2018 – 50 Top Social Media Marketing Influencers

26 Feb

Social Media Marketing Influencers 2018

It’ s that period of year again for the meeting extravaganza known as Social Media Marketing World .   Each year I pull collectively a list of influential voices that are interesting on social networks around the topic social internet marketing. My goal?   To help showcase audio speakers for people in the industry to learn from plus follow.

What makes these people influential? That’ s a great question. I would solution with, “ Why is anyone important? ”. Because they have specific experience that they share publicly, consistently and a way that improves the knowledge, abilities and perspectives of those who adhere to them.

Impact is not only popularity. Influence is the capability to affect action.

When I started out in my electronic marketing career , it was because of connecting with some generous people that a new lot more experience than me which i was able to overcome introversion and unwillingness to write and become an international keynote loudspeaker, author and blogger with more than 1 . 4 million words composed so far. What I have learned about impact is that it is not self-assigned.

Influence is earned by being useful, effective and relevant as well as getting reach. Influence is also earned simply by mentoring those who are coming up in the industry. Whilst working with influencers transfers influence simply by association, helping others become important is when earned influence actually skyrockets.

In this year’ s list of Social Media Marketing Influencers there are several people who demonstrate this kind of helpfulness and am encouraging those influencers along with our community of readers in order to nominate up and coming social media marketing leaders. You can get more details on that at the end of the particular post.

Regarding the Methodology for this List:

Specific Scope:   Rather than scan the entire interpersonal web, the starting data established for this list is having been called as a speaker for the SMMW18 meeting. Mike Stelzner and Phil Mershon of Social Media Examiner do a fantastic job of hand picking audio speakers for this conference and this list is definitely an extension of their research and experience into finding, qualifying and prospecting over 180 social media marketing speakers.

IRM Platform Aided: Ranking of the individuals in this list leverages data plus algorithms from  Traackr , an changer relationship marketing platform. Unlike the vast majority of listings like this that are published online, this particular list considers many more data resources than just Twitter.   To provide a much better sample across the web, Traackr position can include citations and links through data sources such as blogs, guides, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+.

Ranking data sources plus scoring:   For the rank, this list leverages a combination of information points including:

  • Relevance – A score that will indicates how  influential a person is to some specific topic  based on the keywords a person provide. Signals for relevance consist of keyword mentions, keyword diversity, articles production rate, freshness of articles and other contextual measures.   In cases like this, it was “ social media marketing” in addition to 10+  derivative phrases.
  • Resonance – A score associated with how  impactful the influencer can be with  their audience. Resonance steps engagement activity that occurs as a result of submitting (mostly social) content.
  • Reach – A score produced by the  reach algorithm that will takes into account followers, fans, subscribers, guests and other audience metrics. Remember, this really is more than just Twitter.
  • Target audience – Overall social audience dimension

Each of these transmission sources are factored into the algorithmic ranking for identified influencers using a focus on topical relevance, resonance associated with message with the audience and then viewers reach. The result is a combination of wide based influencers as well as individuals with an extremely specific focus and very high vibration and relevance scores. What I such as about pulling this list with each other is seeing a number of new confronts as well as a variety of disciplines plus specialties represented.

This particular list of 50 industry experts speaking from Social Media Marketing World  is worth checking out when you plan which presentations to see, who also to follow online and who to meet.

Kim Garst @kimgarst
Reside Streaming Strategist, Social Selling Professional, Keynote Speaker at Boom! Interpersonal
Presenting: How to Make Money With Live Movie

Donna Moritz @sociallysorted
Digital Content Strategist, International Loudspeaker, Visual Content Strategist at Socially Sorted
Presenting: Tips and Tools designed for Visual Storytelling on Instagram

Brian Fanzo @isocialfanz
Originator and CEO at iSocialFanz
Presenting: Fb Strategy in Light of the Facebook Decimation

Koka Sexton @kokasexton
Advisor, SenderGen
Showing: How to Turn LinkedIn Into a Funnel for New Leads

Madalyn Sklar @madalynsklar
Social media marketing and Digital Marketing Strategist, Tumblr, Podcaster
Presenting: How to Up Your Twitter Video game With Smart Tools

Dan Gingiss @dgingiss
Vice Leader, Strategic Group at Persado
Presenting: The reason why Social Media is Key to the Customer Experience

Ian Anderson Grey @iagdotme
Co-founder at Select Performers Web Solutions
Presenting: How to Create Your Great Live Video Show: Tools plus Tips

Shaun Sieh @jeffsieh
Pinterest Manager at Social media marketing Examiner
Presenting: Visual Marketing for Non-Designers: Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

Viveka Von Rosen @linkedinexpert
LinkedIn and Personal Branding Expert, Co-founder and Chief Visibility Officer in Vengreso
Presenting: How to Best Use LinkedIn Native Video in Your Marketing

Neal Schaffer @NealSchaffer
TOP DOG at Maximize Your Social
Presenting: Exactly how Brands are Breaking Through to Produce Results on LinkedIn

Josh Elledge @joshelledge
Founder in upendPR
Presenting: How to Get Traditional Media Publicity Using Social Media

Robert Rose @robert_rose
Founder at The Articles Advisory & Chief Strategy Consultant at Content Marketing Institute
Presenting: Getting an Audience First Company: The way to Understand and Measure the Most Valuable Resource in Your Business

Gini Dietrich @ginidietrich
Chief Executive Officer at Arment Dietrich
Presenting: Crisis Communications: Tips In the Trenches

Carlos Gil @CarlosGil83
Founder, Gil Media Company.
Presenting: Snapchat Ads: How-to Use Snapchat’ s Full Service Ad System

Darren Rowse @problogger
Founder and Keynote Speaker on ProBlogger
Presenting: 10 Things I Desire I’ d Known about Running a blog That Will Shortcut the Growth of the Blog

Indicate Schaefer @markwschaefer
Executive Director at Schaefer Marketing Solutions
Introducing: 10 Mind-Bending Brand new Ideas for Our Social Media Marketing Future

Tamara McCleary @tamaramccleary
TOP DOG at Thulium. co
Presenting: Innovating Your path to Strong Social Media ROI

Mark Mason @masonworld
High quality Manager, Interface Products at Tx Instruments
Presenting: How to Make Your Podcast Be noticeable: Tips from the Trenches

Rebekah Radice @rebekahradice
Founder with RadiantLA
Presenting: How to Make Visual Content Your own Social Media Secret Weapon

Brooke B. Sellas @madsmscientist
Originator & Chief Executive Officer at B Squared Media
Presenting: Organizing for Social Achievement: Insource? Outsource? No Source?

Tyler Anderson @tylerjanderson
TOP DOG / Founder at Casual Fridays
Presenting: Winning With Influencer Marketing: Exactly what Top Brands are Doing Now

Samantha Kelly @tweetinggoddess
Proprietor of Women’ s Inspire System
Presenting: How to Convert Twitter Conversations Directly into Customers

Ian Cleary @iancleary
Founder at RazorSocial
Presenting: nine Content Marketing Tools to Drive A lot more Traffic to Your Website

Mari Smith @marismith
Keynote Speaker, Brand name Evangelist, Bestselling Author
Presenting: The Future of Fb: What Marketers Need to Know for 2018 and Beyond

Mike Stelzner @mike_stelzner
CEO and Creator at Social Media Examiner
Presenting: Social Media Marketing within 2018: What the Newest Research Shows

social media advertising speaker network connections

Andy Crestodina @crestodina
Strategic Movie director at Orbit Media Studios
Presenting: Constructing Better Mousetraps: A Content-Driven Method of Conversion Optimization

Bernie Borges @bernieborges
Advisory Board Associate at OneMob and Co-founder plus CMO at Vengreso.
Presenting: The Tips for Getting Employees to Engage on Behalf of Your own Brand

Alex Khan @1alexkhan
CEO at Attractive Press GmbH
Presenting: Mass Seduction: Proven Processes to Engage and Build Your Audience

Peg Fitzpatrick @PegFitzpatrick
Movie director of Social Media + Marketing with Kreussler
Presenting: How to Use Pinterest to Drive Long-term Traffic

Philip Penn @cspenn
Vice President of Advertising Technology at SHIFT Communications
Presenting: Viewing Into the Future: Predictive Analytics just for Social Marketers

Michael O’ Neal @inmikeswords
Host from the Solopreneur Hour Podcast
Presenting: Becoming a job interview Master and How it Can Massively Increase your Podcast or Livestream

Brian Solis @briansolis
Principal Expert at Altimeter Group
Presenting: The Past, Existing and Future of Social Media

Park Howell @parkhowell
Originator and President at Business associated with Story
Presenting: How to Invest in Brand Storytelling to Earn the Greatest Return

Nicky Kriel @nickykriel
Social media marketing Consultant & Social Media Strategist on Nicky Kriel Social Media
Presenting: How to Use Tweets Data to Improve Your Content Marketing

Melanie Deziel @mdeziel
Brand name Strategy Consultant and Speaker in Mdeziel Media
Introducing: 5 Branded Content material Best Practices From the World of Journalism

Andrea Vahl @andreavahl
Social Media Consultant at Andrea Vahl
Presenting: Facebook Ads Strategy for Small Businesses

Jay Baer @jaybaer
Creator at Convince & Convert
Presenting: Learn how to Prove Social Media Works to Skeptical Supervisors

Steve Dotto @dottotech
President at Galileo Consulting plus Producer of Dotto Tech
Presenting: YouMake YouFortune on YouTube: Making Money on YouTube

Ann Handley @marketingprofs
Main Content Officer at MarketingProfs
Presenting: Producing Better Content in Less Time: 5 Real-life Writer Secrets

Lee Odden @leeodden
CEO at TopRank Marketing
Presenting: How Content Plus Impact Equals Results: The Confluence Formula

Guy Kawasaki @GuyKawasaki
Chief Evangelist at Canva
Presenting: Attaining Social Media Success by Defying Typical Wisdom

Shaun McBride @Shonduras
Owner Esports/Shonduras Inc
Presenting: Methods to Influence Influencers: The Creative Procedure

John Jantsch @ducttape
President at Duct Tape Marketing and advertising
Presenting: How to Grow a Highly Profitable Contacting Practice Without Adding Overhead

Jessika Phillips @jessikaphillips
Partnership Marketing Evangelist, President at AT THIS POINT Marketing Group
Offering: Relationship ROI: Learn how to Grow Your Business by Focusing on Do it again and Referral Relationships

John Lee Dumas @johnleedumas
Sponsor of the EOFire Podcast
Presenting: How to Increase your Podcast Audience and Fuel Your company

Roberto Blake @robertoblake
Owner at Create Awesome Mass media
Presenting: Mastering and Measuring YouTube Analytics for Video Marketing

Shep Hyken @Hyken
Chief Surprise Officer and Owner, Customer Service Loudspeaker and Expert at Shepard Delivering presentations
Presenting: How to Turn Social Customer Service Right into a Marketing Strategy

Jasmine Star @jasminestar
Owner at Jasmine Celebrity Photography
Presenting: How to Create 30 Days associated with Instagram Content in a Single Day

Bryan Kramer @bryankramer
Keynote Speaker, Emcee and Event Sponsor at PureMatter
Introducing: How to Humanize Your own Social Brand for Better Conversion rate

Brian Peters @brian_g_peters
Digital Marketing Manager at Barrier
Presenting: How to Build and Maintain an Authentic Community upon Instagram

If you want to stick to all 50 of these fine people, then check out the speaker list in the SMMW18 conference plan page.

How about non-digital influence?  

I think this is a great issue because not everyone that is important (especially in the B2B world) usually spends as much time tweeting, blogging plus posting Instagram photos as many from the influencers listed above do. And yet these are highly influential.

For instance , here are several more speakers which are pretty influential to me, even though they may not be on the list above:   Amisha Gandhi (client), Beverly Knutson , Brian Clark , Philip Brogan , Konnie Alex (client), LaSandra Brill , Shannon Paul , Tim Washing machine , and Ursula Ringham to name a few.

Suffice it to say, I think if you are deciding on which influencers to work with, it’ s important to get out of the electronic bubble and consider offline-specific influencers as well – especially in B2B.

Big Questions About Changer Lists & Influencer Marketing:

  • How do you find the right influencers?
  • What do you work together with them on?
  • How can you measure influencer marketing performance?
  • Are there processes and formulations for success?

They are some of the most common topics that come upward through my agency’ s influencer content marketing seeing brands like Dell, SAP, LinkedIn, 3M and even mid-market companies such as DivvyHQ or Cherwell Software.   I’ ll be tackling these types of questions and more in my presentation in Social Media Marketing World 2018 . Here are the details:

How Content Plus Impact Equals Results: The Confluence Formula
Thursday, 03 1st at 4: 10pm Space: 32AB
Content advertising influencer marketing are hot subjects for marketers all over the world as 2 of the most promising strategies for attracting, participating and converting ideal customers. Yet how do you find the right influencers? What kind of articles should you collaborate on? How do you greatest measure influencer and content achievement? Join Lee Odden to learn through his experience working with brands large and small to develop efficient and effective formulations for influencer content success.

I hope to see you generally there!


I realize some folks are feeling left out and the like would have added other social media marketing audio speakers to this list. Lists are special by nature, but I think it would be incredible for the experts on this list in addition to our readers would nominate rising industry social media marketing pros that are regularly providing useful expertise, leadership plus engaging with their communities.

Please leave full name, title, firm and Twitter handle (or additional social profile) of your nominee within the comments. I will follow this checklist up with a People’ s Option style list of  Increasing Social Media Stars   following the conference.

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