B2B Podcasting: What, Why and How

14 Mar

The What, Why & Exactly how of B2B Podcasting

Okay, B2B marketers, time for the pop quiz:

  1. Which content marketing tactic holds an audience’ s attention for any half hour or more at a time?
  2. Which tactic inspires a good audience to subscribe to your content plus make a regular appointment to consume this?
  3. Which tactic can assist boost thought leadership, raise consciousness and engage influencers in your business?
  4. Which tactic is within the title of this blog post?

The answer, of course , will be podcasting. These long-form audio applications first emerged in the early 2000s. Back then, they were a niche format to get hobbyists and tech nerds (such me). But the rise of the smart phone brought podcasts to the masses. At this point, there are hundreds of hours of development available on every conceivable subject, in each genre from true crime in order to horror to musical.   Yet we haven’ t hit articles shock for podcasts it’ h still a growing market.

If your brand is looking to increase thought leadership and reach a brand new audience, now is the perfect time to add a podcasting to your content marketing mix. Here’ s what you need to know to get started.

What Is a Podcast, Anyway?

There’ s a wide variety of varieties of podcast out there, so it can seem difficult to find a definition that covers every thing. Some are live interviews or even panel discussions; some are completely scripted and produced audio performs; some are cryptic monologues in regards to a bizarre southwestern town .   But they many share two attributes:

  1. There are multiple recordings for every title, and
  2. They’ re organized in an RSS feed you are able to subscribe to.

No matter what genre the audio is, whichever platforms it’ s available on, if you have multiple recordings brought with each other by an RSS feed, you have a podcasting.

Why Should B2B Content material Marketers Care about Podcasts?

The way that people consume podcasts get them to an ideal channel for your high-quality content material. People tend to listen while exercising, driving, cooking dinner —   in other words, pod-casts fill sizable chunks of or else idle time. You wouldn’ capital t expect someone to read your whitened paper or eBook during their early morning commute, but they might settle along with your latest episode.

The demographics for podcast audience are attractive for B2B entrepreneurs, too. Edison Research’ s Podcast Consumer 2017 report found that will:

  • 24% of individuals ages 18-54 listen to podcasts month-to-month
  • Podcast listeners are usually almost evenly split between women and men
  • Podcast listeners are usually affluent, educated consumers
  • In the 25-54 demographic, monthly hearing has grown year over year within the past four years

In other words, your target audience is likely investing a significant amount of time listening to podcasts currently. And those who already listen to one or more podcast are likely to be on the lookout for more.

What Marketing Goals May a B2B Podcast Serve?

Podcasts work best for the particular attract and engage phases from the customer journey. You can use your podcasting to build brand awareness and set up thought leadership in your industry. Innovative, valuable content can help your brand name stand out from the competition, and encourage audience to build a relationship with the brand name.

The most successful B2B podcasts tend to be in the Q& The or panel discussion style. Serves can welcome new guests every week to share their insight. This type of structure is perfect for influencer marketing: You can improve your internal subject matter experts, form romantic relationships with influencers in the industry, even function your potential prospects.

The particular Dell Luminaries * podcasting is a great example of thought leadership B2B podcasting. Each episode features a visitor with useful and often fascinating —   ideas to share with the audience. Some visitors are internal experts at Dell, while others are influential entrepreneurs plus executives from across the tech business.

Dell Luminaries Podcast

Since pod-casts have a low barrier of entrance, they’ re a good way to reach a distinct segment audience, too. SAP’ s recently-launched Customer Support Podcast 2. is a worthy example. Each show features quotes from a wide array associated with influencers, internal and external.

SAP Customer care Podcast

These podcasts succeed because they perform what all great content really does: deliver valuable information to a particular audience in an entertaining format.

How Do I Get Started?

It’ s never been simpler to launch a podcast. There are a large number of free and low-priced tools offered to streamline every part of production, through recording to amplification. Here’ ersus a quick rundown.

#1: Recording

To start recording, all you really need is really a laptop and a decent-quality USB mic. We get professional-sounding results having a Blue Yeti . For my own podcast, I use an MXL 770 . Either are more than sufficient to get you started. Later you can invest in an entire sound studio’ s worth associated with mixing boards, microphones, and components if you like, but start simple.

If you plan to interview visitors on the show, likely you will be recording distantly over Skype, Google Hangout, yet another VOIP. Don’ t try to report your guest’ s audio throughout your computer speakers or phone; ask them to create their own recording on their finish, then edit the conversation with each other. We’ ve been experimenting with Zencastr , which usually handles recording and VOIP dexterity automatically, and have been pleased with the outcomes.

For recording software program, Audacity is still the best entry-level system. It’ s free, has a sponsor of useful features, and you don’ t have to be a sound engineer to obtain great audio.

#2: Syndication

Once your audio is documented and edited, you need a place to web host the file, and an Feed to submit to podcast web directories.   You can host the documents locally and create your own RSS feed within raw html, but there are plenty of free-to-cheap platforms that can handle the grunt work. Most use an uploading user interface similar to publishing on WordPress. If you know how to upload a blog, you are able to create a podcast feed.

We have had good results with both Libsyn and Podbean . Both have free options and affordable paid plans with a few additional features, and both provide statistics that can help you track listenership.

Most importantly, they both can walk you through the process of list your podcast on various web directories: Google Play, iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, and more. That’ s a crucial part of making sure your podcast is available in your audience’ s preferred listening system.

#3: Hyperbole

Once your own podcast is published, there are a few simple ways to get the word out and start developing your audience. First, activate your own existing blog audience: Post the blog post for each episode with the sound embedded (Libsyn and Podbean each enable live-streaming embedded audio). Consist of an optimized title and meta description and a transcript or SEO-optimized introduction. And, of course , make sure to incorporate a call to action to subscribe!

In case your podcast includes influencers, create social networking assets for them to share, including messages and custom images. Share the particular podcast on your social channels too, making sure to tag your influencers.

Cast Your own Pods to the Wind

Podcasts are a rare kind of content marketing: Interest in them is certainly steadily growing, people go out of their own way to seek out new content, plus they’ re relatively cheap and straightforward to produce. B2B marketers are continuously challenged to deliver the right content to individuals in the right format to get their attention. If your target audience includes a morning commute, a workout schedule, or even other quiet time to fill, your own podcast may be just what they’ lso are waiting for.

Try these types of 10 advertising podcasts to make your personal free time more productive.

*Dell and SAP are usually TopRank Marketing clients.

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