7 of the Best Social Media Analytics Tools associated with 2018

29 Mar

What are your top performing Tweets? Exactly what time of day do your Instagram articles get the most engagement? Is your Facebook marketing strategy translating to traffic and prospects? If you’ re not making use of social media analytics tools, you’ lmost all probably have a hard time answering these queries.

By now, most entrepreneurs understand the need for tools to calculate their efforts. But as social internet marketing has grown, the number of tools available to evaluate your efforts has skyrocketed. At one particular point, you could probably name all of the major social media analytics tools on the market. Fast forward to today, and it also seems like there’ s a new device released every day.

With the options available, the question is what is the best social networking analytics tool for your brand? Whether or not you want data on the performance of the specific campaign, Instagram and Snapchat stories or an overview of all your own profiles, we’ ve got you covered. Listed here are eight social media analytics tools to increase your arsenal:

sprout social group report

Obviously, we couldn’ t joined together a list of the best social media analytics equipment without mentioning our own. Every brand must have a dedicated social media marketing management tool . With Sprout’ s social media analytics, you can determine performance across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, all within an individual platform. Having all of your analytics in a single place makes it easier to track plus compare your efforts across multiple single profiles and platforms.

  • Networks: Fb, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+
  • Price: Starts at $99/month ( try a free 30-day trial )
  • Recommended for: Any brand that manages several social media profiles across multiple systems. If your brand is active on social networking, a tool like Sprout is a must-have.

2 . Snaplytics


Of all the major social networks, Snapchat provides brands the least amount of data upon performance. One reason for this is the system itself isn’ t as powerful as Facebook, Twitter and others. Apart from viewing and leaving comments, right now there isn’ t a lot of data to become collected. But luckily, there are third-party tools you can use to get more in-depth Snapchat analytics. The most popular of which is Snaplytics .

Snaplytics offers you data on the performance of your photos, audience growth and more. Another distinctive feature of Snaplytics is that it furthermore gives you insights on your Instagram Tales as well.

  • Networks: Snapchat plus Instagram
  • Cost: Contact for prices
  • Recommended regarding: Brands that want in order to measure their Snapchat performance.

Snaplytics Alternatives

Snapchat analytic tools continue to be fairly new, so there aren’ t a lot to choose from. But it’ s always nice to have choices, so here are some Snaplytics alternatives:

  • Delmondo : Delmondo is a social movie analytics tool that provides performance information on your snaps, campaign reports as well as lets you measure your Snapchat content material against other channels.
  • Storyheap : Storyheap is a newer social media analytics device that provides Snapchat and Instagram Tale analytics, as well as the ability to upload tales.

3. Iconosquare


Iconosquare is a social media analytics tool specifically for Instagram. One of the outstanding features that separates Iconosquare from all other tools is that in addition to analysis of the normal photos and videos. It also gives you information into Instagram stories. With higher-level plans, you can also get influencer analytics as well.

  • Networks: Instagram
  • Price: Starts at $9/month
  • Recommended for: Brands heavily invested into Instagram marketing.

Iconosquare Alternatives

Iconosquare any of many Instagram analytics tools in the marketplace. If you want to explore some other options before you make your decision, here are some Iconosquare alternatives to think about:

  • Later : Later is another device that focuses specifically on Instagram. In addition to publishing and organizing your own feed, Later also provides analytics on your followers, engagement and more.
  • Instagram Insights : If you want a free social media analytics tool for Instagram, the app’ s native analytics for companies is a good start. You can see your best posts, optimal posting times, viewers demographics and more.

4. Buzzsumo

buzzsumo search

Buzzsumo is different than the other social media analytics tools on our list. Instead of examining your brand’ s individual social media marketing performance, Buzzsumo looks at how articles from your website performs on social networking. For instance, if you want to see how many gives your latest blog post received upon Facebook and Twitter, Buzzsumo can that data.

Social networking is one of the top ways content will get spread. So it’ s essential to understand what resonates the most with your target audience. Buzzsumo will not only show you the number of gives for each piece of content, but it also teaches you which type of content performs greatest on each network based on duration, type, publish date and more.

  • Networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram
  • Price: Starts with $99/month
  • Suggested for: Brands that will that blog and distribute their own content on social media.

Buzzsumo Alternatives

It’ s hard to beat the information and features provided by Buzzsumo. Yet here are some alternative tools with comparable functionality:

  • Epicbeat : Epicbeat is an articles discovery tool from Epictions. You may use it to discover content trends, discover top performing content and more.
  • Ahrefs : Ahrefs is technically an SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION tool, but one feature they’ ve added is their articles explorer. You can enter a key phrase and Ahrefs will show you the most distributed content on that topic. Whilst not as robust as Buzzsumo, it’ s a good option when combined with the rest of Ahref’ s analytics.

5. Tailwind

tailwind app

While Instagram and Snapchat are currently the most talked about players within the visual social media landscape, Pinterest continues to be very active. And just like with every other social network, you need to measure your performance. Tailwind is arguably the most famous third-party Pinterest analytics tool.

Through Tailwind, you can monitor trends in followers and wedding, analyze your audience and they actually provide some Instagram analytics too at certain plan levels.

  • Networks: Pinterest and Instagram
  • Price: Starts at $9. 99/month
  • Recommended for:   Brands that use Pinterest among their top marketing channels.

Tailwind Alternatives

If you’ re searching for other tools that provide Pinterest analytics, here are some alternatives to Tailwind:

  • Pinterest Analytics : If you currently don’ big t use anything to measure your Pinterest efforts, this is a good place to start. If Pinterest’ s native reporting doesn’ big t provide you with enough data or you would like more, then explore other compensated options.
  • Viralwoot : Viralwoot is a complete Pinterest marketing tool. You can see how influential your own pins are, data on your planks (including group boards) and more.

6. Google Analytics

google analytics social media

While it’ s not technically a “ social media analytics tool, ” Search engines Analytics (GA) is one of the best methods to track social media campaigns and even assist you to measure interpersonal ROI . You likely curently have GA setup on your website in order to and analyze your traffic. Yet did you know you can access and create reviews specifically for social media tracking?

For instance, you can see how much traffic arrives to your website from each social network, or even use UTM parameters to track specific social media marketing campaigns .

  • Networks: Many
  • Price: Free
  • Recommended for: Any kind of brand with a website.

Google Analytics Alternatives

While Google Analytics could be the standard for analytics (and the personal recommendation), there are some alternatives:

  • Adobe analytics : Adobe analytics is an organization solution, primarily for brands that require advanced segmentation and very specific pieces of data.
  • StatCounter : StatCounter is at the other end of the spectrum. It’ s a very simplified website analytics tool that’ ll show you home elevators your traffic including basic facts about social media visitors .

seven. ShortStack

shortstack analytics

Have you ever run a social networking contest before? Did you take a look at picking a winner, or did a person take the time to analyze how the contest proceeded to go? ShortStack is a social networking contest app that also offers performance analytics. Social media contests could be great for growing your following rapidly, but if you’ re not cautious you could wind up just giving away free of charge stuff with nothing to show for this.

By analyzing your own contest’ s performance with a device like ShortStack, you’ ll have the ability to see engagement metrics and determine which types of contests work greatest with your audience.

  • Networks: Fb, Instagram and Twitter
  • Price: Free of charge. Paid plans start at $29/month
  • Recommended for: Brands that regularly operate social media contests.

ShortStack Alternatives

Even though ShortStack is one of the most popular tools to assess social media contests, it’ s not really the only one on the market. Here are some ShortStack options to explore:

  • Shine : Gleam is a social networking campaign platform. It allows you to perform lead generation, run campaigns and evaluate all your efforts.
  • Woobox : Woobox allows you to operate a variety of types of social media contests, free gifts, coupons and more.

8. TapInfluence


With influencer marketing and advertising becoming one of the most commonly used social media techniques, there’ s a growing needs meant for analytics tool to measure your time and efforts. TapInfluence is a complete influencer technological platform that research potential influencers you need to work with, as well as track campaign efficiency.

For brands that will only work with influencers every now and then, an instrument this robust might not be necessary. In case influencer marketing is a key a part of your social internet marketing strategy , then you need a devoted tool to manage and analyze your own campaigns.

  • Networks:   Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube . com
  • Price: Contact for pricing
  • Recommended for: Brands doing large range influencer marketing campaigns

TapInfluence Alternatives

As we mentioned, TapInfluence is more of the enterprise level option. If you don’ t need something of that dimension, or just want to explore other options, here are a few TapInfluence alternatives to consider:

  • Traackr : Traackr is an influencer marketing platform that allows you to definitely manage everything from the influencers a person work with to the specific campaigns you’ re working on. Its analytics enable you to benchmark your efforts and track all of your initiatives.
  • Influencity : Influencity allows you to measure your own influencer marketing efforts in real time. The advantage of Influencity is it puts a concentrate on measuring the success of your influencer marketing and advertising campaigns by setting your main KPI’ s such as engagement, reach relationships and more.

What’ s Your Favorite Social Media Analytics Device?

Like we stated earlier, there are several social media analytics equipment out there. Our list just scrapes the surface. What are some of your favorite social media marketing analytics tools that make reporting plus analyzing data easier?

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