a few ways to optimize your visual technique with Instagram and Pinterest

20 Dec

If a strong visual strategy is vital to your business, it’ s most likely that you’ ve spent hours and hours – or dollars – creating perfect image after perfect picture. It’ s no secret that will creating high-quality content is time-consuming and costly, which means that the stress is constantly on to maximize engagement, enhance distribution and deliver ROI along with each image you share.

And when it comes to social, time is of the essence. In addition to choosing the best image, you have to effectively caption, hashtag, and target to the proper viewers. To save you some time when carrying out your visual strategy on Instagram and Pinterest, Sprout has committed to a variety of simple tools that will help you improve content curation, increase reach in your posts – and most importantly, lengthen the life cycle of your posts.

Streamline content curation plus publishing

When it comes to text-based content like blogs, many interpersonal teams tap into third-party content to catch the full breadth of their digital technique. Curating and highlighting content from all other notable publications or blogs is really a reliable way to promote your brand, type partnerships with similar brands plus deepen community trust.

Leveraging third-party content should also play a role in your visual strategy. That’ ersus why we’ ve made it quite simple to curate and share third party articles for Instagram and Pinterest within Sprout. With a simple workflow making use of Sprout’ s Browser extension, you will soon save Pins on Pinterest to get content curation and publishing. So when gathering new content to feature in your Instagram profile, you can also make use of the internet browser extension to regram posts plus choose to either save, schedule, or even queue your post.

More visibility, more engagement

As a best practice, numerous brands add a long list of related hashtags to every Instagram post to get more visibility, profile visits and target audience growth. On Pinterest, the same exercise also helps to surface more of your own Pins in relevant searches plus feeds when hashtags are contained in the Pin description. When it comes to Instagram, a few of the more sophisticated marketers have discovered that this best way to incorporate hashtags into blogposts is to add them as the very first comment. By adding hashtags as a very first comment instead of the caption, you prevent cluttering your message content plus and keep your audience focused on your own brand’ s message.

When planning your social strategy, every single minute saved is an opportunity to build relationships your community, discover new articles or optimize future marketing attempts. While crafting your Instagram articles, save some time by planning or even publishing the first comment for the additional hashtags directly within Sprout – without sacrificing an expending polished caption.

Utilize the social snowball effect

Cross-promotion is really a key component of any digital technique because it enables brands to maintain the following across multiple platforms plus networks. Tapping into each network’ t unique strengths increases engagement just for social posts. While Instagram results in immediate engagement, Pinterest builds wedding over time.

By cross-posting published Instagram content to Pinterest, you can surface your articles across Pinterest’ s discovery areas (homefeed, search and related Pins) over the coming weeks and a few months; fostering more engagement on your mass media and growing both your Pinterest and Instagram followers. When manufacturers cross-promote, the content lifecycle extends further than its publishing date; providing a lot more opportunities for new audiences to view, indulge or connect with your brand. Fortunately, you can easily implement this technique in Develop and cross-post your Instagram happy to Pinterest directly from the Publishing Appointments.

Efficiently cross-promoting visible content on Pinterest to Instagram creates a positive snowball effect – driving better results on Instagram simply by tapping into the long-term nature associated with Pinterest content. If you have not however done so, get started by claiming your own brand’ s account on Pinterest for improved articles distribution and access to additional features or even resources.

There’ s a ton that you can do to enhance your own visual strategy – curating, activities and cross-promoting are just a few methods that will help to kick you into full celebration. If you are looking to get started with a more advanced visible strategy and leverage the power associated with Pinterest, you can learn more about our Pinterest integration here .

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