unaware of the particular interests and side hustles that will drive them outside of the office. Those people very passions can be such essential parts of who we are and how all of us operate.

More recently, this has been a topic associated with focus for our friends at LinkedIn*. In April, Jason Miller wrote a piece regarding following your own dreams while staying committed to your job , and in 06, Sean Callahan profiled a LinkedIn marketer who moonlights as being a DJ .

The subject of Sean’ s piece was Ish Verduzco (aka DISC JOCKEY Ishh ), who says that spinning the particular turntables on weekends has assisted him learn how to get in tune along with online audiences as a social media marketing expert. Incidentally, Jason and Sean are great examples of this dynamic — Jason is really a rock-and-roll photographer whose creativity plus energy infuse the content he generates, while Sean is the author of several children’ s books with a knack just for conveying information clearly and obviously.

These types of posts from LinkedIn inspired me personally to learn more about my own colleagues at the TopRank Marketing office, and exactly how their outside hobbies or interests help shape them professionally. And so i asked around:

What activities take up your time when you’ re not really at the office, and how do they help to make you a more clever, curious, plus courageous marketer?

Hopefully their solutions will inspire other marketers to completely embrace their own passions, and consider ways in which their personal pursuits may fuel their professional success — or vice versa.

The After-Hours Passions that will Elevate Our Team Members’ Marketing Abilities

Improving Via Improv

Josh Nite Josh Nite , Senior Content Marketing Supervisor

Their jokes and puns are valued staples during the workday, and Josh puts his sharp wit in order to good use after it finishes by participating in improv shows plus competitions. He believes that these humor performances make him a better online marketer for two primary reasons.

“ First, these people force me to carefully think about words, how they have an effect on people, exactly how powerful they can be. Second, they’ lso are performed live in front of an market, so I can see whether or not I’ mirielle making a connection. It really helps me personally have a mental image of the reader in your mind when I’ m writing content material. ”

Making a Habit of Being Helpful

Debbie Friez , Influencer Marketing and advertising Strategist

Debbie is very active at the girl church, Spirit Garage , where she is applicable her professional skills to help out there with marketing functions.

“ I function on the marketing committee, so that provides me looking for new ideas, ” she says. “ I sign up for a few newsletters and I’ mirielle active in Social Media Shepherds, several church communicators. ”

In turn, Debbie’ ersus community work through church and other efforts — she picks up garbage in local parks on Earth Day, participates in a book club, and acts cotton candy during street celebrations, for example — helps her create rock-solid relationships with influencers plus clients.

Finding Focus on the Fairway

Anne Leuman , Content Strategist

Since someone who regularly covers SEO-related subjects on the TopRank Marketing Blog, Anne understands the importance of links (she lately wrote about examples of link-worthy content ). And on the weekend, she loves to unwind by hitting the links.

“ The No . 1 hobby outside of function is golf, ” Anne states. “ Golf, believe it or not, requires a large amount of imagination. If you can see a photo, you can make the shot. Playing the game allows me to hone the imagination skills, leading to more creativeness and well-thought-out content strategy. ”

The girl also adds that the sport’ h individualistic nature helps her concentrate on self-improvement. Bolstering your score within the golf course is all about looking inward plus making the right personal tweaks, which true of content creation.

“ Similar to focusing on my golf game, ” she begins. “ I’ ll take training, ask for advice, or spend hrs writing each day to ensure I’ mirielle above par. ”  

Managing to produce a Difference

Elizabeth Williams , Account Manager

As a mother raising 2 young children of mixed race, At the feels strongly about doing the girl part to create a more accepting plus fair environment for individuals of all nationalities and backgrounds.

“ As a marketer occasionally it’ s hard to see that immediate impact on ‘ making a the world a much better place’ in your day-to-day. But , it’ s something I crave. Getting that reason behind what we do motivates us to keep going when we’ re feeling frustrated or inundated. ”

She continues: “ My ‘ making the world a better place’ is usually working toward MLK’ s wish — for a world where individuals will not be judged by the color of their own skin. In my family, we encounter racism nearly every time we’ lso are in public, whether it’ s huge or small. ”

And so she commits much of her energy outside of function to advocating for the cause of interpersonal justice. A marketer’ s knowledge of how to engage and influence shows helpful in this regard.

“ I love applying our knowledge of digital marketing to my activist communications, ” she says.

Making Creativeness is the Name of the Game

Patrick Pineda , Motion Developer

In case you watched any of the awesome 8-bit movies he whipped up for our Content Marketing Combos series , you might peg Meat as an avid video game enthusiast. Yet his real passion is for tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons and World of Night.

Recording, he collaborated with Anne to produce a blog post around content advertising lessons from the realm of D& D , like the value of originality, the pitfalls associated with corralling an audience, and the significance of customization — something that is extremely important and top-of-mind for internet marketers today.

“ The best Dungeon Master doesn’ t just create a good tale, but they also help players achieve their goals, ” Patrick mentioned.

The particular Rabid Researcher

Lane Ellis Street Ellis , Social & Articles Marketing Manager

Working remotely from north Minnesota, Lane conducts plenty of useful research for the team at TopRank Marketing, and his proclivities in this area are usually deeply ingrained.

“ Since 1994 I’ ve been doing family history analysis, including several years as one of Duluth’ ersus few professional genealogists, which has trained me many research-related lessons which i try to apply to my social media plus marketing career, ” he points out.

Since someone who was using the internet for analysis before many of us were using it in any way, he’ s very adept in quickly finding what he’ h looking for.

Harnessing Healthy Results Like a Manager

Lee Odden Lee Odden , CEO

Employees at TopRank Marketing are usually accustomed to the occasional week or 2 where Lee isn’ t at the office, given the amount of traveling he really does for speaking engagements around the world, yet recently we’ ve noticed that we’ re seeing less of your pet — literally. The agency cofounder has been on a major health punch over the past several months, and the impact continues to be visibly evident in his physique.

“ I’ ve found diet, cardio as well as other exercise have direct correlations in order to goal-setting, discipline, quality of hard work, time management, and optimization associated with marketing performance, ” Lee clarifies.

Particularly, he’ s sees parallels within the ways success is measured to keep fit and marketing. In neither situation should vanity be the name from the game.

“ I found it interesting to not focus on weight loss, but clothing dimension, energy level, and quality of life improvements given that those are the real goals, ” he says. “ I think there are training there as a marketer in calculating performance. Views, shares and thoughts are like sugary candy metrics that provide spikes of endorphins, but don’ t really reflect the real targets of leads, deals, and income. ”

What Drives You?

At TopRank Marketing and advertising, we’ re lucky to have a group with diverse interests and interests. Working with these folks on a daily basis, it’ ersus easy to see they are keeping their advertising skills sharp through after-hours routines, even if that’ s not necessarily the particular inherent rationale.

Meanwhile, staying busy plus focused on other things outside of work assists us stay refreshed and revitalized once we arrive each morning. So , I actually ask you, too:   What passions beyond work make you better at your work?

Inform us in the comments section below.

Disclosure: LinkedIn is a TopRank Marketing client.

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